Shirou Mariya

真理谷 四郎


January 1st


14 Years Old


Male Male

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Blood type AB
Eyesight: Left 0.6, Right 0.6




3rd Year, Class 4






Mother, Father, Oldest Sister, 2nd Oldest Sister, 3rd Oldest Sister, Younger Sister

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Manga: Chapter 1

Shirou Mariya (真理谷 四郎, Mariya Shirou) is one of the main characters who has been with Akira Sengoku ever since arriving on the island. He is highly intelligent and has been the school prodigy since elementary school.


Shirou is a guy of a short stature. He is usually seen with neat black hair kept together by combing it. He has small gray/green eyes and has large square glasses with the white brim on most of the time. He has the normal male school uniform with white shoes and dark blue trousers. However, he keeps his jacket  closed most of the time so the white shirt underneath can't be seen. Shirou is usually seen with a calm, expressionless face similar to Aya Tokiwa. He also is seen a majority of the time carrying or holding his Laptop, usually storing it in his green bag when not needed.


Recognized as the prodigy of his school, Shirou is highly intelligent with a vast knowledge on prehistoric creatures and a lot more, which makes him an invaluable asset to his friends and comrades. Shirou is very mature and keeps a cool-head in intense situations but even his patience has limits in regards to someone's foolishness or stupidity. Still, he is a good person at heart and will use any information he has at his disposal to help his friends when they're in danger. Shirou shares a special friendship with Akira as they are the first people the other meets after they arrived in the strange world.

The pair respect and care deeply for each other, often sharing conversations between themselves in regards to their situation, anything their group comes across, or when they're just having a heart-to-heart. At one point, Shirou self-admitted he'd always been alone but he'd never minded it due to the fact he could rarely meet someone of his intellectual level, and preferred doings things on his own. Still, he'd question his life, wondering if he really was satisfied with it, and thought of Akira occasionally, who was always surrounded by people, laughing while being the centre of the group. Shirou always thought while watching that laughing face, "If I could redo my life, that kind of lifestyle might not be so bad..." Considering himself a scientist, Shirou believes in cold hard facts and is slow to believe in anything he considers to be nonsense, but he still has some doubt and, to a degree, can be open-minded as he originally disbelieved in the clairvoyant visions of Mami Kagura, but he soon comes to have doubts and consider perhaps Mami does have premonitions of sorts. He has leadership skills of his own and can be considered the second-in-command of their group right after Akira. It is remarked that despite Shirou always having a cool attitude, he has strong emotions for his friends where he feels a horrible feeling upon seeing his comrades death throughout their time on the island and is even willing to put himself in danger to save them.


Mariya and family at funeral

Shirou and his family at their mothers funeral

Shirou is well known throughout his school as the schools prodigy, being the top student of the school for a total of 9 years. He has always been on the top of his class since elementary school and been considered the schools prodigy since he enrolled. He started learning programming in his first year at school. During his time at school, he was always alone yet never thought badly of it considering he didn't feel the need to be with someone that wasn't as smart as him and how much easier things would have been to be done when alone. However, during his time at school he did doubt if he should l et himself live like that and whenever he saw Akira and his friends, he would always think how that kind of lifestyle might not be so bad if he could redo his life.

When Shirou lost his mother, who was very important to him, he attended her funeral and can due that relate to Kazuma Saji in a way that Shirou has both experienced a lot of torment, grief and pain from losing someone close to them.


Wonderful World arc

Mariya at Intro

Shirou on his laptop on the plane

Shirou first makes his appearance sitting on a plane seat a row in front of Akira. He was working on his laptop. He warned both Akira, Kouhei Arita and Rion Akagami to be quiet as they were making a lot of noise. When Akira apologizes and remarks that it's amazing that Shirou was programming on his laptop, he also states it's expected of someone who was the top student for 3 years in a row. Shirou then quickly corrects him, stating how it's really 9 years in a row and that it's unpleasant when a person says it's wrongly. When the plane suddenly started to shake, he was holding his laptop to his chest. He passed out like the rest of the passengers before waking up on the island. He called for help when the Diatryma injured his leg sometime after he had arrived on the island. Seeing Akira arrive at the area, Shirou asks him for help. As Akira helps him up, Shirou states that there's another person, Kanako Oomori. She was nearby getting
Mariya Injured

Shirou's injury from the Diatryma

attacked by the monstrous bird, with Shirou suggesting they use her as a distraction to escape. Shirou was shocked to see himself dropped and stutters for words, as he stumbles and asks Akira what he thinks he's doing and how they should just leave Kanako behind. When Akira runs off to rescue Kanako from the Diatryma's nest, Shirou uses the opportunity to escape by himself where he was running rather slowly. The trio flee as fast as they can as Diatryma chases after them, with Shirou complaining to Akira to not following him, however it was too late as the Diatryma rams into the three and sends them scattering across the ground. Hearing Akira say they can hide somewhere, Shirou follows him into a cave being the first one to enter that cave. After the Diatryma leaves unable to retrieve them from the cave, Shirou sighs a sigh of relief. When the crisis was over, they returned to the river. There, Shirou was working on his Laptop to retrieve data about Diatryma, the animal that they just encountered. At the same time, he also looked at other animals around the area. When Akira asks whether that animal they just encountered was a normal one, Shirou shouts in protest. He then begins to explain that it shouldn't be alive and rather, it was an extinct animal. When Akira gets closer to him to see these supposed extinct animals, Shirou pushes him away in protest. He also explains how though they're on an island, that in reality there isn't an island on the map anywhere near where they are from the travel route to Guam to Japan. Showing the area of where they were going to crash and enlarging it, Shirou proves that there really was no island in the area they were. He proceeds to say they're on an island that shouldn't even exist.

Shirou explains that even though he doesn't want to believe it, the island they're on is way too strange. He was shocked to see Akira forcefully grab his laptop, but allows him to do so to reassure himself as he readjusts his glasses. He also stares at Kanako as she begins to speak and cry from the events that had happened. The next day, the trio set out to find other survivors. When told to shout for other survivors, Shirou explains that he's a scientist and shouldn't be exerting himself physically and tells Akira to do it himself. When allowed to rest, Shirou is seen lying on the ground panting in exhaustion, however Shirou soon pulls Akira aside asking for a minute of his time. Shirou angrily tells Akira not to talk about Kanako, stating that she's annoying and then informs him to prepare the fact the others may already dead considering mortality rates for plane crashes are quite high. Explaining how it's a miracle that they're alright is enough, however he sympathizes with Akira as Akira shouts at Shirou. When Shirou gets back to Kanako, another Diatryma had crossed their paths almost immediately. However, as Shirou and Kanako were about to escape, a Smilodon stood in their path and soon engaged in battle with the Diatryma instead of them. When they were stuck in between the battle, Shirou held his laptop up for defence, but was brought to the ground by Akira as the Smilodon and Diatryma attack each other and ultimately the Diatryma is killed. Shirou explains that the Smilodon left as it had a better meal than the humans. At night, Shirou looked at the Smilodon data and mentioned that the situation is much more dire than expected and at best, everyone may have died. When Kanako states that they're going to die soon, Shirou looks sullen. Soon enough, the three went to sleep where Shirou simply listens to Akira talk about his time at school and after he finishes, Shirou tells him to go to sleep.

