Yuki Sakuma

佐久間 雪


June 10th


17 Years Old After the Time-Skip


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color







Blood type A
Measurements: 82-58-84
Class President of Class 4




3rd Year, Class 4




Father, Mother and Little Brother

Personal Status



Coffee (Except Canned Coffee)

First Appearance

Manga: Chapter 8

Yuki Sakuma (佐久間 雪, Sakuma Yuki) is one of the members of Akira's Group and is the class president of 3rd Year, Class 4. She's a rather smart girl and is the only female survivor that was part of Kouhei's Group besides Kouhei himself.


Yuki, like the most of the girls, wears the normal female school clothes consisting of the usual white top and dark blue skirt. She  has black shoes and black socks that stop roughly a quarter of the way up to her knee. She also has two blue hair clips that keeps her hair out of her eyes. She has long black hair and black eyes. She is slim and of medium height.


Yuki, when she was at school, was constantly nagging to Akira Sengoku, Makoto Morita and a few other of Akira's friends about stopping their immature pranks. She has continued to do so even on the island, but is nowadays much more easily flustered by Akira. Throughout the events on the island, Yuki has been show to be extremely knowledgeable and knew things that even Shirou Mariya, the school prodigy, have not known.

Yuki has been shown to have certain addictions or sorts, that when she likes something, she'd think unimaginable things and when she believes in something, she'll try to influence others into it, too. For example, because of Yuki's love for bears, she imagined the island would be in the shape of a giant bear and when people were debating about Mami Kagura's precognition abilities, she influenced Kanako Oomori into believing they were real, knowing a variety of facts about ESP abilities.


At school, Yuki had been the class president and was always nagging a few of her fellow students because of misbehaviour, especially Akira. Because of some of the students in her class being mischievous or perverted, she always took her role seriously.


Wonderful World arc

After the crash landing Yuki and some of her fellow students follow Kouhei Arita into the jungle. They were seen later talking about their Plane they had seen burning earlier.

Lost Brain arc

Kouhei's Group Boy, Ueno and Miyajima stole the food from the girls had gathered. The boys were on their knees begging for mercy. Okunoki and Makita were yelling while Yuki and the other girls look down at them. Luckily Kouhei came out of the bush and asked for forgiveness. Yuki and unknown girl agreed to that. Kouhei found trees with some tasty fruit nearby. Kouhei climbed up the tree and dropped the fruits into the skirts the girls are holding on. While Yuki and the others girls held their fruits on their skirts, the boys held their fruits in their jackets.

At a nearby river the boys found some drawing words into the ground. Yuki and the other girls came to check it out. Yuki wondered if this is some kind of game. They don't understand the meaning. The next day they came across the same words on their path. Four days later, Yuki and the group found out Hikari has been missing during the night.

Kouhei is the one who found Hikari's dead body. The group then disagreed on changing their location and ended up straying into a mysterious Limestone Cavern-like. Inside the cavern Kouhei got hit by a fallen rock. Yuki saw Kouhei has lost a lot of blood. Since then she noticed he's been a bit different and staring off into space a lot. When she asked him if he was alright, he said he was fine. Later on Hikari's killer came back and killed some girls. They found Okunoki, Kyouko, Kouhei's Group Girl and Unknown Girl with brunette hair dead next to each other, Kyouko's face was smashed in and Hirabayashi´s entire body was stabbed. Yuki left the group for a while to pee. The attacker came from behind and attacked her. Yuki struggled with the attacker until she fell down into a flowing underground river and held on a fallen piece of driftwood. She then went unconscious.

She was later seen floating unconscious on a log and found by Kanako and Rion Akagami. As they helped her out of the water and informed the rest of Akira's group, she regained consciousness and quickly begged Akira for his help, asking him to save Kouhei. Yuki informed Akira's Group about a demonic murderer killing her group. As they headed to their destination, Akira asked more information about the demonic murderer from Yuki. She told the event that led them to a Limestone Cavern and ended up finding them. Kanako asked Akira what kind of person is Kouhei. Akira told the story how they met for the first time. Akira's Group followed upstream until they hit a dead end. They took a detour around and suddenly they fell through a sinkhole. After landing underground Miina Isurugi (Fake) saw something behind Akira. They turned and saw rockface on a wall. As they explored the area they find Gerrothoraxes, Kannemeyerias and Lystrosauruses. Rion noticed someone lying on the ground. They ran toward her and found Tamura's dead body. She was fine when Yuki still was in the group. Yuki remembered Tamura was always so cheerful, and lifted everyone's spirits. They needed to find the rest of Kouhei's Group and fast. Akira's Group found three passages ahead of them. Yuki explained the area is like a maze. Akira picked a tunnel and they went inside.

