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Maya Miyauchi

宮内 真夜


November 21st


14 Years Old


Female Female

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Blood type A
Measurement: 80-58-84




3rd Year, Class 3


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Manga: Chapter 38

Maya Miyauchi (宮内 真夜, Miyauchi Maya) is one of the girls originally part of Takashi's Group. She's a tough girl who has shown exceptional skill in her abilities to fight. She's also the childhood friend of Kazuma Saji.


Maya is a slender girl with a normal figure. She has long brown hair that she a majority of the time ties in a ponytail without the use of an actual ribbon or such. She has dark brown small eyes and also wears a rather different uniform compared to the others in the series. She wears the usual white long-sleeved top, however unlike most she ties her red ribbon making it a bow rather than letting it hang down. She also has a long skirt that extends to her feet and under the skirt she wears black stockings being the only character wearing the longer version of the skirts. She also wears the usual brown shoes.


Maya is a confident, tough and powerful girl, extremely presumptuous in her own strength and very courageous. She is possibly the strongest female within the group and not afraid to fight monsters more than twice her size or fight adults with well seasoned abilities. She is often considered a delinquent with her love to fight and talks with masculinity. Despite being rather self-absorbed and arrogant whilst loving a fight, she does care dearly for her friends and commonly takes the situation up herself no matter the danger. She takes into other peoples feelings into account to, as seen with her friend Kazuma and isn't afraid to confront people about their decisions if she thinks they're wrong.

Maya's unfound kindness is also noticeable when shown to take up the chance to protect her friends no matter the danger she's put in. She faces anything confidently and seems very determined with a strong resolve as she does so.

Maya does have a weakness however: she's entomophobic, meaning she gets freaked out by bugs.


Maya lives with her family, who owns a karate dojo with numerous members belonging to it. She was usually surrounded by men because of her family dojo and was also childhood friends with Kazuma Saji. The two had a good relationship in the past and Maya was one of the first people who found out about the family Kazuma had lived up in. Maya was usually mistaken as a delinquent back at school and seemed to be feared as Kazuma refused to talk back to her. Because Maya lived up in a dojo, she is extremely skillful in karate and has confidence in her own skills and has a second dan in karate.


School arc

Maya makes her first appearance with her hair down watching the events as Miina Isurugi (Fake) threatens to destroy the school and ruined their flag, where Maya was shown having signs of disappointment with everyone else as Akira Sengoku stops him from carrying onwards. The next morning she watches as Akira begins to destroy the school with his own hands standing next to Kako Tsuji as she watches. As Akira makes it sound like he's accusing Takashi Yamaguchi for Miina's attack the night before, she looked onwards with a strange expression. Soon
Maya with everyone asking to build a country

Maya with everyone asking to build a country

enough after it turns out the two teachers Kawai and Fujimoto ultimately let it slip out that they had attacked Miina, she listens to them state their surperiority and dominance as teachers where Maya simply looks at them with disgust. She continues to stare at them with everyone else with an angry-like expression where the teachers run off after feeling intimidated. After the event, she is soon regrouped with the rest of Takashi's group as they discuss their plans for the future after being abandoned by the teacher. Confronting Akira at the front of the group with the rest of Takashi's group, she was seen next to Ryouichi Suzuki, Airi Narumi and Kairi Narumi. As Takashi announces that he wants Akira to be the leader, she with everyone else begins to shout at Akira at how they want to build a country with him as their leader.

Exploration Party arc

Maya were amongst the people wanting to join the Exploration Party #1. As Ken Tanaka told her that women should stay in camp, she grabbed a hold of his jacket before he could say anything else. Nevertheless, she didn't get picked in the end.

Two days later, when the Exploration Party #1 returned with a wounded Akira, Maya stood inside Akira's tent when Akira suddenly woke up to scold Miina.

Argentavis arc

Maya overheard Akira and Kazuma arguing inside the tent. She came inside and told Kazuma to go on patrol. Kazuma got up and left without a fight. She helped Akira got up and they headed out for a walk. Akira asked her how Kazuma would listen to her. Maya demonstrated her karate move on the wood above Akira's head. Her family owns a karate dojo. Kazuma used to train under her family's dojo. She explained that Akira's full of openings. That is why Akira got injured like that. Maya left him alone because she quite busy too.

Later she heard an Argentavis attacked Ryouichi Suzuki outside the fence. Akira's Group discussed the new threat. Shirou Mariya suggested they make pairs. One will look into the sky while the other does something. Akira got pair with Maya because of his injuries. Everyone paired up whether they like it or not. Maya looked at the group with a weird look. Akira asked her what's wrong. Maya told Akira she has seen it before somewhere. Someone cried out the Argentavises have returned. The Argentavis swoop down and caused chaos inside the Camp. Akira saw his group disarray, but Maya stood cool. She planned to fight it back. Maya had masters who've defeated buffaloes and bears. She's gonna be the first to defeat the huge bird. Maya recognised the same chaos like the second night on the island. There was a huge panic attack among the passengers.

Maya came across a lone Argentavis and she engaged the bird. She used a couple of moves, but she didn't know it if she's doing any damage. Maya noticed another Argentavis was about to attack Akira from behind. She intercepted Akira and moved him away from the bird. Maya explained to him that at crucial moments, humans can only care about themselves. Akira won't believe it. He drew the Argentavises to the fences by whistling. Akira called the Argentavis to feast on him. Everyone was stunned by his sacrifice. From his act his group started to fight back and drove the Argentavis off their camp.