Shirou remained messily asleep and when he woke up the next morning Akira and Kanako had already found a Water Bottle from the plane. The trio followed upstream and found the plane intact. There were traces of survivors, but nobody was at the plane itself. Shirou followed after Akira and inside the plane. He was shocked that no one was inside and it was rather in ruin, yet him and Kanako headed to the cockpit. The two immediately saw Masaru Tsuchiya's corpse with a knife plunged into his chest. Shirou reviewed the evidence and the corpse quickly coming to the conclusion the pilot was stabbed to death by another human and that it couldn't be written of as a coincidence. Next, on the floor Shirou found Makoto Morita's ZONY video camera. Together they viewed the film
Mariya making the map of the island

Shirou making the map of the island

of what had happened where Shirou explains both what the animal is that killed the people in the video Andrewsarchus was, as well as why the mass panic broke out, referencing the Kanto earthquake. Following Akira who heads to the ceiling nap room in expectations of finding Rion, Shirou himself was doubtful however went along with Akira and Kanako.
Mariya telling Sengoku

Shirou asking Akira what will he do in this world

After finding Rion, Shirou watches her and Akira reunite with one another. Meeting outside, Shirou listens to Rion who explains to the trio on what had happened the first two nights at the plane. He also comments how it's disturbing how far the peoples aggression on the plane had went to. Shirou quickly interrupts Rion and Akira's bickering, saying how weird it was everyone had left the plane despite it being so safe, however they couldn't find a conclusive reason so everyone headed out to do their own thing. Shirou was working on his Laptop to map out the surrounding area and create a map of the island with java when Akira offers to help out, Shirou quickly calls him a nuisance from his unsightly jokes. Later on he catches Akira stealing an erotic magazine that he found on the floor. Shirou looks out the window, stating an overview of what everyone is experiencing. He explains how there is no help or aid coming to help them even after four days, how there have been many deaths and many people acting as if they've been released from a cage in a world with no rules. Looking at Akira, he asks him what will he do in this kind of world. Smirking as he leaves, Shirou tells Akira that in this world, there's something only he can do. Walking into the room where the girls were, he is immediately scared slightly by Rion's current anger. He then proceeds to ask where Akira was, as they were unable to find him. As night time fell, he shouts at Rion when she suggests to look for Akira outside one more time and then proceeds to warn her and Kanako that the Andrewsarchus may appear again. Shirou also knew that Akira wasn't dumb enough to wander outside with the

Rion and Shirou helping Kanako open the door

Andrewsarchus nearby. Before Rion or Shirou can say anymore the plane began to violently shake. Shirou recalls Rion mentioned a huge earthquake last night. He begins to think logically as it made no sense why anybody would leave a safer place than the plane, but rather the plane itself was the one attracting a large enough animal. The three notice the monsters eye looking for them, as well as the Megatherium Americanum's tongue which was probing inside the plane. As Kanako gets knocked out, Shirou shouts in disdain as a flying suitcase slamming at the back of his head, knocking him out. As he is awoken by Rion, he wipes the blood from

Shirou encouraging Akira

his face and puts on his glasses that flew off when he got hit by the suitcase. Putting water on himself to passby the fire, they soon realize the cockpit was blocked. As the emergency chute was gone and the cockpit blocked, they didn't have any other way to escape until Kanako suggested they head to the bulk cargo room. Heading to the bulk cargo door, Shirou was surprised to see it not open despite Kanako's efforts so he and Rion quickly aided in using their strength to open it.

Seeing Akira on the otherside, the four regroup and safely avoid the fire from a distance where Shirou shouts at Akira for his brash actions. He soon was interrupted by Hades distant laughter where Shirou questions who this Hades person is. As Hades informs how Akira ruined everyone hopes, Shirou had agreed with him somewhat on how people would place their trust in the plane, however continues to say they will recover from this and support the decision to destroy the plane and not regret doing it. Listening to Akira say they need to find a new place to sleep, Shirou thinks about how that everyone has been relying on him since they got here and how important that may be.

Raft arc

Shirou was part of Akira's Group as they were heading toward the ocean. Shirou thought that they might find more people at the beach, where they found Kazuma Saji, Masakazu Yoshimoto, Masanori Tanaka and Mina Mukouda. As Kazuma revealed their plan to leave the island by raft, Shirou expressed his opinion about it's haphazardness. However, Kazuma pointed out that they had noticed another island nearby, which Shirou calculated to be 5 km away. Akira agreed to help Kazuma out with his Raft, and as Masakazu, Masanori and Mina returned from gathering materials for the Raft, Shirou pulled out his Laptop and showed them a picture of Andrewsarchus. Kazuma and his friends immediately recognised the animal from the second night on the island, and after that Shirou described the animal in details to them. Masakazu added that the Andrewsarchus won't come near the beach, because of its nature. Later on Shirou overheard the talk between Masakazu, Masanori and Mina about formulating a plan against the animal. Shirou thought about suggesting that they should run away from it, but was interrupted by Masakazu.

Later, Shirou heard screams from the jungle and they realised that Masakazu, Masanori and Mina had been away for a while. Akira and Kazuma decided to check it out, and soon as they returned with the rest of the group, Shirou, Rion and Kanako were in the ocean, calling their friends to run towards to the sea. An Ambulocetus jumped out from the water and tripped Rion. Kanako and Shirou were back at the beach while Rion was thrown into the water by the animal.
Mariya drowning

Shirou drowning

Kazuma and Akira defended the group, while the others were pushing the Raft into the ocean. However, after succeeding, Akira ordered the group to leave with the Raft, as he said he was going to search for Rion. The others climbed onboard leaving Akira behind, but soon Mina and Masakazu threw the rest of the overboard and hijacked the Raft. Soon Kanako noticed, how Shirou couldn't swim, and went to rescue him with the help of Kazuma. Both of them dragged Shirou back to the beach only to see after that the Raft being destroyed by the Basilosaurus. Back on the beach Shirou, Kanako and Kazuma were walking along the shore when they saw Akira and Rion being alive. The next morning they leave to find a suitable place for Rion to heal.

Epidemic arc

Shirou was working on his Laptop while Akira and Kazuma were standing guard. Shirou followed the rest to the lake, when Kanako decided to do laundry. However, Shirou soon noticed something at the water and warned Akira, as an Arsinoitherium soared from the water and headed towards them. Despite it's aggressive demeanor, the Arsinoitherium just ran passed them and started to eat the Berries, which puzzled Shirou.