When Akira asked Yuki if she recognised the tunnel, her answer was weak. Akira slapped her butts for that. He knew her from school and she always was more energetic as usual. Both Rion and Yuki slapped Akira's face. Yuki found Akira seriously the worst pervert. Akira was trying to cheer Yuki up and Rion thought so also. Rion and Yuki exchanged their information about Akira's pervert habits. She seemed to be cheered up after talking to Rion. Akira saw something odd ahead of them. He stopped Rion and Yuki from falling a hole. Akira climbed through cliffedges to the other side while his group was watching him. Yuki wondered why nobody stops Akira from climbing. The group ignored her as she rambled about Akira being a dropout. Akira's hold on a rock broke loose, Yuki quickly closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she saw Akira reached the other side. The group cheered as Shirou explained to Yuki that is why Akira is their leader.

They found themselves back at the place where they first landed there. They headed now to another tunnel. Rion and Yuki left the group to pee. They left a trail of Tissue Paper to track back to the group. They talked more about Akira. They compared what they know about Akira. Yuki knew a lot of Akira because she is her class president. She had to watch over Akira and the other boys were scared of her. Rion wondered if Yuki likes Akira. She denied it. After peeing they headed back to the group. Along the way they couldn't find the Tissue Papers anymore. It was eating by a Lystrosaurus. They took a misstep and fell another level down. They landed on a pond. The remaining members of Kouhei's Group heard their scream and found them. Yuki was glad to find her group and being safe. Rion explained her group came to rescue them. Yuki asked where's Kouhei? They explained he's around and he'll be there soon. Rion and Yuki followed the Kouhei's Group somewhere. Ueno handed Rion and Yuki a stone. He explained they need it to kill each other. Yuki showed her stone to Rion. It had Tomo Sugiyama's blood on it. Without a warning Rion tried to hit Yuki with her stone. When they were close to each other, Rion told Yuki about her plan. The Kouhei's Group were cheering the whole time. When they were far from the group, they made a run for it. Rion and Yuki were being chase by Miyajima. Yuki fell down and told Rion she can't run anymore. She pled Rion to go without her. It gave Miyajima the time to reach them. He held Rion down on the ground. She moved and escaped Miyajima's grip. Rion grabbed Yuki's hand and ran off. They ran until they can't run anymore. They heard some sound heading their way. An unconscious animal landed in front of them. As the sounds headed toward them. It was Motoko Kurusu and Kouichi Yarai. Rion explained to them what happened down here. Miyajima attacked Kouichi and failed. They headed out to find the others. Kouichi confessed he knows a way out. The girls and Motoko chased after him. They arrived at the place where Rion and the others first fell down. Kouichi explained to them the sinkhole could also be a way out of here. Motoko got scared by the rockface wall. Kouichi explained the nature of the face cause by the brain. Yuki didn't know Kouichi was so smart. Kouichi shyly asked the three girls for their weights. They were stunned by the question. One by one the girls climbed on Kouichi's shoulder. Kouichi stood at the base while Rion and Motoko are standing in the middle and Yuki on top. Yuki climbed out of the sinkhole and Rion asked Yuki to search for a rope for them. Yuki looked at the sky and saw the rain's really coming down. She found some rope nearby and pulled it back to the sinkhole. Along the way she heard some noise underground. She wondered what the sound is? When she came back to the sinkhole, she found Motoko alone in the dark. Kouichi and Rion went back to the tunnels. Motoko started to climb up the rope. After a while Kouichi and Rion brought back the rest of Akira's Group and Kouhei. Kouichi climbed up first with Kanako on his arms and Miina on his leg. Miina, Kanako, Kouichi, Yuki and Motoko were above the ground when the flash flood hit the cave. They watched as the others fled into the tunnel. Later on they saw Akira and his friends came out on the riverside. They rested at a nearby forest. Rion and Yuki tended Akira's ribs until he had it enough.

