Rion Akagami
赤神 りおん

May 27th


15 Years Old


Female Female

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color







Blood type O

Measurements: 90-56-88




3rd Year, Class 1


Gymnastics Club





Personal Status

Cleaning one's ears
Akira Sengoku



First Appearance

Manga: Chapter 1

Rion Akagami (赤神 りおん, Akagami Rion) the main female protagonist of the series is a strong, determined girl who used to be the star of the gymnastics club. She is Akira Sengoku’s childhood friend and is rather popular amongst many of the character throughout the series.


Rion's Character design

Rion's Character design

Rion Akagami is of relatively normal height. She has long dark brown hair that extends to the low area of her waist, while also being tied up with two orange-yellowish ribbons, both of them have a strand of hair going through the ribbon. The ribbons are located on both the left and right side of her head. She has large brown eyes and thin dark brown eyebrows. Rion is an extremely attractive girl who has earned the number one school idol as her title thanks to her looks. She's known for having large ample breasts, especially for her age. She wears the normal school uniform for females, long-sleeved white top with a dark blue collar and dark blue ends at the sleeves. She also wears a long red ribbon that extends to her dark blue mini skirt. She also has large dark blue socks with a white line on both her left and right sock near the top of it. Her shoes are the same as the school ones except are coloured a lighter brown.


Rion is an outgoing character who gets along with many others. She shows to be a cheerful girl around others and is simply a typical female. She hates seeing perverted things, especially when Akira does a perverted act where she usually punishes him in some way. She has been shown to try just as hard as everyone else when she needs to and has shown prevalent abilities and determination. She easily gets along with people and despite sometimes getting angry over certain subjects, she likes to see others being cheerful like her. She has also been seen getting extremely angry over some of Akira's actions, especially ones that prompt jealousy from her.

She has been shown to have a lingering affection towards Akira and gets frustrated when others get close to him or he helps them despite not needing to which more than likely causes jealousy. She has been prone to hit people and she's also slightly curious about whether or not other people like Akira the same way she does, as seen when she wanted to talk to Yuki Sakuma about the second vote. She has been shown to fancy the whole idea of falling in love and as she's childhood friends with Akira, she cherishes him dearly.

When Kanako Oomori had gotten kidnapped when Rion had shown to exert herself thinking it was her fault for not being able to do more to protect Kanako. She blamed herself, causing her to be the one who took the lead and try and find Kanako at first. She also worries a lot about whether her friends are in danger or not. She is a quick thinker, able to understand how people think and turn it against them.


When Rion and Akira were young, Rion ran away from home out of anger when her father broke a promise to take her to an amusement park. Akira found her, but she refused to go home and they found an abandoned car, where they played for hours, until a sudden storm prevented them from leaving. This caused Rion to feel guilty for running away from home and worrying her parents. When she tried to leave, the wind blew away her hair ornaments. Akira used two ribbons he found in the car to tie up her hair to stop her from crying, creating her current hairstyle. They fell asleep in the car and returned home the following morning only to get scolded for running away. Before Akira left, Rion said she planned on keep her current look, and asked if he would like to marry her, but on the condition that he would always find her.

When going to school, Rion was known as the school's number one idol during the year and she was also the star student of the gymnastics club. She was a very popular student and was seen usually hanging out with Akira and Kouhei Arita. Rion is Akira's childhood friend and thus she knows a lot of things about him. She used to visit Akira's house to help him with his studies and came over every morning.


Wonderful World arc

Rion's introduction

Rion's introduction

Rion first appears in one of Makoto Morita's many perverted videos from the trip to Guam. She was playing beach volleyball in Guam. On the plane trip back to Guam, she sees the boys trying to grab a video camera Akira was keeping away from them, where she proceeds to jump and grab the camera where she curiously looks at the video. Noticing it was a perverted video of the girls time at the beach, including herself, she quickly got mad at Akira for a being pervert as his friends run off. Lecturing him for being indecent, she tells him it's fine for her to just see him when she wants as they're childhood friends. She also states that on request of Akira's Mother she had to take care of him on the field trip. Sitting next to him on the plane trip, she looks at Akira's souvenirs and states how she can predict everything about him, noticing how he was trying to ask the storekeeper in his broken English. Soon enough, Kouhei arrives and Rion remarks how popular he is, unlike Akira. As Kouhei and Akira talk about what Akira was going to do with Rion during the trip to Guam yet didn't, Rion curiously asks what they're talking about.
Sengoku and Rion trying to grab hands

Akira and Rion trying to grab hands

As Akira states that the world will never change, she begins to giggle at the idea of Akira making a poem also attempting to stop him from stamping on Kouhei who was laughing hysterically himself. As Shirou Mariya tells them to be quiet and corrects one of Akira's mistakes, she just stares blankly listening. During the time where the plane began to violently shake she was separated from Akira and alone with only a few people scattered around her on the planes floor. As she sees Akira, she reaches her hand out to his as a giant illusion-like beak passes through the planes walls and bites down consuming Rion. This is where she had blanked out.
Rion crying over Sengoku's disappearance

Rion crying over Akira's disappearance

Upon arriving on the island, she regained consciousness on the plane perfectly fine without injuries. Despite her helping her friends, she was awfully down as he was missing and despite their searching the previous days, they have yet to see him. She was with her friend, Katsuragi and an Akira's Friend as they talked about how people - including Akira were missing. However, they were soon interrupted by Kouhei who began shouting how they made contact with the radio where Rion and her friend hug in joy. That night, the group at the plane created a massive bonfire in an attempt to grab the search parties attention. This was where Rion was filmed crying for Akira. Seeing Makoto filming her, she angrily slapped him telling him that he's got a horrible hobby. Although, she understands why he was filming, so everyone can see what had happened on the island. Soon enough, she wanted to film herself, however the idea was rejected by Makoto, despite Rion's pleas.
Schermafbeelding 2011-11-03 om 21.30.35

Rion confronting Andrewsarchus

A moment later a scream was heard near Rion, as she turned around she saw Miyazaki getting eaten by an Andrewsarchus, with numerous other Andrewsarchus following behind and attacking other passengers. Screaming, she fled back to the plane climbing the escape chute and making her way inside the plane. She felt lost when some people were killed by the animals. She was immediately crying as someone closed the door stopping the Andrewsarchus from entering. Hearing with Kouhei an argument at the cockpit the pair went to take a look with Katsuragi and Makoto following behind. When she and the others saw the radio was completely wrecked and help wasn't coming for them, she looked as someone stabbed the pilot Masaru Tsuchiya.

As everyone headed off, she came to the pilot's aid and told Makoto to get a teacher's help. She told him to hang on and wait for someone to help him, however a panic quickly broke out and Makoto and Rion were separated. Instead, Rion had obtained the camera and began watching and filming the ensuing panic and aggression. She walked through the planes halls possibly looking for someone to help the pilot, however all she saw was fighting including Aya Tokiwa cutting someone, Akira's friends hallowing in money, girls fighting, Kouhei doing nothing and even Motoko Kurusu about to be raped by two students. Soon after Motoko's depature after being saved by Kouichi Yarai she turned around and returned to the cockpit to help Masaru. As his condition begins to take a turn for the worst, she runs over to him where he proceeds to grab her ribbon and tell her to hide somewhere safe. From there, she headed to ceiling nap room to hide from the fighting and danger. On the same night she stayed in this room where she felt a huge earthquake cause by the Megatherium Americanum, yet didn't know that it was caused by the animals as she locked herself in the room. She was hiding under her blankets the entire time.