Soon Shirou informed Akira that the cave is the ideal refuge to settle, which everyone agreed to. The next morning Kanako, Shirou and Kazuma heard a scream near the cave, and they found Motoko Kurusu surrounded by a group of Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis. The rest of Kouichi's Group soon appeared, and they ransacked the cave. Before the boys could do any more damage, Kouichi Yarai sent his boys out to search for food. Near the lake Akira saw Shirou's still researching his work on the Arsinoitherium.
Mariya working on his laptop

Shirou working on his laptop

Shirou was talking about extinct animals and their evolution. Kouichi soon came to them explained it simply for Akira, who was stunned by Kouichi's knowledge.

Next morning, Motoko encouraged everyone by telling them that she wanted to leave this island together with everyone. However, before she could have said anything else, she collapsed on the ground. Everyone was stunned by her fever and they carried her back to the cave. Akira's Group was forced to leave the cave due Kouichi's demand. While everyone was talking about Kouichi's demand, Shirou felt ill by the unknown disease and soon he too collapsed, and was carried by Akira back to the cave. During the fever he mumbled about the Arsinoitherium being the source of the disease, but unfortunately, Akira didn't understand the meaning of it. This however helped Akira realise the cause of the sickness, and after a while Akira, Rion and Kouichi returned with the cure. They used it to cure everyone and the next morning everyone was started to get better.

Adult Camp arc

Akira's Group had been wandering through the jungle for two days looking for other people. Shirou thought they've probably mostly died off. Akira noticed a sand cloud is approaching them. A herd of Entelodon was
Akira's group confronting Karino's

Akira's group confronting Karino's

running past them. After the chaos Shirou, Kazuma and Rion couldn't find Akira and Kanako anywhere. Shirou warned Rion about the Entelodonts in the nearby area. The next day they were caught by Shinzou Karino's men. Shinzou threated to kill them if Akira wouldn't surrender himself. Shirou noticed the blood stains on the men's clothes. He knew something is wrong here. They heard Shinzou explained the event toward Towa's death. Akira surrendered himself after Shinzou threated to kill Rion. Shirou, Kazuma and Rion broke free from the men and joined Akira's side. Kanako came out from her hiding place and joined the group as well.

Akira's Group were surrounded by the adult men. Akira and Kazuma planned to make an opening for Shirou, Rion and Kanako. Shirou pointed out a sand cloud in the jungle. A herd of Entelodon was heading toward them. The Entelodons caused chaos among the men. Akira's Group saw an opening to escape. Only to find Kanako was being held by Shinzou. She was calling to them to run away. A herd of Hyaenodon arrived into the scene and started to eat the men. A Hyaenodon was headed to Akira's Group. Akira hit it with his Axe. He continued hit it until the Hyaenodon left to eat an adult man. Shirou explained the Hyaenodon's behaviour about blood's smell. Akira's Group escape the scene and met up with Miina Isurugi (Fake). She revealed her secret about being a boy. Everyone was stunned by the news. Miina revealed his master plan to them. Shirou admitted they were close to the camp when they got captured by the men. He scolded Akira for being a pervert boy after he heard Akira kissed Miina.

Brain Loss arc

Akira's Group arrived at the river. They decided to rest and take a separate bath. He was impressed with Miina. He alone as a kid was able to manipulate the adults. Instead of swimming Shirou sat down on shallow water. He found it odd that Akira swam with his pants on. In return Akira requested Shirou to swim, knowning for the fact he can't swim at all. They discussed what to do next if no help arrived. A Moeritherium came out from the water. Shirou started to tell the story how an animal become extinct.

Kanako and Rion returned from bath with an unconscious Yuki Sakuma. Akira recognised her as a classmate. Shirou looked at the river and her bruised body and wondered what happened to her. Yuki woke up and immediately requested Akira to save Kouhei. Yuki informed Akira's Group about a demonic murderer killing her group. Akira's Group and Yuki headed upstream the river. Akira asked more information about the demonic murderer from Yuki. Yuki told the event that led them to a Limestone Cavern and ended up finding them. Akira told the story how he met Kouhei for the first time. Akira's Group followed upstream until they hit a dead end. They took a detour around and suddenly they fell through a sinkhole.

After landing underground Shirou saw a rockface on a wall. He thought it can be done naturally. As they explored the area they find Gerrothoraxes, Kannemeyerias and Lystrosauruses. They saw something else. They found Tamura's dead body. Shirou informed Akira they need to find Kouhei's Group and fast. He checked out the place where they fell down. He found moss is grown everywhere. They saw three passages ahead of them. He backed up Kazuma's choice of tunnel. He found footprints of animals, wind flowing through the tunnel and the smell of moss is stronger. It was merely a coincidence that he chose the same as Kazuma. They found themselves a dead end. Akira's Group watched as Akira climbed through cliffedges to the other side and tied up a rope for them to crossover. He reminded Yuki that despite Akira being a dropout, he is their leader. Akira's Group found themselves back at the place where they first landed there. Shirou admitted this was his mistake. They headed now to another tunnel. Rion and Yuki left the group to pee. After a while Akira's Group heard a scream. He reminded Akira that the murderer is still nearby. Akira, Shirou, Miina, Kazuma and Kanako were shouting for Rion and Yuki. Suddenly Kanako went missing from behind. Shirou started to believe the murderers had kidnapped Kanako. They were targeting at them now. They needed to calm Akira down first before they moved out to find their missing friends.

Mariya trying to stop Arita

Shirou trying to stop Kouhei

Akira dashed and prevented Kouhei from stabbing Kanako. The others came to Kanako's aid. Kazuma, Miina and Shirou were stunned when Kanako called Akira to stop attacking Kouhei. Miina and Kazuma watched as Shirou looked at Kanako's wound. Miina will suture the wound while Shirou and Kazuma had other tasks to do. Kazuma prevented Kouhei from leaving and he was heading toward Shirou's exit. Shirou went down easily than Kazuma. Shirou held Kouhei's foot long enough for Akira to wake up from his initial shock. Akira stood up and started hitting Kouhei with all his strength. Kouhei revealed his action to Akira's Group. A swarm of Cyclotosaurus surrounded Akira's Group and Kouhei. He knews the animals do eat meat, but he didn't think they would eat them. The boys defended themselves while Miina sutures Kanako's wound. After it was done, Akira and Kouhei will carry Kanako to safety. Shirou pointed out a tunnel to flee. They alone evaded the Cyclotosaurus with ease until they started to fly across the room. They escaped safety into the tunnel only to find the remaining members of Kouhei's Group. Kouhei stopped his group from attacking Akira's Group. He led his group away. Akira heard a yell and rushed to Kouhei's aid. Miina and Shirou followed after him. They arrived to see Kouhei holding on Akira's hand. He explained the cause of Kouhei's outbreak of killing. Akira, Shirou and Miina pulled Kouhei up, only to make Miina to fall down. Luckly Kouichi was in time to grab him.