School arc

Rion and Yuki told Akira that Kouichi and Motoko were gone. But he already knew that. He asked the girls he's looking for Shirou. Shirou came and explained how to make a country. Yuki knew a country like the Vatican City. They heard a yell not far from them. Kazuma Saji was running toward them. Someone else was approaching behind him. A Smilodon and Macrauchenia were fighting with each other. They watched as the Smilodon left with its prey. Kazuma informed Akira's Group that he found a flag in the middle of the forest. He led them to the School Camp of Takashi's Group. Takashi Yamaguchi was on top of the tallest tree to greet them. Inside the School Camp they encounter students from various classes. Takashi requested her group to help them building a country. Together with the teacher Kawai and Fujimoto, Takashi explained to Akira's Group the event after the incident until they reached here. Akira's Group watched as Takashi pulled up a new flag symbolising their new country. As the new flag hanged above their heads, she was happy with the new class. Yuki and Rion helped out with their new job as scavengers.

The next morning she heard Miina was missing. Akira's Group couldn't find Miina anywhere. She had asked but nobody has seen her. Kazuma ran and told Akira's Group he found Miina on the outside. They saw the Canis Diruses were approaching Miina's position. She stood at the fence watching Akira and Kazuma getting to Miina. They brought him back to their tent. Shirou examined Miina and told the group that Miina might have some aftereffects. Rion, Shirou and Yuki woke up and saw Akira destroying the School. Everyone was confused why he does it. Akira's Group listened when the teachers and Takashi tried to reason with Akira. The teachers accidentally revealed Miina being a boy. Nobody outside Akira's Group knew that, except Yuki. The teachers revealed their true intention about the School country. Feeling they had lost the group Kawai and Fujimoto left the School. After the crisis had settled down, Akira's Group packed up their belongings. Akira told his group about his dream a couple days ago. He was afraid Takashi will kick them out. Takashi's Group decided to join Akira's Group.

Exploration Party arc

Yuki, Kako Tsuji, Matsushita, Sanae Kashiwagi and Shizuka Hatsuse were bathing when Akira, Shinji Gotou and Tadashi Katou peek on them. She stood in the crowd waiting to join the Exploration Party #1. In the end she didn't get pick.

Two days later the Exploration Party #1 returned with a wounded Akira. She told Takashi to come with him. Yuki sat inside Akira's tent. She hoped Akira will live even he's a idiot and a pervert. Suddenly Akira woke up and prevented Miina from killing anyone. Everyone was worried about him.

Argentavis arc

Yuki, Kanako, Koyomi Kanna and Shizuka were cooking some foods over the fire when Akira, Shirou and Rion walk by. Akira's Group heard a scream from outside the fence. Sanae pointed above the cause of her scream. An Argentavis landed on top of Ryouichi Suzuki. They were stunned by the new huge animal. The Argentavis flew toward them and they ducked to avoid the hit. Luckily the bird flew away.

Akira's Group discussed the new threat. Shirou suggested they make pairs. One will look into the sky while the other does something. Someone told Yuki to pair with Takao Sugimasa, but she didn't really like it. Everyone paired up whether they like it or not. Someone cried out the Argentavises have returned. The Argentavises swoop down and caused chaos inside the Camp. Yuki suggested to some people to hide inside the house. But some girl kicked her on her back. Yuki fell in front of an Argentavis. The Argentavis grabbed Yuki by her shoe. It swung her left to right and back. In the end the shoe came loose. Yuki landed on some loose branches. She found it weird that someone would kick her from behind. Yuki didn't have time to think, because she needed to get out of here. Akira drew the Argentavises to the fences by whistling. He called the Argentavis to feast on him. Everyone was stunned by his sacrifice. From his act his group started to fight back and drove the Argentavis off their camp.

At night Yuki wondered what would they do if the Argentavis come back. Maya Miyauchi had the answer to that. She and her group would defend them. The next morning she heard from Takashi about the deaths of Matsushita, Ken Tanaka and Murata. Takashi and Yuki searched the corpse together, but they couldn't find the cause of death. Inside Akira's tent they discussed about Takao's death. Yuki suggested it could be the same disease as the other three. They still didn't know the cause of the source. The group lived in fear of the unknown disease. Yuki, Sanae and Koyomi were patrolling around with a stick. On Shirou's order she and the rest of the group headed toward the river. Shirou told everyone about the Ancient Ticks in their clothes. Akira suggested the Argentavis brought the Ticks into their camp.