Schermafbeelding 2011-11-03 om 19.12.07

Rion noticing Akira in the room

The next morning, she heard the door to the ceiling nap room break down and Akira calling her name out. Removing the blankets cloaking herself, she jumped out from her hiding place and hugged Akira very tightly pouncing at him. She was tearfully crying of happiness that they have reunited, not even noticing Kanako and Shirou who was watching them. When she saw the two, she immediately got up flustered. She nods when Shirou asks about the content of the video, as the four regroup outside after burying the pilot’s body. She told Akira, Shirou and Kanako what had happened after they landed on the island and the events after, which in reality she showed how much she was actually scared to be with them, contrary to the fact that she originally thought she could deal with the situation because she was with others. She also explains that she felt an earthquake around the plane, which is probably why everyone evacuated. After Akira, Shirou and Kanako say there wasn't an earthquake, Rion still argues that there was one.
Schermafbeelding 2011-11-03 om 21.38.28

Rion preparing food for everyone

After the talk was completed, she headed to the kitchen where she proceeded to cut the available fruit from the first class room. As she does so, she was about to tell Akira how she could do this herself with ease, however as she sees Akira stuffing his mouth with the fruits, she angrily shouts at him as he runs off telling him he's a nuisance and also comparing him to a hamster. Later on during the later part of the day, Kanako's skirt was torn, so Rion began helping her sew it back together. Kanako asked her if Akira and she were in a relationship because of their warming reunion. She quickly denies this, stating that they're just childhood friends and also requested her not to bring up their reunion as it was rather embarrassing. She had also finished sewing Kanako's skirt and began working on Akira's jacket. At the same time, she began insulting
Rion Sewing with Jealousy

Rion sewing with jealousy

Akira on reasons why she wouldn't like him, however as she done so, Kanako was quick to defend Akira which caused Rion to be suspicious and asked what had happened when Akira had peeked on Kanako, only for Kanako to say that she never said anything like that whilst blushing madly which caused Rion to ignite in jealousy. As Shirou came into the room and asked the girls if they have seen Akira around, she immediately asked him what he had wanted angrily. They searched the plane from top to bottom as well as outside as the night began to draw in. Rion suggested they should check outside once more for him, however the idea was rejected as it would be too dangerous if the Andrewsarchus came back to the plane again. Before Rion can say anymore the plane began to shake violently because of an attack from the Megatherium Americanum. The violent plane caused the three to be sent flying inside the plane with even Rion and Kanako crashing into each other. Soon, Rion, Shirou and Kanako turned their eyes at the side windows only to see a giant eye looking back at them. The Megatherium's tongue quickly started probing the inside the plane almost grabbing Rion, however Kanako quickly warned her allowing her to avoid the tongue. She could only watch as the violent shakes knock Kanako unconscious and then cause a
Rion and Oomori pouring water as protection

Rion and Kanako pouring water as protection

flying suitcase to knock out Shirou. Holding the two closely to her, she hoped for Akira to quickly arrive and help them. Suddenly there was an explosion and the tremors stopped. Immediately looking outside the planes door, she saw the Megatherium fleeing back into the jungle and she also saw Akira as well as fire. Getting a brief explanation of what had happened, she passes everyone luggage and bags to Akira as she headed back to Shirou and Kanako getting them to regain their conscious and trying to hurry them off the plane. She was glad the two were fine and as Kanako devised a plan for them to escape, Rion states that compared to the animals, the fire won't be nothing. She, Kanako and Shirou quickly tipped bottles of water on top of themselves to protect them from the fire whilst they quickly make their way to the cockpit as Kanako had planned by crawling through the passageway shrugging off all the fire around them.

Shirou and Rion helping Kanako opening the door

Realizing the cockpit was blocked off, she tried to force the cargo blocking their way to the cockpit however it was inevitable. Following Kanako to the cargo room, the three head to the last component of the cargo room - the bulk cargo room which had the only manual door on the plane. Rion remarked how hot the room was, considering it was similar to an oven with a fire both above and below them. As she sees the door, she quickly went to open it only for Kanako to stop her. After Kanako put her jacket on the handle, she tried to open it up, however it wouldn't move. Rion and Shirou quickly aid her and with the three strength, as well as Akira who was outside trying to open the door, they opened it and made their way outside of the plane and to a safe distance from the burning plane as they regrouped. She asks Akira what he was doing near the bulk cargo room as she hands him a spare shirt at the same time. She then asks where he had been when missing, too. As Hades laughter interrupts everyone, he begins to inform Akira that he was the one who destroyed everyone's "hope" that they had placed into the plane. With the plane destroyed, everyone hope that they could leave the island with that plane was now gone. Rion is quick to defend Akira, stating he had no other choice and quickly tried to encourage Akira. As Shirou states that what Hades said was true, but rather they should embrace it and move forward, Rion quickly tells Shirou not to believe what Hades and said as she puts her arms around Akira. With Akira proceeding to get up, she takes her own belongings and heads into the jungle to find a campsite for the night following Akira with Kanako and Shirou.

Raft arc

At the start of the group travelling towards the beach, Rion asked Akira to slow down considering Shirou and Kanako couldn't keep up with Akira's pace with Rion stating they can have some patience in the matter. As they arrive on the beach, Rion comments that the sand is pure white as they find Kazuma Saji. She seemed nervous as Akira introduced his group, so Rion had whispered to Kanako about Kazuma being a delinquent with nasty, perverted thoughts. As Kazuma claimed he was building a Raft, Rion was shocked at the idea. She also questioned where would they escape to, even if they finished the raft. When Kazuma tells them to look at the ocean, Rion done so and was amazed at another island appearing. She states that the island couldn't be as horrible as this island whilst smiling. She, as do Akira, Shirou and Kanako agree with the idea to help build the raft. As Akira is about to shake hands with Kazuma, Kazuma quickly flips up her and Kanako's skirt where she blushes and comments how he's definitely a delinquent.

Rion telling Akira to be careful

Rion telling Akira to be careful

Soon after, Masakazu Yoshimoto, Masanori Tanaka and Mina Mukouda arrive with wood and other materials. Rion simply sat with the rest of the group as Shirou explains about the Andrewsarchus being an extinct animal as everyone moves onto help complete the raft. As they begin to run out of materials, Kazuma grabs Rion and Kanako and states they're in a group. She shouts at Akira in desperation for him to join them before they went off together. In the end Akira, Rion and Kazuma headed out as a group. With Akira and Kazuma arguing, Rion sighs and tells them to knock it off as they go further into the forest. As the smell hits in, Rion comments how it's a horrible odor as Kazuma forces them to hide into a tree. Rion and the others soon saw a Meiolania walking past only to get devoured by an Andrewsarchus. As soon as Rion sees the Andrewsarchus she held her mouth to make sure she wouldn't scream. Seeing it easily crush the Meiolania's shell, Rion quickly states that the others don't know about it being close to the area as she clung to Akira's shoulder. They hastily made their way back to the beach to inform about the Andrewsarchus roaming close to the area. As they arrived back, Rion started working on the raft once again, depressed at the fact that it's the same no matter where they go with dangerous animals around able to kill them.
Rion trapped by an Ambulocetus

Rion trapped by an Ambulocetus

During the chat with everyone about what to do against the Andrewsarchus, right after it Masanori came up to Rion stating how it must have been difficult for her to be alone working with Akira for so long. Rion didn't say anything, having an odd expression as he begins to insult Akira jokingly. She again watches as Masanori takes off his jacket and offers it to Rion where she says that kind of thing is bad, whilst he replies that it'd be bad if she hurt her hand. As Akira takes off his jacket, Rion also tells Akira to stop it only for Mina to take away Masanori. Soon after, she heard a scream from the forest. As Akira and Kazuma head out to see what had happened, she shouts Akira's name and tells him to be careful whilst shaking in fear.

Soon enough, Akira returned with the rest of the group and an Andrewsarchus chasing them, soon on their backs. Rion quickly made her way into the ocean, screaming Akira's name and told him to hurry up so he wouldn't be hurt by the monstrous animal. She, Shirou and Kanako were in the ocean together calling their names as an Ambulocetus jumped right out from under Rion from the water, sending her flying onto the beach. With the Ambulocetus right on top of her, Rion is sent flying by the monster into the ocean. When swimming away from the Ambulocetus meters under water, she avoids the first strike as the Ambulocetus bites into her ribbon tearing it off her collar.

Bitten by an Ambulocetus

Rion bitten by an Ambulocetus

Soon enough, the Ambulocetus disappeared from Rion's sight and she remained relatively unarmed. As she was about to head up from under the water, the ancient animal bites shoulder and right breast from above and behind her. As Rion is bitten, she gasps for air yet remained under water. The Ambulocetus brought her back to the oceans floor about to finish her off, yet Akira had arrived on the scene swimming towards the unconscious Rion and ancient animal.
Schermafbeelding 2011-10-09 om 21.51.44

Rion awakening in Akira's arms

Standing on Rion so she wouldn't float to the surface, the Ambulocetus was about to strike Akira until he rips its whiskers off and Rion begins to float up to the surface. After arriving at the surface of the ocean, she wouldn't regain consciousness and was unable to reply to Akira's cries. Rion wasn't breathing and blood soon began to seep from her bite wound. She was soon dragged back on the beach where Akira speculates what to do with Rion. Unable to regain consciousness, Akira directly gives her CPR forcing breath into her mouth, however Rion was unable to reply. Trying it once again, she spits out all the water she had swallowed and eventually regains consciousness, smiling at Akira who had saved her. The next morning they decide to head away from the beach to find a place to heal Rion as the salty air would be dangerous for a person’s body.