The group headed back where they left Kazuma and Kanako behind. They heard a rumbling sound headed their way. The water level started to rise up. They started to head back where they came from. They found out that Motoko and Yuki are above ground. They lowered a rope for them to climb up. Akira noticed the water level dropped. Shirou warned him a flash flood was about to hit them. Akira, Kazuma, Shirou, Rion and Kouhei ran back to the tunnel. They encounter a fork road ahead of them. Kouhei advised them to head down and he and the others followed after him. They found themselves at a dead end. Kouhei revealed that the river connected to the outside. Shirou asked the boys to use their pants as Instant Buoy. When they were outside, they found the others were waiting for them. They rested at a nearby forest.

School arc

Shirou was nearby when he hears Akira calling his name. Akira asked him a strange question about how to make a country. Shirou explained that you need territory, citizens and a government. He gave examples of various forms of small countries. Yuki even named the Vatican City as one. Akira's Group heard a yell not far from them. Kazuma was running toward them. Someone else was approaching behind him. A Smilodon and Macrauchenia were fighting with each other. Shirou, Kazuma, Yuki and Rion hide behind a rock while Akira ran toward Miina and Kanako. They watched as the Smilodon left with its prey. Kazuma informed Akira's Group that he found a flag in the middle of the forest. He led them to the School Camp of Takashi's Group. Takashi Yamaguchi was on top of the tallest tree to greet them. Inside the School Camp they encountered students from various classes. Takashi requested his group to help them building a country. Together with the teacher Kawai and Fujimoto, Takashi explained to Akira's Group the event after the incident until they reached here. Akira's Group watched as Takashi pulled up a new flag symbolising their new country. Shirou started to help out with his new job as Building Designers.

The next morning he heard Miina was missing. Akira's Group couldn't find Miina anywhere. He didn't think Miina would leave on his own. Later he saw Akira having a argument with Takashi. Kazuma ran and told Akira's Group he found Miina on the outside. Akira, Rion, Shirou, Yuki and Kazuma saw the Canis Diruses were approaching Miina's position. He stood at the fence watching Akira and Kazuma getting to Miina. They brought him back to their tent. Shirou examined Miina and told the group that Miina might have some aftereffects. Rion, Shirou and Yuki woke up the next morning and saw Akira destroying the School. Everyone was confused why he does it. Akira's Group listened when the teachers and Takashi tried

Mariya hitting a teacher

Shirou hitting a teacher

to reason with Akira. The teachers accidentally revealed Miina being a boy. Akira asked Shirou if he had told anyone. He answered no. Nobody outside Akira's Group knew Miina is a boy. The teachers revealed their true intention about the School country. They tried to attack Akira, but where stopped when Shirou and Takashi hit them with sticks. Feeling they had lost the group Kawai and Fujimoto left the School. After the crisis had settled down, Akira's Group packed up their belongings. Akira told his group about his dream a couple days ago. He was afraid Takashi will kick them out. Takashi's Group decided to join Akira's Group.

Exploration Party arc

Shirou stood by Takashi side when the people started to gather around for the Exploration Party #1. He asked how Akira will choose his party. Akira will choose them from small branches. In the end he didn't get pick. He warned them to be careful.

Two days later the Exploration Party #1 returned with a wounded Akira. He sat inside Akira's tent. He wished he should've gone along instead Takashi. Shirou was stunned when he hears Akira's voice. He was glad Akira's awake.

Argentavis arc

Rion and Shirou found Akira walking alone and so they decided to accompany him while they toured around the Camp. He explained the situation as they reached the housing area. He heard a scream from the shower area. Rei came out with only a tower on her body. He and the boys were stunned by the display. Other people started to laugh about Rei and Miina.

Akira's Group heard a scream from outside the fence. Sanae Kashiwagi pointed above the cause of her scream. An Argentavis landed on top of Ryouichi Suzuki. They were stunned by the new huge animal. The Argentavis flew toward them and they ducked to avoid the hit. Unfortunately for Shirou it sent him flying in the air. Luckly the bird flew away without causing any harm. Akira's Group discussed the new threat. Shirou explained the basic of Argentavis to the group.
Mariya telling the group to always have an eye on the sky

Shirou telling the group to always have an eye on the sky

He pointed out that they view them like rats they eat sometimes. Shirou suggested they make pairs. One will look into the sky while the other does something. He got stuck with Mirei Hanamura. Someone cried out that the Argentavis has returned. He was amazed how the Argentavis swoop down like a peregrine. The Argentavis caused chaos inside the Camp. He heard as Takashi cried out this is the end.

He heard Akira's whistle outside the fence and called the Argentavis to feast on him. The group started to fight back and drove the Argentavis off the Camp. At night he had a bandage over his right eye. He was worried about Akira. The next morning they found the deaths of Matsushita, Ken Tanaka and Murata. Shirou was inside Akira's tent when he listened to Takashi's explanation of the deaths. Rion suggested food poison like the Berries. Shirou didn't think so since they ate the same like everyone. Takao Sugimasa was the next to die. He had only one clue from Miina before the death of Takao.The group lived in fear of the unknown disease. Shirou heard Maya Miyauchi's scream from the burial site. Maya pointed out a bug on the ground. Mirei picked it up and crushed it. He saw a lot of blood coming from a small bug. It finally hit him. Shirou figured out the unknown disease. He called out everyone to hear toward the river. At the river side he told everyone to wash their bodies thoroughly and not to touch the ticks. Shirou called them poisonous ticks. Akira figured it out how the ticks enter their camp. Someone yelled out. It appeared the Argentavis has returned again. They made a dive attack above the river. Takashi suggested they dive down, but Shirou pointed out they can't stay underwater very long.

As two Argentavises were boxing Maya in. One Argentavis accidentally hit the other one on the chest. He noticed a change on the birds. He suggested to Akira to hit them through the chest. It worked and following Akira's example and Maya killed an Argentavis. The others flee after seeing a death of their own. They had won a battle against an extinct animal. Shirou evaluated the condition of the group as Akira asked him. Because Akira believed that they need to leave before night falls. Akira's Group packed up their stuff and met Akira on the outside. They watched as the camp sat into fire. Shirou suggested they head toward the mountain.

Akira's Group was tracking through the jungle. Shirou explained why they need to travel to the top of the mountain. Shirou recalled the event at the ocean. They need to see if they could find a coastline somewhere on top. And also on top they could see other survivors. At night while everyone was chitchatting, Shirou was working on his Laptop. He had mapped out the surrounding area they encounter throughout the island. He found it odd that they were able to find food at any area. As he looked up the mountain, he wondered if they were able to find some answers on the top.