Someone yelled out. It appeared the Argentavis has returned again. They made a dive attack above the river. Rei Ooguro, Tooru Rinzai, Yuki and some girl dove underwater from Takashi's suggestion. Yuki, Shirou, Kanako, Mirei Hanamura, Asuka Takahashi and some girl were still standing in the river while the others are attacked at dry land. Shirou told Akira to hit the Argentavis' chest. The bird started to scream of pain. Maya followed his example and killed an Argentavis. The others flee after seeing a death of their own. They had won a battle against an extinct animal. Akira had an idea. They need to leave before night falls. Yuki came into Yasunori Yamato, Kako, Shuu Hikime and Takashi's tent and asked them if they have packed up their stuff. Akira wanted them to meet him outside the fence. Takashi wondered why. Yuki explained Akira's planning to burn the School Camp with the ticks inside. Yuki used her Torch to burn the School Camp down. They watched as the camp sat into fire. Akira thought they hadn't travelled some places yet. Shirou suggested they head toward the mountain. Akira's Group tracked through the jungle heading to their new destination.

Cursed Mountain arc

Akira's Group were on their second day heading to the mountain. Kazuma and Maya scouted the area ahead of them and found no dangerous animals nearby. She listened as they talked about the image of the island. Yuki suggested the island looks like a panda shape like. They reached the base of the mountain. Everyone was ready for the climb. Kanako noticed something is rolling down the mountain. It landed next to a bush. Akira, Maya, Kazuma and Takashi investigated the object and warned the group not to look at the dead body. Akira's Group started to freak out of the situation. On their way to the top they discussed what happened to the person and why. The climbing got quite a steep. The group changed its line according to Tooru's advice. They encountered some wind as they further climbed up. A slide trail was found and a student id on the ground. It belonged to Noriaki Matsuki.

They suspected he wasn't alone on the mountain. The mist is getting thicker. They found Nagatsuka from Class 1. He recalled Noriaki came back to life and chased after them. Yuki noticed some changes on Miina. She asked him what's wrong. Miina said nothing. They came to a stop on a cliff. Yuki went to the back to fetch Akira. They couldn't climb any further without any tools. Akira climbed up a cliff with his bare feet. On the top Akira lowered the ropes for everyone to climb up. After walking for a whole day they decided to rest behind huge rocks.

As the sun raise on top of the mountain, Yuki couldn't move her body. Tooru was taking care of everyone. She lay between Maya and Rion. Yuki overheard Maya saying Akira's missing. Yuki volunteered to help with the search, but her body couldn't move a bit. The people around her started to freak out on something. Akira told everyone that their people are suffering from hallucination. He told his story about Kouhei and his injury head. As the mist cleared out from the view, they saw the top is near them. Akira ordered everyone to climb up. Tooru agreed to Akira's plan too. Everyone was helping each other to climb up. Yuki fell down and Akira picked her up and Rion on his back. They reached the peak first. The view of the island astounished them. The land went beyond the horizon. Kanako found something. They found a Pile of Rocks with a shirt stuck inside. It had a message for them: "Not Possible to return. Not our world. " Akira recognised Makoto's shirt. He seemed a bit loss of their discovery until Maya reminded him as their leader. Yuki looked at Akira for his guidance. They headed down the mountain to recover. When they were well rested, they made their last lap toward the base of the mountain. During the walk Yuki and Rion were holding hands like Ryouichi and Sanae.

Mami the Clairvoyant arc

Akira's Group were surrounded by a pack of Pristichampus. They were on their backs against the wall. Someone on top of the cliff yelled at them to run to the river. Yuki and her group had no other choice but to listen to the unknown girl's voice. Maya protected Yuki from the Pristichampus and told Yuki to go ahead. They jumped into the river and the Pristichampuses stood at the riverside.

Yuki and the girls changed their clothes while Tooru and Akira meet with their saviors. After changing the clothes they waited at camp. Akira and Tooru return to camp after their talk with Mami's Group. Kazuma recognised Mami as Mami the Clairvoyant. The rest of the group seemed to hear of her. Yuki stopped everyone from guessing whether precognition is real or not. She explained various studies of the subject. Akira had enough and stopped Yuki from overdosing them with prediction theories. Akira believed Mami wasn't lying about her predictions. Takashi suggested they should ask her if she comes back. Kanako wanted to know more about premonition so Yuki started to talk to her about the subject.

Akira came back to camp with Mami's Group. Akira's Group discussed about the letter W. Yuki suggested it's not a name. She hinted the twins Airi Narumi and Kairi Narumi as a possible W. The twins weren't amused by that thought. Other people talked about various possibilities of the premonition. Yuki and Kanako tried to convince Akira about the possibility of premonition. Shinji overheard the whole conversation and walked angrily away. Tadashi told her and the group about Shinji's past with premonition. It became late so Kyouko Nakayama decided to set up camp nearby.