Epidemic arc

Rion's wound healing

Rion's wound healing

Three days had passed and the group had found a small cave to be within, where Rion's wound had healed up quite a bit despite leaving behind a scar from the Ambulocetus' teeth. She thanks Kanako for helping her, stating it would be bad if it left a permanent scar, however Kanako states it wasn't deep and wouldn't be noticeable later on. Rion begins to think that it'll be okay in that case, where Kanako states that Akira wouldn´t mind the scar. Rion quickly gets mad for that comment and states she doesn't plan to show him. Later that night, Rion wonders if it's fine to be eating the Berries that Akira and the others were eating, yet also states that the berries smell too intense for her liking and refused to eat the berries. She quickly got excited as Shirou explained that the cave is an ideal refuge place to settle in.
Rion clohes being ripped

Rion's clothes getting ripped

The next morning Rion was staring outside in front of the lake, simply gazing off into the distance. She stated it was good that everyone was so enthusiastic, but she was truly thinking about their missing friends. Akira reassured her that they will someday see them where Rion states they are on the same island after all. Rion soon confesses that the Ambulocetus' bite will probably leave a scar where she was going to ask him another question, but before she could finish, the pair heard a scream near the cave. Motoko was surrounded by a group of Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis. She was relieved to see Akira and Rion quickly hugging the two and stating she will keep them safe. The rest of Akira's group quickly go to meet Motoko, soon followed by Kouichi stepping on the berries as he comes out from the bush where Rion seemed shocked at Kouichi's appearance. Soon after, [:Category:Kouichi's Group|Kouichi's Group]] followed Kouichi and Motoko where Rion and the rest of Akira's group weren't too excited to see them. Rion quickly hides behind Akira's arm, ignoring Ono's comment about him being lucky to have her with him. Soon enough, Kouichi's group began to ransack the cave looking through the food and items that Akira and the rest tried hard to get. Rion was quickly embarrassed at Ono going through their bag and soon playing with their bra. As Akira stops Ono from intruding Rion's stuff, he is slammed against the wall where Rion shouts his name. Soon enough, Mikoshiba, Itou and Ono begin to offer and grab Kouichi food at his demand, stopping any fighting from breaking out.

Later that day, Rion came out the cave and informed Akira that Kanako was looking for him. As Akira complained that she was overdoing it, Rion states she's fine and tells him not to worry, however as Kouichi overheard Rion's wound, he torn her uniform off likely to see the wound itself. She screamed and was extremely flustered as Kouichi done this, falling to the floor holding up her shirt. After Akira punches Kouichi in the face, Motoko soon arrives asking her if she's fine and has another pair of clothes where Rion states she does. She begins wearing Akira's jacket to cover up her back as Motoko tells Rion that Kouichi isn't a bad kid.

The next morning, Rion is seen with her arm around her cast like Kouichi had suggested her to do when he had ripped off her top. As Akira states he doesn't think Kouichi is a bad person, Rion quickly agrees with him saying that it's thanks to his advice that her arm will heal properly. When Motoko walks over to them, Rion smiles listening to Motoko. Rion sympathized with Motoko and soon after she finished, felt extremely determined to get back home together with everyone else. She with the rest of Akira's group state their determination, they turn to Motoko only to notice she suddenly collapsed.

Rion was shocked at Motoko sudden collapsing and rushed over to her. Moving Motoko back onto a bed in the camp, she is the first to notice how Motoko's eyes had become redder and redder. As Kouichi soon orders Akira's group to get out, Rion objects however abides as Akira tells everyone else to. Soon enough Kanako and Rion began bathing and washing their clothes together as the guys hid behind a rock whilst they do so. She began complaining about Kouichi's attitude, where Akira states that he done it purposely so that they'd get out of the cave and not get the same symptoms. Rion soon felt bad for what she said as she understood in reality, Kouichi was doing it to keep them safe. After Shirou contracted the same symptoms as the people in Kouichi's group, everyone else moved back to the cave. She also complained at the Nemegtbaatar once again stealing the berries as food.

The only uninfected

Rion now the only one uninfected

She was immediately shocked like everyone else as Ono got up, his eyes seeping and boiling with blood as he soon collapses. When Kouichi goes to check his pulse, she waited anxiously only to be told he was dead. Calming down after his death, she sees Kazuma soon collapse and show infection and as Kouichi and Akira arrive back from burying Ono's body - Akira was also infected. She was shocked at Akira being infected, quickly rushing over towards him. As Kazuma says they're going to die, she stated that wasn't going to happen as she soon after helps Akira down on a bed, saying she'll be close by if he needs help.

Rion hugging Akira

The next morning Rion informed Akira that Kouichi had left the cave and gone missing. She couldn´t find him nearby the cave, saying her and Kanako had searched everywhere for him. She asks Akira whether Kouichi had abandoned everyone else or not only to see Kanako collapse with the same symptoms as everyone else soon after. Putting Kanako on a bed, Rion remained the only one uninfected as she sat in the middle of everyone looking after them. Soon after, Rion finds Akira sitting outside near the lake. As she touches him, Akira runs forward away from her telling her to run away and that she should be the one to survive as she would have a high chance of not getting infected from the epidemic away from everyone else. Rion quickly moves forward hugging Akira and says that she's been looking after him all this time not just for his sake, but also because she wanted to so she won't run away and leave him behind, they're going to be together forever. Continuing to hug him, the docile Arsinoitherium soon woke up and made its way too the water only to begin drowning in the lake. Rion states how awful it is considering how worried Shirou was for the Arsinoitherium. As Akira started to understand how the disease came to be, he asks Rion to help him out with this.
Rion heading off

Rion heading off to help Akira

Akira explains why the animal was so docile, despite being labelled as an aggressive animal and states that the reason it was docile was because it has the exact same disease and also the reason why Rion was safe was because the berries were the cause of the disease. Rion quickly realizes this as well, moving back to the cave and begin using Shirou´s laptop. Akira and Rion quickly realize the Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis were eating the berries the entire time and had yet to contract the disease. Realizing this, she watches as Akira takes it on himself to find one of the Nemegtbaatar and find out why they're safe from the disease. Rion throws off her bandage wrapped around her arm in the air and tells Akira that she and him will save everyone else.

Rion trying to capture a Nemegtbaatar

Rion trying to capture a Nemegtbaatar

Working together, Rion began climbing different trees and sneaking up against the Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis in an attempt to capture one. The sun began to fall and she realized time was quickly running out and at this rate, many others will die. Rion was determined to save her friends and as her and Akira keep working together, she notices Akira's eyes began getting worse and worse. Almost capturing its tail, she and Akira follow it to a heard of Arsinoitherium. The capture of the animal led them to a herd of Arsinoitherium Realizing the one at the lake must have strayed away, she and Akira approach one, touching its horn only for her to be pushed aside and Akira sent flying through the air from the violent animal. Screaming Akira's name, she moves towards him, holding him as the Arsinoitherium begin fighting each other around them. Wondering why they were still violent, she and Akira soon realize it was because they were eating a bunch of White Flowers with the berries neutralizing the red berries effects. Taking their chances with that being the cure, they decide to take some only for an Arsinoitherium charging towards them, Rion takes the opportunity to shield Akira however, it was still easily going to stomp them to death. As it's about to approach them, Kouichi saved Akira and Rion just in time by flicking coins into its eyes and joints.
Schermafbeelding 2011-10-09 om 22.15.05

Rion forcing Akira to swallow the white flowers

Making her way to the white flowers, she grabbed a bunch and headed back over to Akira and Kouichi, shouting at Akira that he'll be alright if he takes some. However, as she tries to give Akira some, she soon realized he had already fallen into unconsciousness by the disease. She and Kouichi began avoiding the Arsinoitherium unsure how to feed an unconscious person the cure. As Kouichi began to find it difficult to continue avoiding them, Rion threw some of the flowers into her mouth and began to forcefully chew the white flowers. As she does so, she grabs Akira and tackles him to the floor where she spits it in his mouth allowing him to easily swallow it. As she done so, she wondered if he had successfully drunk it as her questions are soon confirmed by Akira awakening from his unconscious state. Heading back to the cave they notice Itou and Mikoshiba had died during their absence. Noticing no one was able to swallow the cure in their state, Rion began to mash the cure for them to more easily swallow the flowers. Feeding it to each alive person, they successfully cured the remaining people and Rion was soon seen sleeping afterwards. The next morning, she was seen perfectly fine and ready to head off too.