Cursed Mountain arc

Akira's Group were on their second day heading to the mountain. He warned everyone on the lookout for Artodus Simus. The girls were impressed by his knowledge of the animal. The group talked about the image of the island. He was not impressed how the people will handle the situation when they reached the top. At night
Mariya using his Foot Pump Charger

Shirou using his Foot Pump Charger

they made camp and started campfire. Shirou walked away from the group and charged his Laptop using his Foot Pump Charger. Akira came along and offered his help. Akira asked for his reaction in the afternoon. Shirou may
Mariya looking at Sengoku

Shirou looking at Akira

have made a huge miscalculation. He suggested once they reached the top something will change for them. It didn't mean a way off the island. Akira believed they will be fine no matter what. Shirou would have died on the island if Akira wasn't there for him. They recalled the event after the incident. From the original group members he thought Akira would be the best candidate to lead the group. Akira believed in him so much that he'd risk his life for Shirou. He gave the Foot Pumper back to him after the charging is done. Shirou sat alone again in the dark. He recalled the event at school where he used to look up at Akira. If he could redo his life, he would have chosen Akira's lifestyle.

They reached the base of the mountain. Everyone was ready for the climb. Kanako noticed something is rolling down the mountain. It landed next to a bush. Akira, Maya, Kazuma and Takashi investigated the object and warned the group not to look at the dead body. Akira's Group started to freak out of the situation. On their way to the top they discussed what happened to the person and why. Shirou threw all kinds of theories how he died. Akira believed they will find an answer once they climbed the mountain. The climbing got quite a steep. The group changed its line according to Tooru Rinzai's advise. They encountered some wind as they further climbed up. Akira asked him if he rested for a while. Shirou thinks he could keep up with the pace. He slipped a foot and almost fell down the trail. Luckly Akira caught him on time. He noticed a slide trail next to him and a student id on the ground. It belonged to Noriaki Matsuki. They suspected he wasn't alone on the mountain. The mist is getting thicker. They heard a noise nearby. They investigated and Shirou prevented Akira from stepping on Nagatsuka. Nagatsuka from Class 1, barely alive, told the event how he fell down. He recalled Noriaki came back to life and chased after them. He warned them not to climb up any further. Before he died, he called that the mountain is cursed. Shirou noticed some changes on Akira, but Akira said he is fine. He listened as Kairi Narumi told an ancient story about Mt. Fuji being gateway from the dead. They encountered a cliff. Akira climbed up and lowered the ropes for everyone to climb up. After walking for a whole day they decided to rest behind huge rocks.

As the sun raise on top of the mountain, he couldn't move his body. Tooru made a bed for him to rest. Ryouichi and Maya suggested they bring everyone down. He thought it's impossible since they had to climb up a cliff. Shirou figured out why they couldn't move their bodies. He suggested they waited till the body adapts to the new climate temperature. The group's condition started to fall quickly. Some people were having seizure. Kanako came back with Akira. Akira told the group about his hallucination. Shirou preferred they solved the hallucination before it kills them. Akira wondered how the hallucination affect them in the first place. Shirou suggested stress as a factor. As the mist cleared out from the view, they saw the top is near them. Akira ordered everyone to climb up. The group followed Akira's order. Kanako carried Shirou up the top. The image the island astonished them. The land went beyond the horizon. He saw the ocean with the Basilosaurus was actually an ocean inlet. Shirou calculated the island is as big as a continent. They discovered a Pile of Rocks with a shirt stuck inside. It had a message for them. Shirou saw Makoto's name on the shirt. Akira felt lost by their new discovery. He watched as Maya reminded Akira as their leader. They headed down the mountain a bit to recover. Shirou suggested food could be a factor of their hallucination. Miina and Rei were back from their trip. Shirou called Akira over as Miina has something to say to the group. While on the peak of the mountain, Shirou mapped out the surrounding area, so he suggested they head to the nearby river.

Mami the Clairvoyant arc

Akira's Group were surrounded by a pack of Pristichampus. They were on their backs against the wall. Someone on top of the cliff yelled at them to run to the river. They jumped into the river and the Pristichampuses stood at the riverside. Shirou wondered why the Pristichampus didn't jump after them. Akira and Tooru will speak to Mami's Group as Shirou and the rest change their wet clothes. Shirou researched on his Laptop about the Pristichampus when Akira and Tooru came back from their talk with Mami's Group. He couldn't find any information about the Pristichampus enable to swim. Kazuma recognised Mami as Mami the Clairvoyant. The rest of the group seemed to hear of her. Mami's Group and Akira came back to his camp. Kyouko Nakayama told the group about Mami Kagura's premonition. Akira's Group discussed about the letter W.

Takashi came running into camp. He followed the group as they found Shinji Gotou and Tadashi Katou dead near the cliff. Rion pointed Akira out that the dead bodies look like a W. Akira's Group freaked out of the premonition. He observed the dead bodies of Shinji and Tadashi as he looks for clues. Tadahiko Uchimura came to the burial. He recalled the event after the incident. Most of the group died in the bottomless swamp. Tadahiko recommended them to believe in Mami's premonition. Masayuki Ikeda and Shouji Mukai came and relayed another premonition to them. Akira's Group started to freak out. Shirou asked Akira to walk with him into the jungle. They were back at the Shinji and Tadashi’s death scene. They recreated it and found it odd. Shirou found footprints on top of the cliff and concluded they were murdered to make the prediction to come true. Akira suspected Kyouko has something to do with the deaths. He stopped Akira from going back to camp without hard evidence. Shirou asked Akira if he confronts Mami with the truth. In the meantime Shirou had his own idea to catch the culprits.

Shirou headed back to camp and requested Kanako's help. They have a meeting with Kyouko at the cliff. He used Kanako as his spokeperson since he doubted that Kyouko would believe the words of a kid. The meeting failed as Kanako couldn't convict Kyouko with proofs. Shirou and Kanako headed back to camp. Kanako apologised for being so useless. Shirou revealed that was also part of his plan. They wanted to become the next victims of the premonition. They heard something behind them. Mitsuhiro Muramatsu and Kyouko came out of the bushes. Mitsuhiro took a swing at them and missed. Kazuma pushed them away as Maya blocked the attack. Shirou finally revealed his master plan. Kyouko got away after punching Kazuma on the face. He still thinks the plan was successful. Kanako, Shirou and Maya returned to camp with Mitsuhiro. They accused him as the killer of Shinji and Tadashi. Kazuma brought Mami and the rest of her group to camp. Mami had another death premonition, but Akira's Group didn't believe her. Akira ordered everyone to find Kyouko first if they wanna know if Mami wasn't lying about her premonition. Akira paired up with Shirou on the search for Kyouko. They came across Yasunori Yamato and Asuka Takahashi. They were running away from the Pristichampuses. Akira's Group defended themselves with sticks against the Pristichampus. Shirou suggested that they need to run to the river. They came to Mami's rescue. Mami revealed she has another death premonition. Akira reorganised his group to protect Mami as they headed to the river. Shirou noticed the Pristichampus' tactic and suggested their legs are their weakness. Maya made a spinning leg sweep and the animal lost its balance. Kazuma made an attempt and failed. Akira will cover their back as the group went into the river. He saw the Pristichampus made a death roll on Akira. Akira and Mami were the last one to jump into the river. Shirou concluded the Pristichampus didn't like to swim, because it can't generate it own body heat. The whole group was saved again. Yuki noticed Shirou has been staring at Mami the whole time. Shirou asked Yuki if they could talk about premonition at a later time. He found it hard to believe she knew the others were dead even she couldn't see them.