Takashi woke everyone up from their sleep the next morning. They found Shinji and Tadashi dead near the cliff. Rion pointed out that the dead bodies look like a W. Akira's Group freaked out of the premonition. They buried Shinji and Tadashi into the ground. Tadahiko Uchimura came to the burial. He recalled the event after the incident. Most of his group died in the bottomless swamp. Tadahiko recommended them to believe Mami's premonition. Masayuki Ikeda and Shouji Mukai came too to the burial and relayed another premonition to them. Yuki wondered if the premonition is about them. Akira's Group started to freak out.

Shirou, Kanako, Kazuma and Maya brought Mitsuhiro Muramatsu back to camp. They accused him as the killer of Shinji and Tadashi. Kazuma brought Mami and the rest of her group to camp. Akira's Group looked very mad at Mami especially. Mami told them another death premonition, but Akira's Group didn't believe her. Akira ordered everyone to find Nakayama first if they wanna know if Mami wasn't lying about her premonition. They came across the Pristichampus. Akira's Group defended themselves with sticks against the Pristichampus. Shirou suggested they head toward the river. They came to Mami's rescue. Mami revealed she has another death premonition. Akira reorganised his group to protect Mami as they headed to the river. Rion and Yuki pushed Mami back as a Pristichampus was about to attack her. They double blocked it with their sticks. The stubborn Pristichampus reminded Yuki about Akira. But Rion thought it's better than just being a pervert.

Akira's Group held their defense until they reached the river. Akira will cover their retreat as they jumped into the river. She and the others noticed Akira is in trouble with a Pristichampus. Mami helped Akira up. Mami and Akira jumped into the river as the Pristichampus was about to bite them. The whole group was saved again. Before they were about to leave, Yuki noticed Shirou has been staring at Mami. She recalled Shirou doesn't believe in premonition. Shirou asked her to tell him more about premonition on a later date. Yuki was glad someone else understand it.

They walked along the river for four or five hours. They decided to rest on a sandbank middle in the river. Yuki and the girls hung up their laundry on the branches. She noticed the weather is good and their clothes will dry in no time. Mami was curious about their spare clothes. Rion explained they were on their return school's field trip to Japan when the accident happens. Rei came back from the boy's side and explained the boy's contest. They decided they will host their own contest. Yuki couldn't decide whose name to write on. She listened as Koyomi and Airi teased Rion about writing Akira's name on her vote. Rei called her to hurry up on her vote. In the end she wrote Akira's name on her vote. The votes were counted. The result surprised everyone. Yuki noticed five blank vote. Rei explained that five girls vote for no one is good enough for them. Yuki asked Maya if she votes for Takashi. She didn't reply an answer.

At night Yuki couldn't sleep, so she decided for a walk. In her mind she wondered why she writes Akira's name on her vote. Someone tapped on her shoulder. Akira couldn't sleep either. As Akira walked closer to her, she kept a distance between them until she ran to a tree. A caterpillar fell down on her shoulder. She hugged Akira on the ground. Feeling embarrassed, Yuki let Akira go and yelled at him. They heard some noise nearby and decided to investigate. They caught Ryouichi and Sanae doing ecchi stuff. They quickly ran away from the scene and Yuki revealed the girl's contest to Akira. Akira revealed Yuki got two votes from the boys. She asked Akira who he votes. His vote was naturally Rion. They ran into Kazuma and Kanako and hid into the bush. Akira and Yuki overheard the whole conversation. Kazuma accidentally revealed that Yuki likes Akira. Akira asked her if it is true. Yuki denied it. They heard Kazuma confesses his love for Kanako. Kanako turned Kazuma down. Feeling it's the time to leave, Akira suggested they pretend they didn't see it. Yuki agreed. In her mind she recalled Kazuma easily sees she likes Akira. They said goodbye and they headed back toward their camp.

Gigantopithecus arc

Akira's Group had stayed at the sandbank for a day and they are ready to leave. Yuki didn't sleep very well last night. Her eyes were red, because of her encounter with Akira last night. They came across a Meganeura Monyi flying over them. Mami and Airi girls requested Maya to do something about the huge bug. But she is afraid of bugs. Yuki felt unease when Akira used his hand to protect Rion. The Meganeura Monyi headed toward them and it was hit down by Shuu. They found Pile of Rocks left behind by Makoto. More clues led them to a jungle.with huge trees. They decided to make camp before heading into the jungle.