Adult Camp arc

Rion frantically looking for Akira and Oomori

Rion frantically looking for Akira and Kanako

Akira's Group had been wandering through the jungle for two days looking for other people, during the night Shirou had stated that most of them had probably died where Rion angrily shouts his name. She was seen smiling at Kanako and Shirou as Akira noticed a sand cloud approaching them. As Rion and the rest of the group were caught up in the middle of the stampede from the herd of Entelodon, she noticed an Enteledon snarl at them. After the chaos Shirou, Kazuma and Rion were unable to find Akira and Kanako anywhere as they had run off. Rion was frantically running around in circles wondering where the pair had run off too. Shirou warned Rion about the Entelodonts in the nearby area, where she continued to just panic. Rion had earlier tied Kazuma up a tree after his actions had caused Akira to momentarily leave the group with Kanako. As Kazuma complains and states they're going too slowly, Rion shouts at him saying it's his fault they even got separated. Soon after, Kazuma states that Akira will hurt Kanako if they don't hurry. Rion soon realized Akira is a lecherous, perverted person and he had once accidentally peeped on Kanako. Holding her hands to the chest, she begins thinking how she believes in Akira.
Taken Hostage

Rion, Shirou and Kazuma taken hostage

The next day they were caught and surrounded by Shinzou Karino's men who were holding weapons up to them. The three were quickly brought to Miina Isurugi's camp where Akira and Kanako were. Rion soon realized they were talking about Akira when they were shouting at a kid to hurry and help them. Wondering who the old man is she was soon told by Shirou that the men had blood all over their clothes. Noticing this blood, Rion couldn't comprehend the situation and wondered if Akira was alright. As the men gather around a bush, Rion screams Akira's name only to be muffled by Shinzou's
Akira's group confronting Karino's

Akira's group confronting Shinzou's

hands. As Akira wasn't found in the bush, Rion smiles in relief. Soon enough, Shinzou threats to kill Rion, Shirou and Kazuma if Akira wouldn't surrender himself where Rion is brought to the floor and a piece of spiked wood is brought to her neck by Shinzou. Right after Akira surrenders, she was surprised as Kazuma pushes one man into another allowing Shirou, Kazuma and Rion to break free from the men and meet up with Akira where Rion is seen jumping at him in joy as she undone the rope binding her arms. Kanako came out of her hiding place too, running over to Akira and the rest where Rion looks forward when Akira states these people are his precious friends.

As Akira's group were surrounded by all the men in Shinzou's, Akira comes up with a plan for him and Kazuma to make an opening for them where Rion will proceed to take Kanako and Shirou out of the place. Rion states that it's absurd to try something like that. Shirou pointed out a sand cloud in the jungle where a herd of Entelodon began charging toward them. The Entelodons caused chaos amongst the men which stopped them from surrounding Akira's group, giving them an opening to escape which Rion smiles as she begins to run with everyone else. She was shocked at Karino holding Kanako hostage, only to be the first to see a herd of Hyaenodon arrived into the scene and started to easily destroy the Entelodon and the man apart of Shinzou's group. She screams at the animal as she notices Kanako being freed where Rion is the first to rush over to her. A Hyaenodon quickly headed towards Akira's Group where Rion screams with Kanako as Akira hits the Hyaenodon with his Axe. Rion was surprised to see Akira stop the animal in its tracks as she nods when given the order to get out of here. Later, Akira's Group escape the scene and find Miina where Rion was surprised at her arriving on the scene. As Miina begins revealing her secret by pulling off her shirt and skirt, Rion covers Akira's eyes assuming it was a girl until Miina was fully naked. She was stunned like everyone else that Miina news. Miina revealed his plan about what he was doing until Akira suddenly collapses where Rion begins to wonder why as Miina reveals that it was probably the kiss added with the fact Miina was in reality a guy that made Akira pass out. Rion quickly got furious at someone kissing Akira, blushing highly as she started to interrogate Akira about the kiss, immediately calling him a pervert.

Brain Loss arc

As Rion, Akira and the rest of the group arrived at a nearby river she smiles gratefully at the idea of having a bath for so long stating how her body is sticky all over. Rion says her farewells to Akira as the girls decide to separate themselves from the guys to take their bath. As she's leaving, she smiles as Miina and Akira mess telling Kanako that since Miina's arrived, everything has been getting livelier. Repeating what she said to Kanako, she asks her if this was about Towa. Rion states that she must have been very important to Kanako and as she's asked who would be really special to her, she only mumbles as Kanako asks her if it'd be Akira where Rion nervously tells her to not tease her. She also notes that there is someone very important to Akira which would be his best friend Kouhei. After bathing, she quickly gets out of the river and starts dressing again in case of the guys peeping on them. Putting on her underwear, she is told that if boys do that, they're just being healthy where Rion states that one can't be that lenient to Akira. As Kanako gets hit by some driftwood, Rion notices a whole bunch of it following downstream.

Noticing another person on the driftwood, Rion alarmed Kanako as they found Yuki Sakuma holding onto a drifting piece of wood. They brought her to the shore and back to the rest of the group where it's said she is relatively fine. It immediately appears that Akira seems to know who she is where Yuki seems to explain what was happening at Kouhei's group and how people were dying and being killed by a demonic murderer. Rion shouts his name, determined to go help Kouhei. Akira's Group and Yuki headed upstream. Yuki told the event that led them to a limestone cavern and ended up finding them. Akira told the story how he met Kouhei for the first time. Akira's Group followed upstream until they hit a dead end. They took a detour around and suddenly they fell through a sinkhole. After landing underground Rion saw a rockface on a wall. She wondered if someone made this. As they explored the area they find Gerrothoraxes, Kannemeyerias and Lystrosauruses. They saw something else. They found Tamura's dead body. They found three passages ahead of them. She suggested they should go with tunnel one. In the end Akira listened to Shirou's choice of tunnel. Inside the tunnel she saw Akira slapped Yuki's butts. Together Rion and Yuki slapped Akira's face. Yuki started to talk with Rion about Akira's pevert history in school. Akira saw something odd ahead of them. He stopped Rion and Yuki from falling into a bottomless hole. She watched as Akira climbed through cliffedges to the other side and tied up a rope for them to crossover.

They found themselves back at the place where they first landed there. They headed now to another tunnel. Rion and Yuki left the group to pee. They left a trail of Tissue Paper to track back to the group. They talked more about Akira. They compared what they know about Akira. She was stunned how Yuki knew so much about Akira. After peeing they headed back to the group. Along the way they couldn't find the Tissue Papers anymore. It was eating by a Lystrosaurus. They took a misstep and fell another level down. They landed on a pond. The remaining members of Kouhei's Group heard their scream and found them. Rion explained her group came to rescue them. Rion and Yuki followed the Kouhei's Group somewhere. Ueno handed Rion and Yuki a stone. He explained they need it to kill each other. Yuki showed her stone to Rion. It had Tomo Sugiyama's blood on it. Rion started to believe they're the culprits. She tried to hit Yuki with her stone. When they were close to each other, she told Yuki about her plan. The Kouhei's Group were cheering the whole time. When they were far from the group, they made a run for it. Rion and Yuki were being chase by Miyajima. She helped Yuki up after falling down. It gave Miyajima the time to reach them. He held Rion down on the ground. She moved and escaped Miyajima's grip. Rion grabbed Yuki's hand and ran off. They ran until they can't run anymore. They heard some sound heading their way. An unconscious animal landed in front of them. As the sounds headed toward them. She recognised Motoko and Kouichi. Rion explained to them what happened down here. With no reason Kouichi requested Rion to move a few cm to the right. Miyajima landed hard where Rion supposed to be. They headed out to find the others. Kouichi confessed he knew a way out. He asked Rion to look down on the underground water. And then he ran further into the tunnel. The girls and Motoko chased after him. They arrived at the place where Rion and the others first fell down. Kouichi explained to them the sinkhole could also be a way out of here. He shyly asked the three girls for their weights. They were stunned by the question. One by one the girls climbed on Kouichi's shoulder. Kouichi stood at the base while Rion and Motoko are standing in the middle and Yuki on top. Yuki climbed out of the sinkhole and Rion asked Yuki to search for a rope for them.

Kouichi and Rion headed back into the tunnel to search for Akira. Kouichi arrived in time to save Miina from falling down the cliff. Rion jumped and hugged Akira to the ground. The group headed back where they left Kazuma and Kanako behind. They heard a rumbling sound headed their way. The water level started to rise up. They started to head back where they came from. They found out that Motoko and Yuki are above ground. They lowered a rope for them to climb up. Shirou noticed the water level drop and warned them about the flash flood was about to hit them. Akira, Kazuma, Shirou, Rion and Kouhei ran back to the tunnel. They encounter a fork road ahead of them. Kouhei advised them to head down and she and the others followed after him. They found themselves at a dead end. Kouhei revealed that the river connected to the outside. The boys used their pants as Instant Buoy. Without warning Kouhei pushed Rion and Akira into the river. They found the others were waiting for them. They rested at a nearby forest. Rion and Yuki tended Akira's wound until Akira had it enough.