They walked along the river for four or five hours. They decided to rest on a sandbank middle in the river. Akira noticed Shirou was talking with Yuki recently. Shirou didn't say much of it. He needed to research it further before telling to Akira about his findings. They returned to the boy's side of the sandbank. Kazuma told them they will host the first "Queen of the night contest". Each boy will get one vote. He found this very stupid. Everyone was astonished by the results. Rei Ooguro came along and found the contest out.

Gigantopithecus arc

Akira's Group had stayed at the sandbank for a day and they are ready to leave. They found Pile of Rocks left behind by Makoto. Shirou stared at the Pile of Rocks for a long time before Akira woke him up. It led them to a jungle with huge trees. They decided to make camp before heading into the jungle.

Shirou and the others heard Rion's cry near the camp. Rion told them what happens to Kanako and her. Shirou found the footprints of the animal. They were afraid of the size of the animal. Akira decided to go after her. Along the footprints they also found Kanako's jacket. They noticed a little blood spot on it. Akira's Group was now heading deep into the jungle. Their supplies of Torch Pine were burning out. They need to fan out to search for more. When the last torch went out, the unknown animal started its attack. Out of the darkness an Eusmilus came out and faced the unknown animal. Akira's Group hid behind the trees and watched the confrontation between the two animals. Eusmilus attacked the unknown animal and got killed by it. Moonlight shined on the silhouette and Shirou recognised it as a Gigantopithecus. After killing the Eusmilus, the Gigantopithecus left the scene. Shirou suggested that the Gigantopithecus is a very highly intelligent animal. Akira's Group were now afraid of Kanako's attacker. Shirou suggested they gave up on Kanako. He didn't think they can overcome the animal from its territory. Akira couldn't believe he said that. Kazuma beat Shirou up for that suggestion. Akira stopped Kazuma from beating Shirou to death. After the beating down Akira, Kazuma and Shuu Hikime will rescue Kanako.

Shirou and the group headed back the way they came from. Takashi didn't want to leave Akira, Kazuma and Shuu behind. Maya revealed Kazuma's past to Shirou and the group. Kazuma considered them as family. The group wanted to help out, but Shirou pointed out that the Gigantopithecus is both intelligent and strong. There is a highly chance more people will die. Everyone still wanted to help out. Shirou led the way. Everyone was surprised by his change of mind. When Maya questioned about his decision, Shirou revealed he didn't have a mother also. They came to a stop at a cliff. At the bottom they saw Kazuma alone. He was trapped between three Gigantopithecuses. Shirou quickly slid down the cliff to join Kazuma. His past started to haunt him in the present about the death of his mother. Shirou landed on his face on the ground. He had come to join Kazuma's side. Shirou didn't have a plan to defeat the Gigantopithecus. He just came here. Kazuma was fine with that.

They were now trapped at all corners. Shirou whispered something to Kazuma's ear. They headed

being chased

toward a Gigantopithecus. The Gigantopithecus attacked them and missed. Shirou and Kazuma split themselves apart and come around behind Gigantopithecus' back. Kazuma thanked Shirou for coming to his aid. The four Gigantopithecuses still chased after them.

Kazuma found it weird why they were chasing human in the first place if they didn't encounter them before. Shirou concluded they have encountered human before in the jungle. Shirou was hurt by the Gigantopithecus' attack. He must found the technique that can defeat the Gigantopithecus. Kazuma helped him up. Shirou was thinking in his mind when he didn't notice the Gigantopithecus is about to hit him. Kazuma pushed him away to take the hit. The Gigantopithecus smashes the spot where Kazuma used to be. When the smoke cleared he saw Kazuma was pulled into the bushes. Shirou dove into the bushes and found Kazuma and Maya inside. Maya came down to deliver a message to Kazuma. The Gigantopithecuses were on top of them. They left the scene. Kazuma knew they will get out of this since they have Shirou with them. They came across an area of dead Meganeura Monyis. Shirou figured out the solution of their problem. Before he could do that, he noticed some changes on Kazuma. But Kazuma was fine according to his words. They started a fire on a nearby bushes. But the fire spread out so fast that they couldn't escape from the smoke.

Luckly Akira came and carried them away from the fire. The rest of the group returned and carried them to the edge of the jungle and found an old footprints trail. Shirou concluded the previous group started the fire also, went this route. After walking on the trail, they noticed Kazuma wasn't behind them anymore. The blood trail led down the cliff. They couldn't Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff. The next morning they found more Morita's Pile of Rocks along their path.

Mariya saying he will have to change

Shirou saying he will change

They had walked a whole day, Akira ordered the group to rest. Shirou came back to the group with a bag of fruits from a nearby tree. He felt guilty because he couldn't pay Kazuma back for saving his life. He said he would change to make up for that. Shirou and Akira talked about Kazuma's death and Mami's premonition. Shirou believed that Mami can predict the future.

Obelisk arc

The group had rested well from the pitstop. The group was all fired up to find Makoto's Group. They found another Pile of Rocks ahead of them. The pace became harder until Shirou hinted Akita to take a break. Everyone was spread out to rest. Suddenly they heard Ryouichi's yell. Ryouichi was pointing at a manmade object sticking out in the jungle. Everyone praised Ryouichi for his finding. Shirou thought it is the thing Makoto saw from the top of the mountain. The group quickly moved their pace until they reached the object. Shirou suggested the object is some kind of a monument. Next to the Tower they found a weird wing craved object. Rion found bags from Makoto's Group. Akira ordered his group to scout the area. They came back with empty hands. Akira showed Miina's Sketch Book to Shirou and Rion. They now knew the real Miina is with Makoto's Group. Akira opened the Sketch Book and found drawings from previous extinct animals they encounter throughout the island. Miina came and explained the real Miina's behaviour and her lifestyle to them. Shirou reviewed the Sketch Book again and found it odd, but he couldn't put his finger on it. The sun was down. They had no choice but to resume the search until next morning. At night the group discussed their missing friends. Kairi told stories about missing people.

The group splitted into smaller group and expanded their search. Shirou asked Yuki for her help about ancient ruins. They were standing in front of the monument when Akira interrupted their talk. They explained their theories about the "Obelisk" monument to Akira. This location has a special meaning. Takashi came back in a hurry. He explained that Rion's group is missing. The remaining search groups were recalled to Akira's position. Kanako's group were the last people to have seen Rion's Group before they disappeared. The group seemed afraid of the disappearing events. Akira and Yuki headed to Rion's last known position in the forest. Shirou was back at the wing craved object. He tried to find a connection between The Tower, the object and the missing people. The group stayed under the trees from the rain. Maya's Group was the last group to return and they didn't find Rion's Group either. Leaning against the tree Shirou used his Laptop to make a map around the Tower. He gazed at Mami looking for her premonition to start. Shirou had not idea what is happening to them. Asuka suggested they have been eaten by some part of the island. The group was not amused by the suggestion. Akira stepped up and calmed the group down.