Yuki and the others heard Rion's cry near the camp. Rion told them what happens to Kanako and her. Shirou found the footprints of the animal. They were afraid of the size of the animal. Akira led his group into the jungle. Along the footprints they also found Kanako's jacket. They noticed a little blood spot on it. Akira's Group was now heading deep into the jungle. Yuki suggested they need to find Kanako soon. Their supplies of Torch Pine were burning out. They needed to fan out to search for more. Yuki gathered some dry woods. Kazuma asked Yuki if she could help him lighting up the torches. She reassured Kazuma that Kanako is fine. In return Kazuma reassured Yuki about her feeling toward Akira. Yuki tried to deny it, but Kazuma noticed her when she was around Akira. When the last torch went out, she noticed a sound behind her. An unknown animal hit her on her back. Yuki was sent flying and landed on her arm. She told Akira what happens to her. The unknown animal randomly attacked everyone. Rion recognised it as Kanako's Attacker. Out of the darkness an Eusmilus came out and faced the unknown animal. Akira's Group hid behind the trees and watched the confrontation between the two animals. Eusmilus attacked the unknown animal and got killed by it. Moonlight shined on the silhouette and Shirou recognised it as a Gigantopithecus. After killing the Eusmilus, the Gigantopithecus left the scene. Akira's Group were now afraid of Kanako's attacker. Even Shirou gave up on Kanako. Yuki stood by as Kazuma beated Shirou up. Akira stopped Kazuma from beating Shirou to death. After that Yuki and Takashi talked to Kazuma to make some senses of the beating. Kazuma decided to rescue Kanako on its own. Akira volunteered to go with him. Maya and Yuki didn't want him to go, but they had to. Shuu volunteered to join the rescue also.

Yuki and the group were on their way back to the outside. Maya revealed Kazuma's past to the group. Yuki was stunned by his past. Kazuma considered them as family. She now knew why Kazuma is so serious. The group decided they will rescue Kanako also. They came to a stop at a cliff. Yuki wondered if they take a wrong turn somewhere. At the bottom Rion saw Kazuma alone. He was trapped between three Gigantopithecuses. Shirou quickly slid down the cliff to join Kazuma. While Takashi guided the group to find another way down, she overheard Mami saying Kazuma will die down there. Maya slid down to relay that message. Yuki listened as Rion started to worry about Akira and the rest since they haven't seen them yet.

The group encountered a black fog in the jungle. Animals were fleeing away from the smoke. They found Akira, Kanako and Momoka Kirino near a nest. Rei and Takashi helped them up. Yuki told Akira, Maria isn't here. He and Maya went to rescue Kazuma from the monkeys. Akira left the group to search for Shirou, Maya and Kazuma. The group followed after Akira. They found Akira and the rest lying on the ground. They headed to the edge of the jungle and found an old footprints trail. Along the way Rei noticed the smoke is getting thinner. Yuki thought they will make it out. Miina found Shuu in the bush. After walking on the trail, they noticed Kazuma isn't behind them anymore. The blood trail led down the cliff. They couldn't Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff. The next morning they found more Makoto's Pile of Rocks along their path. They had walked for a whole day, Akira ordered the group to rest. The girls went to a valley to clean themselves up. The girls discussed Kazuma's absence. Kanako suffered the loss worse than everyone else. Maya was the only one who can cheer Kanako up by using Kazuma's quotes. In the end Kanako hugged Rion for thanking everyone for their encouragement words. Yuki watched from afar, but didn't say a word about it.

Obelisk arc

The group had rested well from the pitstop. Yuki used that time to take a walk. Lately she had been acting weird. Her feeling toward Akira made her feel funny. Kazuma once told her she like Akira. Suddenly Akira called out her name from behind. He was looking for her, because everyone's getting ready to leave. On their way back Akira recalled the night when they were alone. Yuki asked why he came to find her. Akira noticed Yuki seemed kinda down recently. She was surprised that Akira worries about her. Yuki wondered if she directly asks him out. Out of nowhere she awkwardly asked if Akira likes Rion. Akira didn't response to that. Quickly after she asked him not to response. Finally he confessed he likes Rion. Yuki already knew that. But Akira didn't think he has a shot on Rion since everyone idolizes her. Until they leave this island, he will do whatever he can. But he didn't mind if Rion confesses to him first. Yuki slapped him on his shoulder for that perverted thought. She will keep her eyes on him. Yuki now knew her feeling well and decided to take it slow. They returned to the group. The group was all fired up to find Makoto's Group when they return.