School arc

Rion and Yuki told Akira that Kouichi and Motoko were gone. But he already knew that. He asked the girls he's looking for Shirou. Shirou came and explained how to make a country. They heard a yell not far from them. Kazuma was running toward them. Someone else was approaching behind him. A Smilodon and Macrauchenia were fighting with each other. Rion was shocked when Akira did not hide with Yuki and Rion. They watched as the Smilodon left with its prey. Kazuma informed Akira's Group that he found a flag in the middle of the forest. He led them to the School Camp of Takashi's Group. Takashi Yamaguchi was on top of the tallest tree to greet them. Inside the School Camp they encounter students from various classes. Takashi requested her group to help them building a country. Together with the teacher Kawai and Fujimoto, Takashi explained to Akira's Group the event after the incident until they reached here. Akira's Group watched as Takashi pulled up a new flag symbolising their new country. As the new flag hanged above their heads, she was happy with the new class. Yuki and Rion helped out with their new job as scavengers.

The next morning she heard Miina was missing. Akira's Group couldn't find Miina anywhere. She didn't think Miina would just disappear. Later she saw Akira having an argument with Takashi. Kazuma ran and told Akira's Group he found Miina on the outside. Akira, Rion and Kazuma saw the Canis Diruses were approaching Miina's position. She stood at the fence watching Akira and Kazuma getting to Miina. They brought him back to their tent. Shirou examined Miina and told the group that Miina might have some aftereffects. Akira would take the first watch and told Rion to rest. Rion, Shirou and Yuki woke up and saw Akira destroying the School. Everyone was confused why he does it. Akira's Group listened when the teachers and Takashi tried to reason with Akira. The teachers accidentally revealed Miina being a boy. Akira asked Rion if she heard it too. Nobody outside Akira's Group knew Miina is a boy. The teachers revealed their true intention about the School country. Feeling they had lost the group Kawai and Fujimoto left the School. After the crisis had settled down, Akira's Group packed up their belongings. Akira told his group about his dream a couple days ago. He was afraid Takashi will kick them out. But Rion believed he did the right thing. Takashi's Group decided to join Akira's Group.

Exploration Party arc

Takashi had requested Rion to find Akira. She found him along with Tadashi Katou and Shinji Gotou at the girl's bath pond. Rion dragged him back to camp. Takashi had gathered a group of people. Akira explained to Rion that he plans to explore the area around the camp. Everyone wanted to join the first group. In the end she joined with Takashi, Akira, Ryouichi Suzuki and Kazuma in the Exploration Party #1. They waved goodbye to everyone. They mapped out the surrounding jungle until they reached the edge.

They came across a rocky cliff area. She thought there isn't anything out there. Akira saw someone and called his group to investigate. Behind the big rock they encountered a bandage man called Tooru Rinzai. Rei Ooguro and Kotomi Kawana were pleased to meet them. They requested the Exploration Party to help them. Their belongings got stolen by a wild dog. They tracked down their belongings. When they were close, they discovered they enter a trap made by the dire wolves. Akira covered Rion down when the wolves are about to attack. When nothing happened, she saw an Arctodus Simus attacking the wolves. Rion saved Akira from being attack by the Artodus Simus. The Exploration Party and their friends were surrounded by two animals. She fell when her foot got stuck on a crevice. Rion suggested they hide inside a crevice. When inside Takashi, Kazuma, Rion yelled at Akira and Rei, because they were chased by the bear.

The animals were on a standoff. She became jealous when Kotomi cleaned Akira's face. Rion and Kotomi started to argue over Akira. Takashi broke the fight and warned them about the danger from outside.

Akira declaring Rion is "his woman".

Ryouichi came to Rion's aid. He said Rion and Akira are just childhood friends. Takashi suggested they should leave while it is raining. On the outside Rion daydreamed about the times when the girls start to call Akira by his first name. When she came back from her thoughts, she couldn't find the rest of the group. She continued to crawl until she encountered three bears. She screamed and fell into a crevice. Ryouichi managed to find her first but immediately lied to Akira that she didn't want to see him to get him away. Ryouichi then attempted to rape Rion before being punched by Akira. He tried to get her back but was taken aback at Akira yelling at him that she was "his woman". When she woke up and Akira was holding her. Akira quickly let go and apologised if she is still mad at him. Rion will forgive him this time. Takashi suggested they split into two groups to escape. Rion got mad at Kotomi when she placed her with Ryouichi, Tooru and Rei. Akira prefered they went out together or die. When climbing outside she saw an Artodus Simus pulled Akira out of the crevice. She wanna saved Akira, but Kazuma pulled her back. She got out when the wolves started to scratch the bears' noses. They heard a scream. Kotomi was hurt. They climbed back to the
Rion relieved that Akira is okay

Rion relieved that Akira is okay

crevice to rest. Rei explained to the group of Kotomi's past. The group named the Alpha wolf Ernest after hearing Takashi's story. She got mad at Akira when he said Rion is his important friend.

The next morning they heard Ernest's howl. They got up and found Akira and Kotomi missing. Ernest lured them to Akira's position. They found him hurt on the ground and Kotomi dead. They buried Kotomi before heading back to camp. On the way back to camp Rion didn't say anything. They brought Akira inside the tent. She started to cry when Akira wakes up.

Argentavis arc

Rion and Shirou found Akira walking alone and so they decided to accompany him while they toured around the Camp. She heard a scream from the shower area. Rei came out with only a tower on her body. Rion and the boys were stunned by the display. Other people started to laugh about Rei and Miina.

Akira's Group heard a scream from outside the fence. Sanae Kashiwagi pointed above the cause of her scream. An Argentavis landed on top of Ryouichi. They were stunned by the new huge animal. The Argentavis flew toward them and they ducked to avoid the hit. Luckly the bird flew away. Akira's Group discussed the new threat. Shirou suggested they make pairs. One will look into the sky while the other does something. She wanted to pair up Akira, but Maya Miyauchi beat her to it. In the end she paired up with Miina. The Argentavis has returned. The Argentavis swoop down and caused chaos inside the Camp. She couldn't find Miina among the chaos. Akira went out and drawn the Argentavis to his location. For his last act as leader he called the Argentavis to feast on him. Everyone was stunned by his sacrifice. From his act his group started to fight back and drove the Argentavis off the Camp. Rion tended Akira's bruises at night. The next morning they found the deaths of Matsushita, Ken Tanaka and Murata. Rion was by Akira's side when they listen to Takashi's explanation of the deaths. She suggested food poison like the Berries. Shirou didn't think so since they ate the same like everyone. Takao Sugimasa was the next to die. The group lived in fear of the unknown disease. Rion returned to Akira's tent to find him trying to stand up. She told him to rest and while everyone was working very hard.

Shirou found the cause and called her to fetch Akira. Shirou told everyone wash their bodies thoroughly and not to touch the ticks. He called them poisonous ticks. She wondered how did the ticks enter the Camp. Akira figured it out. Someone yelled out. It appeared the Argentavis has returned again. They made a dive attack above the river. Akira saved Miina and left him in Rion's care. Akira suddenly pushed Rion away from Argentavis' attack. Maya killed an Argentavis. The others flee after seeing an death of their own. They had won a battle against an extinct animal. Rion wondered what to do next. Akira believed he has an idea. They need
Rion kissing Akira on the cheek

Rion kissing Akira on the cheek

to leave before night falls. Akira's Group packed up their stuff and met Akira on the outside. Akira planned to burn the School Camp with the ticks inside. He wanted to prevent more victims fallen into the tick's poison. They watched as the camp sat into fire. Shirou suggested they head toward the mountain.

Akira's Group was tracking through the jungle. She listened as Shirou explains why they need to travel to the top of the mountain. Shirou recalled the event at the ocean. They need to see if they could find a coastline somewhere on top. And also on top they could see other survivors. At night while everyone was chitchatting, Rion found him asleep against a tree. She recalled the event since they arrived on the island. She started to think Akira is more than a friend. While Akira was out, she kissed him on the cheeks.

Cursed Mountain arc

Akira's Group were on their second day heading to the mountain. Shinji relieved Rion's duy of carrying Akira. They decided to rest for a while and talked about the image of the island. Akira told Shinji, Kazuma and Takashi about his dream last night. He dreamt about girls were approaching him. Rion is afraid that Akira was awake the whole time when she kissed him. She decided to put a stop of Akira's pervert story.