Akira's search group (consist of Akira, Yuki and Shirou) headed out on their search. Shirou was suggesting they head to the forest to the west when they heard Kazunari Murayama's yell. They came to Kazunari's aid. Kazunari said that Maya's Group went missing in less than a minute. Koyomi Kanna hinted a shadow attacked them. The others arrived at the scene. Shirou reviewed Koyomi's hint and he looked at the Tower's shadow. Suddenly Shirou ordered everyone to freeze. Everyone was stunned by his demand. He confirmed Asuka's story and asked Akira to walk slowly toward him. Shirou told Akira about his plan. Everyone stood still while Shirou and Akira crawled around looking for something. Akira found it and drew a rectangle shape on the ground. He couldn't believe they found one. One by one Koyomi, Yuki and Kazunari walked out the rectangle. When the danger was over. Shirou revealed his plan to save the others. The group gathered materials for the rescue. Shirou hardly had time to explain the cause of the disappearing, but it's something that shouldn't be here in the jungle. Koyomi's hint helped him solved this mystery. The girls dropped sand into the rectangle until it moves. It appears the rectangle object was a revolving trapdoor. The boys blocked it with their logs. Shirou thought the trapdoor was meant for large animals. The wing object they found, originally blocked the trap, but Makoto's Group dug it out. The other groups fell in also. They heard voices inside and were relieved. They lowered some ropes down. Rion and the others climbed out. Back in camp the two groups met with each other. Shirou came to Akira's side and revealed they're more than one trapdoor hidden under the ground. He thought the trapdoors were protecting something from the Tower. But he thought most of the trapdoors became inactived by flooding. Shirou suggested they start digging around The Tower.

Shirou overheard the talking between Akira and Morita about building a base. He pointed out they didn't have much time left. Shirou calculated a third of the passengers had already died. They need a place to become the last fortress of humanity. He had a few questions for the real Miina. But she had lost her memory. Akira suggested they leave the trapdoor intact for future use. Shirou had no objection to it. Kanako's excavation group found something on the ground. They washed it off with water and revealed a statue's head. Shizuka Hatsuse carried it back to the wing rock object and suggested they are apart of a whole statue. Yuki recognised it as a statue from the Olmec Civilization. The group felt relieved since the statue came from their world.

Animal Battle arc

Akira, Shirou and Rion were eating when they were interrupted by Rei's yelling at Seigou Komiyama. Hideo Igarashi asked him to fetch some water. Shirou refused that and told him to get it himself. They quickly built the base a lot faster, thanks to Makoto's Group. Akira noticed they haven't seen any animals since they arrived here. Shirou pointed out the area was flooded once. The animals won't come here unless there's food nearby. Kanako came and told them they found another part of the statue. It revealed to be a hand part. Yuki moved the parts till they saw a statue. Rion recognised it as an angel and suggested a church nearby. Shirou didn't think so, compare of the depth and the structure.

Akira's excavation group heard something outside the fence. Titanis Walleris were chasing after Ryouichi and Yasunori. Akira noticed the birds were making human's sounds. Shirou suggested they rememeber it from their victims. Another group of animal was attacking the group. The Propleopuses jumped over the fence with ease. Shirou revealed the animals found food here and it's them. A Titanis broke Shirou's stick and grabbed Rion. Akira came along and freed Rion. They were losing the battle and Shirou noticed that. Akira left his position and left Rion, Yuki and Shirou behind. A smoke emerged inside the base. Akira recalled everyone to gather around him. While everyone was coughing from the smoke, the animals left the base. All the huts were burned down, so they had to sleep on the ground.

Shirou and the others noticed Akira hasn't been back yet and they all started to worry about him. Takashi tried to stop the group from leaving. Even Shirou wanted to find Akira. Shirou and the others headed toward the entrance and found Maya and Akira on Seigou's back. They told them about the Proplepus' attack and how they escaped. The group was surrounded by three different predators. Shirou pointed out they needed supplies in order to survive. Shuu and Asuka headed toward the river for supplies,

They gathered near the fence while waiting for Shuu and Asuka to return. On the horizon they only saw Asuka. She recalled the event at the river. They retraced her steps to the river and found a pool of blood. From the belongings they knew it's Shuu. Akira ordered his group to head back. At night Asuka revealed Shuu's last moment to them. Momoka Kirino wished Asuka's death instead of Shuu's. Shirou warned Akira about an unseen enemy within. Kanako felt ill and Shirou knew it would happen to them. The Titanis Wallerises came closer and closer to them. Shirou thought they are running out of time. He was near Rion's bed when he hears Asuka's singing. Everyone spirits were lifted up by her song. Akira asked Shirou if they could beat the trio animals. They needed to do something before they ran out of supplies. Everyone pitched in their suggestions, but it won't work. He listened as the real Miina tells about the Proplepus, Smilodon and Titanis Walleri's weaknesses. Akira asked Shirou to check it on his Laptop. Shirou couldn't find the weaknesses anywhere. Akira noticed Kazunari's absence. Shirou and the group stayed behind as Akira, Aya Tokiwa searched for Kazunari.

Shirou and the group ran for their lives when the Proplepuses came and attacked the base. The base is overrun by the animals. Akira came back and ordered everyone to follow him. The group followed Akira until Shirou recognised the spot where they were heading toward. He knew what Akira is trying to do. At the last second Akira ordered everyone to lie down. The Proplepuses jumped past them. The whole ground started to turn and swallowed Akira and the Proplepuses into the abyss. Shirou didn't think the trapdoor would someday come in handy like Akira predicted it. They were saved and they pulled Akira up the hole.

Shirou and the group resumed their excavation duty. They had been digging for a week and they hadn't found something yet. Akira knew there's got to be something here. If they found it, then they might know where they are and even a way home. Akira, Shirou and Rion noticed the two Miinas running around. Shirou talked about the real Miina's amnesia and her knowledge of the extinct animals. Shirou stopped his work after the Miinas started chasing around Akira. They left after Akira hit Miina's head. Yuki came and told them her group found something at the Tower. Yuki's group uncovered a plate at the base of the Tower. Shirou and the others came to see it. They washed it off with water. Shirou recognised the letters in english. Slowly they read Miina Isurugi's name on the plate. They were stunned by the revealing. The group demanded answer from her, but she had none. Luckly Shirou defended her as not the culprit. He was having a hard time reading the second line.