Akira's Group found another Pile of Rocks ahead of them. They discovered recent campfire from Makoto's Group. The pace become harder until Akira ordered a break. Everyone was spread out to rest. Suddenly they heard Ryouichi's yell. They found Ryouichi behind a big rock. He was pointing at something. They looked up and saw a manmade object sticking out in the jungle. Everyone praised Ryouichi for his finding. The group quickly moved their pace until they reached the object. Nearby they found a craved wing rock object lying on the ground. Rion discovered bags from Makoto's Group. Akira ordered his group to scout the area. Maya, Yuki and Airi searched the nearby forest. They came back with empty hands. Yuki suggested they move to another location. Takashi doubted they would leave their bags behind. The sun was down. They had no choice but to resume the search until next morning. At night the group discussed their missing friends. Kairi told stories about missing people. The group seemed to believe the disappearing people stories.

The group splitted into smaller group and expanded their search. Shirou asked Yuki for her expertise about monuments. While they were talking, Akira came up from behind. Yuki scold him for being late. They explained their theories about the "Obelisk" monument to Akira. This location can have a special meaning. Takashi came back in a hurry. He explained that Rion's group is missing. Yuki suggested that they just have walked a little further off, but they didn't think so. The remaining search groups were recalled to Akira's position. Kanako's group were the last people to have seen Rion's Group before they disappeared. The group seemed afraid of the disappearing events. Akira stormed out and headed into the forest. Yuki followed after him. She told him to wait for her. In response Akira yelled at her. Realising what just happened, he apologised to Yuki. She managed to calm Akira down before he does something foolish. Akira told Yuki an old promise story about Rion and him. Rion ran away from home and he found her. They hid in an old car and stay the night over. The next day they were scold by their parents. It started to rain, Akira and Yuki had no choice but to return to camp. The group stayed under the trees from the rain. Maya's Group was the last group to return and they didn't find Rion's Group either. Asuka suggested they have been eaten by some part of the island. The group was not amused by the suggestion. Akira stepped up and calmed the group down.

Akira, Shirou and Yuki were headed out on their search when they heard Kazunari Murayama's yell. Kazunari and Koyomi told them that Maya's Group went missing in less than a minute. Koyomi hinted a shadow attacked them. Yuki looked up and saw nothing. She thought Koyomi just saw wrong, but she didn't. The others arrived at the scene. Suddenly Shirou ordered everyone to freeze. Everyone was stunned by his demand. He confirmed Asuka's story and asked Akira to walk slowly toward him. Everyone stood still while Shirou and Akira crawled around looking for something. Yuki knew those two must have come up with something. Akira found something and used a rock to draw out a rectangle shape. One by one Koyomi, Yuki and Kazunari walked out the rectangle. When the danger was over. Shirou revealed his plan to save the others. The group gathered materials for the rescue. She and the girls dropped sand into the rectangle until it moves. Akira ordered the boys to shove in. It appears the rectangle object was a revolving trapdoor. Shirou solved the mystery about the disappearing. Akira crawled between the rocks and called out Rion. Rion and the others were inside the trapdoor. Koyomi and Rion brought some ropes to lower it down. Makoto came out first. The others safely came out of the hole. Back in camp the two groups met with each other. Yuki and the girls were helping out with the excavation and gathering materials for the fence. Seigou Komiyama was filming them using Makoto's Video Camera. They quickly built the base a lot faster, thanks to Makoto's Group. Kanako's group found a weird object during excavation. They moved it next to the wing object. Yuki recognised it as a statue from the Olmec Civilization. Akira's Group started to believe they are still somewhere in their world.

Animal Battle arc

Kanako's group found another part of the statue, revealing to be a hand part. Yuki noticed something and ordered Akira to move the parts till they saw a statue. Rion recognised it as an angel. Akira was sure there's something here.

The Titanis Walleris invaded the base after chasing after Ryouichi and Yasunori. She heard the bird cries out "Help me." Two more extinct animals came to the base. Akira's Group was surrounded by three kinds of animals. She saw Rion being caught by the Titanis Walleris. Akira kept hitting the Titanis until it let go of Rion. Yuki called Rion's name if she's okay. Akira left his position and left Rion, Yuki and Shirou behind. A smoke emerged inside the base. Akira had set a hut on fire. He recalled everyone to gather around him. While everyone was coughing from the smoke, the animals left the base. All the huts were burned down, so they had to sleep on the ground.