They reached the base of the mountain. Everyone was ready for the climb. Kanako noticed something is rolling down the mountain. It landed next to a bush. Akira, Maya, Kazuma and Takashi investigated the object and warned the group not to look at the dead body. Its clothes belonged to their school. Akira's Group started to
Resting on top of the mountain

Resting on top of the mountain

freak out of the situation. On their way to the top they discussed what happened to the person and why. The climbing got quite a steep. Tooru offered some advice since he had some climbing experience before. The group changed its line according to Tooru's advice. They encountered some wind as they further climbed up. A slide trail was found and a student id on the ground. It belonged to Noriaki Matsuki. Both Airi Narumi and Kairi Narumi recognised him from their class. They suspected he wasn't alone on the mountain. Everyone wondered why nobody came down to find their friend. The mist is getting thicker. They heard a noise nearby. They investigated and found Nagatsuka from [[Category:Class 1|Class 1]. Nagatsuka’s barely alive, told the event how he fell down. He recalled Matsuki came back to life and chased after them. He warned them not to climb up any further. Before he died, he called that the mountain is cursed. Kairi told an ancient story about Mt. Fuji being gateway from the dead. Yuki came from the frontline and told Akira that Tooru is looking for him. Both she and Akira came to the front as Tooru ordered. They couldn't climb any further without any tools. Akira gave Rion his shoes and climbed up the steep cliff. On the top Akira lowered the ropes for everyone to climb up. After walking for a whole day they decided to rest behind huge rocks.

As the sun raise on top of the mountain, Rion couldn't move her body. She heard that Akira went missing. Tooru and Maya were looking for him. Yuki offered her help. As her eyes looked ahead, she saw a Diatryma, Smilodon, Andrewsarchus and Arctodus Simus were approaching her. She tried to crawl away from them. Each animal tried to bite her, but missed everytime. She watched as her friends were eating by the animals. She cried out while Akira was holding her. Akira carried Rion on his back when he saw the peak. He let her go once he reached the top. They headed down the mountain a bit to recover. During the descent to the base of the mountain everyone seemed to recover very well.

Mami the Clairvoyant arc

When Akira's Group were surrounded by a pack of Pristichampus and had their backs against the wall, they heard a noise from top of the cliff yelling them to run to the river. After following the hint and running into the river they noticed how Pristichampuses stood by the river, not coming in to it. Rion and the girls changed their clothes while Tooru and Akira meet with their saviors. She gave Akira a fruit when he and Tooru came back from their talk with Mami's Group. Kazuma recognised Mami as Mami the Clairvoyant and Rion too had heard of her before, just like most of the group. Soon, however Kyouko Nakayama came over and told the group about Mami Kagura's premonition.

Next morning Takashi came running to the camp, telling that Shinji and Tadashi were dead near the cliff. While Akira wondered why they were doing out here, Rion pointed out to him that the dead bodies look like a W, just like in the premonition. Rion, Koyomi Kanna and Asuka Takahashi held each other as they watched Shinji and Tadashi being buried into the ground. Tadahiko Uchimura came to the burial, where he told how most of his group had died in the bottomless swamp and recommended them to believe in Mami's premonition.

Hearing about another premonition

hearing about another premonition

Masayuki Ikeda and Shouji Mukai later came and relayed another premonition to them. Akira's Group started to freak out. Akira came back from the jungle and asked Rion if she knew where Shirou went to. She answered Shirou and Kanako went away together. Kanako, Shirou and Maya returned to camp with Mitsuhiro Muramatsu. They accused him as the killer of Shinji and Tadashi. Kazuma brought Mami and the rest of her group to camp. Mami had another death premonition, but Akira's Group didn't believe her. Akira ordered everyone to find Kyouko first if they wanna know if Mami wasn't lying about her premonition. They came across the Pristichampus. Akira's Group defended themselves with sticks against the Pristichampus. Akira pushed Rion away as the Pristichampus was about to hit her. Akira's Group came to Mami's rescue. Mami revealed she has another death premonition. Akira reorganised his group to protect Mami as they headed to the river. Rion and Yuki hit the Pristichampus when it was about to attack Mami. Akira will cover their back as her group went into the river. Rion warned Akira about

Rion and Sakuma fighting the Pristichampus

Rion and Yuki fighting the Pristichampus

Pristichampus' attack. The Pristichampus made a death roll. Mami helped Akira up and they started to head into the river. Maya and Rion wanna helped out, but Takashi preferred they stayed out. They jumped into the river as the Pristichampus was about to bite them. Rion and Koyomi hugged each other as the whole group is saved again.

They walked along the river for four or five hours. They decided to rest on a sandbank middle in the river. Rion and the girls hang up their laundry on the branches. Mami was curious about their spare clothes. Rion explained they were on their return school's field trip to Japan when the accident happens. She warned Mami about boys being perverts and stealing clothes. Rei came back from the boy's side and explained the boy's contest. They decided they will host their own contest. Rion put her vote on Akira and Koyomi and Airi knew her vote as well. The votes were counted. She was surprised that Akira got two votes. Rion noticed Yuki's look. She wondered if Yuki votes for Akira. At night she caught Yuki waking up and wandered into the night. In her mind she wondered if she has to talk to Yuki about Akira. Rion couldn't find Yuki and was lost. She saw someone in front of her and came across Shuu Hikime. She tagged him for a while. She asked him what he was doing in the middle of the night. Shuu was practicing his kendo move. He revealed the result of the boy's contest to her. They talked about Akira if something happens to him. Rion hadn't thought about it. Shuu apologised for that question. Rion left Shuu alone and headed back to the girl's sleeping area.

Gigantopithecus arc

A shadow attacking Oomori and Rion

A shadow attacking Kanako and Rion

Akira's Group had stayed at the sandbank for a day and they are ready to leave. They found Pile of Rocks left behind by Makoto. It led them to a jungle with huge trees. They decided to make camp before heading into the jungle. Kanako and Rion gathered some woods for campfire. Kanako wanna talk to Rion so they went inside the jungle. Kanako told Rion that Kazuma confesses to her. Rion believed that Kazuma will not give up on Kanako. After a deep talk they decided to head back. A dark shadow creeped behind them. It grabbed Kanako and went back into the jungle. Rion cried out and the group came to her aid.

She told them what happens to Kanako and her. She described the attacker to Akira. Shirou found the footprints of the animal. They were afraid of the size of the animal. Akira decided to go after Kanako. Rion led the group as she found the trail. Akira called Rion not to run far ahead of the group. Along the footprints they also found Kanako's jacket. They noticed a little blood spot on it. Akira's Group was now heading deep into the jungle. Their supplies of Torch Pine were burning out. They need to fan out to search for more. When the last torch went out, the unknown animal started its attack. Rion recognised it as Kanako's Attacker. Out of the darkness an Eusmilus came out and faced the unknown animal. Akira's Group hid behind the trees and watched the confrontation between the two animals. The Eusmilus attacked the unknown animal and got killed by it. Moonlight shined on the silhouette and Shirou recognised it as a Gigantopithecus. After killing the Eusmilus, the Gigantopithecus left the scene. Akira's Group were now afraid of Kanako's attacker. Aira, Kazuma and Shuu will rescue Kanako while the group head back to the outside.

Rion and the group were on their way back to the ouside. Maya revealed Kazuma's past to the group. Kazuma considered them as family. The group decided they will rescue Kanako also. They came to a stop at a cliff. At the bottom Rion saw Kazuma alone. He was trapped between three Gigantopithecuses. Shirou quickly slid down the cliff to join Kazuma. Mami revealed Kazuma will die down there. Maya slid down to relay that message. Rion started to worry about Akira and the rest since they haven't seen them yet. The group encountered a black fog in the jungle. Animals were fleeing away from the smoke. They found Akira, Kanako and Momoka Kirino near a nest. Rei and Takashi helped them up. Rion quickly hugged Akira. She was glad to see Akira and Kanako. Akira left her to search for Shirou, Maya and Kazuma. The group followed after Akira. They found Akira and the rest lying on the ground. They headed to the edge of the jungle and found an old footprints trail. After walking on the trail, they noticed Kazuma wasn't behind them anymore. The blood trail led down the cliff. They couldn't Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff. The next morning they found more Makoto's Pile of Rocks along their path. They had walked a whole day, Akira ordered the group to rest. The girls went to a valley to clean themselves up. Rion noticed the mood has changed since Kazuma's absence. She turned her eyes on Kanako. She suffered the loss worse than everyone else. Maya was the only one who can cheer Kanako up by using Kazuma's quotes. In the end Kanako hugged Rion for thanking everyone for their encouragment words.