Akira ordered everyone to gather around at the Tower. Shirou pointed out to the group if they want to leave the island. According to him, they have lived on the island for 2 months. They hadn't seen any search rescue teams. Almost half of the passengers already died on the island. With the help of their new friends from other groups, Akira was trying to gather all the pieces of information together since they arrive on the island. Each person told their version of their perspective on the plane. Shirou showed everyone on his laptop a route of their flight. Everyone but Makoto's Group knew they were on an unknown island. Shirou pointed out that the extinct animals came from various eras. Everyone was stunned by that fact. He gave Meganeura and Arctodus Simus as an example. Shirou suggested the island is a zoo. All the fruits they encountered on the island, is edible. The group talked about the man-made structures like the Tower and the rockstone faces inside the Limestone Cavern. Rion told everyone the odd that they survive from a plane crash, is strange. It reminded Seigou about his private chat with the pilot. Makoto suggested during the landing the pilot saw the entire island and thought they need to leave before it was too late. Ryouichi freaked out. Akira tried to calm him down until they heard Kanako's stomach noise. Apparently she was hungry. Since it had been a long day. They set out and found fishes by the river. Shirou was eating a cooked Triadobatrachus. The group listened as Rion gave a speech how they have changed since they have been on the island. Everyone gave themselves a goal if they ever returned to Japan.

Pyramid arc

Shirou was sitting alone working on his Laptop when Akira came to ask him what he was doing. Shirou explained he found something interesting by using Makoto's Video Camera. He explorated the landscapes at the Cursed Mountains' video and his own map and using them together he mapped out the whole island. Shirou said that he is sure that the Tower has a special meaning around here.

At night the girls decided to take a bath and after they came back, they brought Junichi Mutou and Daigo Yashiro with them. Akira tried to get answers from them, but no avail. During the night Junichi and Daigo freed themselves, after which Shirou and the group caught them standing near the relic. They held Miina hostage and left the base, but they were tailed by another Miina and brought back again to the base by Rei. That was when Daigo finally revealed where they came from. He recalled the event his group after the incident that led them to the Pyramid and told them about Takashi Nishikiori and his evil deeds. After hearing this Akira asked his group who will join his party to the Pyramid and everyone volunteered, including Shirou. The next day Akira chose his members by random straws again. Shirou wasn't chosen, but after that Shirou came to Akira's tent and they talked about the Tower and the Pyramid and lastly the base. Before they left, Akira appointed Shirou to be the acting leader of the group.

While the Akira's Pyramid Party was away, Shirou gave an encouraging speech to the group. Shirou, Seigou and Hideo were working on the excavation site where they saw Rion, Rei and Maya are arguing about something.

A welcome party was sent to intercept Akira's Pyramid Party when someone saw them coming in. Shirou was standing between Koyomi and Hideo when Akira manages to locate him. He was great to see Akira uninjured. After being said, Shirou asked him about the Pyramid. Akira has great news for him. Shirou warned Akira's Pyramid Party to be prepared of their own discovery.

Failed Experiment arc

Showdown arc

Operation arc

Tower of Death arc


While not very physical, Shirou more than makes up for it with his high intelligence. He is extremely knowledgeable in various fields of science, especially prehistoric creatures and extinct animals, which makes him an asset to his friends and comrades. His knowledge is not limited to just prehistory and its wildlife and fauna; he is knowledgeable in world history and historical figures, etc. He is very analytical and observant with a great memory, able to recall even subtle or seemingly-insignificant pieces of information, and he stores all the information he comes across in his laptop computer, which has a Foot Pump Charger to keep it charged so it doesn't run out of power. Shirou knows numerous different survival techniques and other information on an overall basis. He is so smart that since elementary school, he has dominated the top rankings in his class and was also ranked the smartest student for nine years in the row being considered the schools prodigy because of this.


  • (To Akira Sengoku) "We're stuck here forever on this strange island never able to return home. Not needing to go to school, not even needing alarm clocks. Doing whatever one wants, however much one pleases. That's where we're at right now. Just like... beast that have been set free from their cages. What would you do in such a world?'"
  • (To Akira Sengoku) "Truthfully you did overdo it. That fellow does have a point, you've incurred everyone's wrath. However it can also be undone. It's simple Akira... you just have to become everyone's salvation. Each and every person we encounter from now on. You're the only one who can decide what you're going to do Akira. Just make sure it isn't something you'll regret later..'."
  • (To Yuki Sakuma) '"Akira has overcome similar dangers and accomplished the impossible nomerous times already. Always in front, guiding the way... He's our leader !!"
  • (Whilst stopping Kouhei Arita) " It was out of character for me to do something stupid like block you physically. But actualy ... it felt kind of good."
  • (To Kawai and Fujimoto) "Hrmph ! I've always wanted to hit one for a long time. The life form knows as a teacher."
  • (Thinking) " It was a mistake to rely on that fool Takashi. It's my fault. I should have gone along with them."
  • (Thinking) "It's been just over a month since I started making this map, I thought I'd at least be able to get a general idea about the island but .. How far does this island stretch!? Now that she mentions it, it's true... In a survival situation, finding food is normally the biggest challenge... And yet since coming here, we haven't even come close to starving to death. Why are there so many fruits suitable for human consumption everywhere ? Why is this island filled with animals thought to be extinct..? Why isn't help coming .. ? Where the hell are we ...!?"
  • (Thinking) "...Akira... I was always alone. But I never felt unsatisfied with it. I didn't think I needed friends who couldn't talk on the same level as me, and more importantly, it was much easier to do things alone. But then sometimes I would think to myself... 'Are things really alright like this...?' Whenever that thought popped into my mind, there would always be one guy who I was looking at. Unlike me, that guy was always surrounded by a lot of people, laughing while being the center of the group. I would always think the same thing. While watching the face of that guy enjoying himself, ahh... If I could redo my life, that kind of lifestyle might not be so bad."
  • (Thinking) "I bet everyone's shocked... it's not surprise though... The number one student, Shirou Mariya... that's what everyone thinks of me. A calm person who can deal with things without any personal feelings... That's who I thought I was all this time too... But recently, something's been strange... Each time I look at one of my friends demise, somehow it's like a complicated feeling overcomes me. Back then too... I don't remember saying anything wrong, because there's no point in risking our survival with such an unreasonable danger... But when I said that, there was this feeling that I can't explain. And the person who taught me what that feeling meant... was you... Zaji! I know that you were right. That feeling I couldn't explain was... was exactly what you had put into words... The reason I got serious... was because I couldn't understand why you could do such a thing when you and I were meant to be exact opposites... But I finally understood after what Maya told us. Hey Zaji, I've also... I've also lost something important to me. I've experienced that grief and pain... That's right, I was the same... I just convinced myself of something else... I hid under the title of being an excellent student and lied to my feelings. That's right. I really can't believe it myself either, but... I guess I wanted to do something completely unreasonable like this. Which is why... Why I feel so good right now. Because I'm positive that this is the real Shirou Mariya!!"
  • (To Akira Sengoku) "...It's fine. Zaji died protecting me... I can't even pay him back anymore... So... I will change. I have to...!"


  • It seems that Shirou has some anger at certain teachers, when he states in chapter 40 that he had "always wanted to punch a teacher"
  • Shirou came in first with 6 votes during the girl's popularity contest, but it seemed that it was planned by the girls.

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