Yuki and the others noticed Akira hasn't been back yet and they all started to worry about him. They headed toward the entrance and found Maya and Akira on Seigou's back. They told them about the Proplepus' attack and how they escaped. The group was surrounded by three different predators. Shirou pointed out they needed supplies in order to survive. Shuu and Asuka headed toward the river for supplies. Only Asuka came back.

The Titanis Wallerises came back and observing them. Kazunari retold the story about Shuu's death. Yuki didn't want to hear that. Kanako fainted from a fever. The Titanis Walleris came closer and closer to them. Kazunari suggested someone let them be eaten. Akira punched him for that suggestion. She was with Maya and Mami when she hears Asuka's singing. Everyone spirits were lifted up by her song. Akira planned to fight against the animals. They needed to do something before they ran out of supplies. Yuki suggested they surround the Propleopus and attacked it with their weapons, but it won't work. Everyone else pitched in their suggestions. Akira asked the real Miina about her descriptions about the animals. Miina revealed the weaknesses of the Proplepus, Smilodon and Titanis Walleri. Akira asked Shirou to check it on his Laptop. Shirou couldn't find the weaknesses anywhere. Akira thought they will be able to defeat the animals at the same time. Yuki didn't believe in Miina's descriptions, but Akira did. Kazunari was missing and Akira went after him. She and the others saw Rion hugged Akira's head on her chest. Aya Tokiwa volunteered to come with him.

Yuki and the group ran for their lives when the Proplepuses came and attacked the base. She held the Propleopus' mouth to prevent it from biting her. She heard Takashi calling everyone not to stop moving. Otherwise they will be killed. Akira ordered everyone to follow after him. Outside the fence he ordered the group lie down as the Propleopuses jumped and headed toward Akira's position. They landed on the spot where the trapdoor was hidden. The trapdoor turned and they were inside. The group celebrated the victory. Seigou noticed Akira fell in also. Yuki pointed out the rope. They pulled Akira out of the hole.

Yuki and the group resumed their excavation duty. Her excavation group found something at the base of the Tower. She quickly found Akira and asked him to come with her. Maya showed Akira a plate at the base. They washed the plate off with water and saw the name of Miina Isurugi craved on the rock. They were stunned by the revealing. The group demanded answer from her, but she had none. Takashi and Shirou managed to calm the group down. Shirou explained the situation they are in. Akira asked his group to share their encounters, knowledge and information to piece together for a way out of here. They recalled the event before the incident to various events at the island. Yuki found it weird that no people is here. Shizuka agreed with her. Seigou recalled having a private chat with the pilot after they landed on the island. Maya pointed out the pilot's word about hurrying up on leaving or they will be too late. Kanako's stomach made a noise. Apparently she was hungry. Since it had been a long day. They set out and found fishes by the river. Yuki was roasting a Crassigyrinus. Takashi wondered if it is edible. Akira took it and ate it. The group listened as Rion gave a speech how they have changed since they have been on the island. Everyone gave themselves a goal if they ever returned to Japan. Yuki pointed out if they ever wanted to do exams, they can come to her.

Pyramid arc

Failed Experiment arc

Showdown arc

Operation arc

Tower of Death arc

Past, Present and Future arc


Yuki is extremely intelligent and knows a lot about various historical facts and trivia and is often seen explaining items, objects or past events that have happened before. She also seems to know a lot about information that intrigues her such as ESP where she has displayed knowledge of all types of things that are on the basis of ESP.


  • (To Rion Akagami) "I'm class president, so I have to keep one eye on Akira-kun at all times. Because I'm always yelling at him, even the other boys are scared of me... He's such a pain !"
  • (To Akira Sengoku) "I won't forgive anything perverted!! You pervert!!"
  • (Thinking) "Akira-kun's an idiot and a lech... and tougher than anyone else I know! There's no way he is going to die!"
  • (To Akira Sengoku and Eiken) "Peeping is prohibited! Peep films are prohibited!"
  • (About Akira Sengoku) "I-I was the idiot...? I don't need to force an answer about these feelings I have. ...I don't need to rush, I can take things slowly. I, too... will just do whatever I can for now... I'll do my best in my own way! And also... it seems like I have plenty of time!"


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