Obelisk arc

The group had rested well from the pitstop. They were waiting for Akira and Yuki to come back. Rion was worried about him. The group was all fired up to find Makoto's Group. They found another Pile of Rocks ahead of them. Rion discovered recent campfire from Makoto's Group. The pace became harder until they needed another break. Everyone was spread out to rest. Suddenly they heard Ryouichi's yell. They found Ryouichi behind a big rock. He was pointing at something. They looked up and saw a manmade object sticking out in the jungle. Everyone praised Ryouichi for his finding. The group quickly moved their pace until they reached the object. Rion told Akira that she found bags from Makoto's Group. Akira ordered his group to scout the area. They came back with empty hands. Akira found Miina's Sketch Book and showed it to Shirou and Rion. They now knew the real Miina is with Makoto's Group. Akira opened the Sketch Book and found drawings from previous extinct animals they encounter throughout the island. Miina came and explained the real Miina's behaviour and her lifestyle to them. The sun was down. They had no choice but to resume the search until next morning. At night the group discussed their missing friends. Kairi told stories about missing people. Rion slept next to Akira. She believed their friends are safe.

The group splited into smaller group and expanded their search. Rion, Kairi Narumi and Yasunori Yamato were heading toward the forest when they felt into the trapdoor. Inside the trapdoor they encountered Makoto's Group in the dark. During their absence Akira told Yuki an old promise story about Rion and him. Rion ran away from home and he found her. They hid in an old car and stay the night over. The next day they were scold by their parents. Young Rion asked young Akira if she could be her bride. Only if he could find her. The next day the trapdoor moved again. Maya's Group felt inside. Akira's Group blocked the trapdoor. Akira crawled
Rion tanking Akira for saving her

Rion tanking Akira for saving her

between the rocks and called out Rion. Rion informed the group that everyone was down there. Ropes were lowered. Everyone was climbing out one by one. Seigou Komiyama and Rion were the last ones to climb out. Rion's shoulder was hurt during the fall. Seigou offered to carry her on his back. Halfway the first rope snapped, Akira grabbed Seigou's hand at the last second saving him and Rion. Rion suddenly hugged Akira for saving her life. She felt relieved for finding her again. While looking at her face, Akira accidentally called Rion a panda.

Rion and the girls headed to a pond to clean themselves. She wondered if Akira still remembers the promise when they were young. Back in camp the two groups met with each other. Shirou told the group that The Tower has many trapdoors beneath the ground. But he thinks most of the trapdoors became inactived by flooding. The trapdoors were protecting something buried under the ground. Akira wanted to find out what.

Rion was gathering some materials when Seigou filmed her. Kanako's excavation group found something on the ground. They washed it off with water and revealed a statue's head. Shizuka Hatsuse carried it back to the wing rock object and suggested they are apart of a whole statue. Yuki recognised it as a statue from the Olmec Civilization. The group felt relieved since the statue came from their world.

Animal Battle arc

Akira, Shirou and Rion were eating when they were interrupted by Rei's yelling at Seigou. She watched as Rei went on a rampage on everyone. Rion was glad that they meet Makoto's Group. Akira calculated they will finish the base within a few more days. Akira and Rion noticed they haven't seen any animals since they arrived here. Shirou pointed out the area was flooded once. The animals won't come here unless there's food nearby. Kanako came and told them they found another part of the statue. It revealed to be a hand part. Yuki moved the parts till they saw a statue. Rion recognised it as an angel. She suggested the place was a church or something. Shirou didn't think so.

Rion getting grabbed by a Titanis

Rion getting grabbed by a Titanis

Akira's excavation group heard something outside the fence. Titanis Walleris were chasing after Ryouichi and Yasunori. They barely defended themselves with a stick. A Titanis Walleri grabbed Rion by her breast and repelled Shirou's attack. Luckly Akira arrived and hit the bird till it let go of Rion. He came to Rion's aid after the bird left. Everyone was fighting for their lives. Akira left his position and left Rion, Yuki and Shirou behind. A smoke emerged inside the base. Akira recalled everyone to gather around him near the huts. While everyone was coughing from the smoke, the animals left the base. All the huts were burned down, so they had to sleep on the ground. Akira sat near Rion's bed. Everyone's injured by the attack. Akira left her side to look around. After a while Rion noticed something at the fence. Rion and the others noticed Akira hasn't been back yet and they all started to worry about him. They headed toward the entrance and found Maya and Akira on Seigou's back. They told them about the Proplepus' attack and how they escaped. The group was surrounded by three different predators. Shirou pointed out they needed supplies in order to survive. Shuu and Asuka Takahashi headed toward the river for supplies. Rion was at Akira's side when he woke up. She told him that Shuu and Asuka went out for supplies. Akira wanna get up, but Rion made him lie down while he's recovering from his injury.

They gathered near the fence while waiting for Shuu and Asuka to return. On the horizon they only saw Asuka. She recalled the event at the river. They retraced her steps to the river and found a pool of blood. From the belongings they knew it's Shuu. Akira ordered his group to head back. At night Asuka revealed Shuu's last moment to them. Momoka wished Asuka's death instead of Shuu's. Rion didn't know Momoka liked Shuu. She listened as Shirou warned Akira about an unseen enemy within.

Rion stopping Akira by putting his head between her breasts

Rion stopping Akira by putting his head between her breasts

Kanako felt ill suddenly and the group gathered around her. Akira noticed she has a fever. The Titanis Walleris came closer and closer to them. Shirou thought they are running out of time. Akira was near Rion's bed when she hears Asuka's singing. Everyone spirits were lifted up by her song. Akira asked Shirou if they could beat the trio animals. They needed to do something before they ran out of supplies. Rion pitched in that birds can't see at night. Shirou didn't think so. Everyone else pitched in their suggestions, but it won't work. In the end Akira listened to the real Miina's advice. Rion found it absurd Akira will listen to the kid. Everyone noticed Kazunari Murayama's absence. Akira set out to find their friend. Rion stopped him by putting his head between her breasts. She binded his finger with her ribbon. If he didn't return, she won't forgive him. Aya Tokiwa volunteered to come with him.

Rion and the group ran for their lives when the Proplepuses came and attacked the base. Rion found Kanako unconscious on the ground. She called Rei for help. They both carried Kanako on their shoulder. Rei pointed out there's nowhere safe right now. Rion accidentally tripped and Kanako's breasts fell out her uniform. Rei and Rion used their hand to cover it up. A Proplepuses eventually found them and kicked them to the ground. The base is overrun by the animals. Akira ordered everyone to follow after him. Outside the fence he ordered the group lie down as the Propleopuses jumped and headed toward Akira's position. They landed on the spot where the trapdoor was hidden. The trapdoor turned and they were inside. The group celebrated the victory. They pulled Akira out of the hole.

Rion and the group resumed their excavation duty. Akira told Rion to take break since her shoulder hasn't fully healed yet. She thanked him for that, but Rion preferred to work a bit longer. They had been digging for a week and they hadn't found something yet. Akira knew there's got to be something here. If they found it, then they might know where they are and even a way home. Akira, Shirou and Rion noticed the two Miinas running around. Shirou talked about the real Miina's amnesia and her knowledge of the extinct animals. Rion stopped her work after the Miinas started chasing around Akira. They left after Akira hit Miina's head. Yuki came and told them her group found something at the Tower. Yuki's group uncovered a plate at the base of the Tower. Rion and the others came to see it. They washed it off with water and saw the name of Miina Isurugi craved on the plate. They were stunned by the revealing. The group demanded answer from her, but she had none. Akira ordered everyone to gather around at the Tower. They are trying to gather all the pieces of information together since they arrive on the island. Each person told their version of their perspective on the plane. Shirou pointed out that the extinct animals came from various eras. Rion was stunned by that fact. She told everyone the odd that they survive from a plane crash, is strange. It reminded Seigou about his private chat with the pilot. Makoto suggested during the landing the pilot saw the entire island and thought they need to leave before it was too late. Ryouichi freaked out. Akira tried to calm him down until they heard Kanako's stomach noise. Since it had been a long day. They set out and found fishes by the river. The group listened as Rion gave a speech how they have changed since they have been on the island. Everyone gave themselves a goal if they ever returned to Japan.

Pyramid Arc

Rion being chosen to be apart of Akira's Pyramid Party

Rion being chosen to be part of Akira's Pyramid Party

They were cooking fishes, lizards and frogs at the campfire. Rion told Akira and Shirou that the dinner is ready. At night the Rion and the girls decided to take a bath. Maya noticed they were being watched by someone. Junichi Mutou and Daigo Yashiro emerged from the bushes. Maya and Aya captured the men and brought them to the group. Junichi and Daigo freed themselves and walked toward the Tower. Rion and the group caught them standing near the relic. They held Miina hostage and left the base. They were brought back again in the base by Rei. Daigo finally revealed where they came from. He recalled the event his group after the incident that led them to the Pyramid. He told them about Takashi Nishikiori and his evil deeds. Rion was horrified by his deeds. Akira asked his group who will join his party to the Pyramid. Everyone showed their hands up. The next day she was chosen to be apart of Akira's Pyramid Party. Before they left, Akira appointed Shirou to be the acting leader of the group. The remaining members waved Akira's Pyramid Party goodbye when they leave the base.

Trekking through the jungle Daigo revealed Ugen Kokonoe is in his group. Rion recoginised her teacher. At night Rion got mad at Akira, because Kanako showed him her boobs. She didn't want to left out, so she wanna showed her boobs to him. Akira didn't want to see hers. At morning they reached a cliff and saw the tip of the Pyramid. Before they reached the Pyramid, Daigo left the group. Akira and Ryouichi will investigate the Nishikiori's Group first while Rion and the rest stay behind. Hidden in the bush, Rion started to worry about Akira. They heard Ryouichi's scream and they decided to surrender themselves. They came in the camp with their hands up. Takashi forced Rion and the group to head inside the Pyramid to find a object. Immediately they found three dead bodies at a cave-in.

Akira's Pyramid Party headed deeper inside the Pyramid. Rion pointed out that Miina might free them. They came across a hall and found a room. Rion stopped Akira from falling down the shaft. It revealed the room is actually a liftshaft. They were stunned by the discovery. Kairi told a story about a building with underground
Rion climbing the chute

Rion climbing the chute

bunker. They couldn't slide down, so they went down through the stairs. They found a weird symbol by the stair and they discussed it. The stair broke down and Mami was hurt. Akira was forced to carry Mami on his back. Rion was livid about that. Ryouichi didn't dare to look at her face. Not watching on her steps, Rion slipped and fell down on her butts. Her flashlight was shining on a door. She informed the group she found an open door. Inside the room they found a large machine that belongs to Yotsubishi, Heavy Industries LTD. Suddenly they heard Mami's cryout for help. They found Kawase Kunuhiro's dead body. As they searched the room for clues, the room suddenly shook up. A piece of the stairs had fallen down. Akira climbed down a pipe and it broke. He fell down into the darkness. Rion called out his name. Akira came too and informed the group he found a garden. Shizuka suggested they use cables to climb down. They found weird objects at the garden. Shizuka told facts about gardening. Rion tried to stop Akira from eating a fruit. He still ate it. Akira and Rion came across a familiar Berries and stopped Kairi from eating it. They recognised it from the time that killed most of Kouichi's Group members. Kairi suggested that this might be the Garden of Eden. At the edge of the room they found the entrance was blocked. Mami still hurt by her leg, so Rion offered to carry by her shoulder. Akira found a garbage chute near the entrance. Rion won the the rock-paper-scissor contest. She will climb the chute first. Alone in the chute she decended down. She landed safely on the ground. Unbeknownst to her a Diatryma was standing next to her. Rion got scare by it and she cried out for Akira. She hid herself till Akira came down. It revealed the Diatryma is actually a statue. The others came down as well. They opened a door and came into a corridor. In front of them they found the broken lift. They heard Ryouichi found something important, a sealed door with radioactive symbol. Rion and some others didn't want to enter the room. Together they opened the rusted door. To their horror they found some dead bodies. In the next room they found lockers with radioactive protected suits and a cleaning room. Beyond that they found a display of all extinct animals they encounter on the island so far. Rion recognised the Andrewsarchus that killed the passengers. So did the others. They headed to another corridor. It led them to the Cultivation Room. They saw a numbers of huge broken tubes. Akira and Rion found the object

Rion has a mental breakdown.

that Takashi requests it. Before they left, Ryouichi suggested they looked around first. Rion and the others found themselves in a huge vault of DNA samples. Shizuka thought the people here might resurrect the extinct animals on purpose. Rion was crying about something. With the weird object on hand they left the room. They returned to the room where they fell down. Up the chute they climbed up and rested on the garden.

Nishikiori's Group was surprised that Akira's Pyramid Party make it back to the surface with the weird object. Akira handed it over to Takashi. He tried to stop Akira's Pyramid Party from leaving by holding them prisoners. They had to witness the stake burning of Kanako and Ugen. An explosion happened near the burning. Everyone was confused by the smoke. Rion suggested to Akira that they need to find the rest. Miina, Rion and Ugen found it weird when Kanako hugs Akira by her chest. Akira's Pyramid Party used the stairs to flee away from the Pyramid.

When they were safe from Nishikiori's Group, Kairi revealed Mami has been captured by Takashi. Akira tried to think up about a plan, but they had none. Daigo came out of the bush and found the group again. He explained he led Kouichi's Group into the Pyramid. Everyone was surprised that he is still alive. Akira suggested that Kouichi will take care of Mami and they will head back to camp. Rion knew Kouichi is a good guy. In her mind she always thought Akira and Kouichi aren't so different. Ryouichi pointed out that Kouichi hasn't met Mami before. Akira will leave a Note to deliver to Kouichi via Heero, Duo and Quatre. The men agreed after Miina has seduced them. They left after Akira passed them the Note. Rion and the others were curious about the content of the Note, but Akira will tell them later. Ryouichi was curious if the others will be shocked by their discovery. Akira was sure that Shirou will have solved the Tower's secret by the time they return. The girls suggested they might find a way out of there?

After trekking through the jungle for a couple of days Akira's Pyramid Party finally saw the Tower from afar. They dashed toward it. Halfway down the road they encountered a welcome party. They greeted each other with hugs. Akira's Pyramid Party had great news about the Pyramid. Shirou had them prepared for their own discovery.

Failed Experiment arc

Showdown arc

Operation arc

Tower of Death arc

While bathing with the other girls in preparation for leaving for the final building, Rion asks what they intend to do when they return to Japan. After listening to the girls' replies, she says the first thing all of them will do is return to their homes and greet their parents. When Maya Miyauchi poses a counterquestion about what to do if they cannot return to Japan, saying they should settle down and that Akira would make a good husband, Rion becomes increasingly annoyed as Aya, Yuki, Mami, Kanako, Rei and Sanae all express romantic interest in Akira as well. As they set out, Rion berates Akira for his popularity with the other girls, storming off and leaving him perplexed.

As they travel to the last building, Rion asks Akira why he opted to bring their entire group, and agrees with his idea to construct a boat while exploring the last building. She reminisces over her experiences on the island, and expresses horror when they discover the building was surrounded by bones. Rion immediately volunteered to help Akira explore the building, saying that since they started the journey together they should finish it together.


Not much is known about Rion's talents in gymnastics, but she is considered the star of the gymnastics club suggesting she may be the best in her year. Not only that, when Miyajima pinned her to the ground, she was able to bring her legs up and wrap them around his neck and slam his head into the ground. She has also been shown to create a plan to save not only her, but also Yuki when they were being pressured to attack each other.


  • (To Akira Sengoku ) "Don't make me... worry over you!"
  • (To Akira Sengoku ) "I've been taking care of you for a really long time, Akira-kun. Do you know why? It's not necessarily for your sake. It's cuz ... I wanted to ! So I'm not going to listen to your request.
  • (About everyone) "This time, it's my turn to help ! Everyone... and ... expecially Akira-kun!
  • (About Akira Sengoku) "I don't really understand it all... but it seems as if something unthinkable has taken place... Akira-kun... are you alright?"
  • (To Yuki Sakuma ) " But you really do need to get your groove back! You want to rescue Kouhei-kun and the others right?'"
  • (To Kazunari Murayama ) "Get over yourself! Guess what ?! I'm an athlete too ! "
  • (To Kanako Oomori ) "For us girls... No matter when... Love is always the most important thing."
  • (To Akira Sengoku ) "There's no point over-thinking things you don't understand... which is why, for now, we should just believe that Eiken is safe. Isn't that how we've done everything up until now? Just looking straight ahead..."
  • (To Akira Sengoku ) "If I don't do something right now, Then I won't be good enough... To spend the rest of my life with Akira-kun!"


  • Rion placed on first place on 1st Popularity Poll, with 1142 votes.
  • Rion expresses her happiness to finding Akira Sengoku alive by giving him a big hug.
  • On the cover of chapter 131, Rion has violet eyes, when they really are brown.
  • Akira and Rion have kissed each other twice, but are unaware of this, due to the either them being unconscious during the kisses.
  • The ribbons Rion wears were given to her by Akira.

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