At night Yuki Sakuma wondered what would they do if the Argentavis come back. Maya had the answer to that. She and her group would defend them. Maya watched over the injuried Akira and wondered how he could save them and affected the others to find their courage. Akira left Maya in charge of the defense squad. She walked around the perimeter and asked for report. The next morning she got up and walked toward Ken Tanaka. Maya and the rest of Defense Squad found him dead. The others were screaming about Murata and Matsushita being dead. Shirou suggested they need to search the corpses. Takashi and Yuki searched the corpse together, but they couldn't find the cause of death. Inside Akira's tent they discussed about Takao Sugimasa's death. They still didn't know the cause of the source. The group lived in fear of the unknown disease. Maya oversaw the burial of her fellow students. Tadashi Katou, Shinji Gotou, Yasunori Yamato and Shuu Hikime were digging four graves for their friends. When they were done, Shinji asked Maya to help him carrying Takao's dead body. She lifted Takao's shoulder up and something felt off his ear. Maya picked it up and finally noticed what it really is. It's a bug. She started to scream and everybody came to see what's happening to her. Mirei Hanamura picked it up and squashed it. Shirou ordered everyone to run toward the river. He told everyone washed themselves thoroughly. Maya wondered why, but Shirou promised he will explain it later. Shirou told everyone about the Ancient Ticks in their clothes. Akira suggested the Argentavis brought the Ticks into their camp.

Someone yelled out. It appeared the Argentavis has returned again. They made a dive attack above the river. Maya jumped out the river and headed toward an Argentavis. She used her knee to hit the bird's head. The Argentavis used its wing to hit Maya back. Kazuma warned Maya to watch her back. Maya avoided the Argentavis' attack. She scold him for coming near her. From the battleview Maya knew more people will hurt this time. Far from them they saw Miina is standing near to an Argentavis. She ran toward him, but she couldn't reach him on time. Akira saved Miina on time. Two Argentavises ganged up on Maya. Maya avoided the Argentavis' attack from behind. It hit on the frontal Argentavis' chest. Shirou told Akira to hit the Argentavis' chest. The bird started to scream of pain. Maya grabbed Kazuma's stick and ran toward an Argentavis. She pierced the bird by the chest and it went through on its back. The Argentavis felt down in front of her. The others flee after seeing a death of their own. They had won a battle against an extinct animal. Akira had an idea. They need to leave before night falls. Akira's Group packed up their stuff and met Akira on the outside. Akira planned to burn the School Camp with the ticks inside. Maya used her Torch to burn the School Camp down. They watched as the camp sat into fire. Akira thought they hadn't travelled some places yet. Shirou suggested they head toward the mountain. Akira's Group tracked through the jungle heading to their new destination.

Cursed Mountain arc

Akira's Group were on their way to the mountain and on the second day they reached the base of the mountain. When they were about to start to climb up, Kanako Oomori noticed something is rolling down the mountain. Akira, Maya, Kazuma and Takashi investigated the object and noticed it was a dead body, which freaked out the Akira's Group. Later on, when they couldn't climb any further without any tools and Akira climbed up the cliff with his bare feet to get a rope fixed on top so the otherwise could climb up. After climbing, Maya noticed the girls are ready to move out, but they still decided to call it a day.

As the sun rose on top of the mountain, Maya couldn't move her body and noticed how Tooru Rinzai was taking care of everyone. She was lying next to Yuki and Rion. Soon Maya started to feel a bit better and found out she, Ryouichi and Tooru are the only ones who could move around. Tooru suggested they need to climb down the cliff, and Maya volunteered herself and Ryouichi for the job. Shirou reminded them about the cliff they need to climb down and they realised none of them had the strength for it. Shirou believed they will overcome the thin air by staying a bit longer here, to which Maya, Ryouichi and Tooru agreed to. They spread out and checked on their fellow students. Maya, Ryouichi and Tooru noticed during their round, they couldn't find some people like Akira. Maya and Tooru decided to search the surrounding for them. Maya told Rion that Akira's gone missing and she reassured to her they will find him. Suddenly Ryouichi and Maya noticed some weird behaviour on Rion and the others too started to freak out on something. After returning, Akira told everyone that their people were suffering from hallucination. He told them his story about Kouhei Arita and his injury head. Maya wondered why the people aren't fighting during their hallucination. As the mist cleared out from the view, they saw the top is near them and Akira decided that they should climb up. She didn't think it is a good idea since most of them didn't have the strength to climb any further, but Tooru agreed to Akira's. Everyone was helping each other to climb up, and soon they reached the peak. The view of the island astonished them: the land went beyond the horizon. Soon, Kanako found a Pile of Rocks with a shirt stuck inside, which had a message for them: "Not Possible to return. Not our world. " Akira recognised it as a Makoto Morita's shirt. He seemed a bit puzzled by their discovery until Maya reminded him that he was their leader. They headed down the mountain to recover.

Mami the Clairvoyant arc

Akira's Group were surrounded by a pack of Pristichampus. They were on their backs against the wall. Someone on top of the cliff yelled at them to run to the river. Akira and his group had no other choice but to listen to the unknown girl's voice. Maya protected the rear while her group run toward the river. She protected Yuki from the Pristichampus and told Yuki to go ahead. They jumped into the river and the Pristichampuses stood at the riverside. She gave a complement to Akira of his gamble.

Maya and the girls changed their clothes while Tooru and Akira meet with their saviors. After changing the clothes they waited at camp. Akira and Tooru return to camp after their talk with Mami's Group. Kazuma recognised Mami as Mami the Clairvoyant. The rest of the group seemed to hear of her. She listened as Yuki explained the various studies of the subject. Akira believed Mami wasn't lying about her predictions. Takashi suggested they should ask her if she comes back.

Akira came back to camp with Mami's Group. Akira's Group discussed about the letter W. She listened as various people talk about various possiblities of the premonition. It became late so Kyouko Nakayama decided to set up camp nearby.

Takashi woke everyone up from their sleep the next morning. They found Shinji and Tadashi dead near the cliff. Rion pointed out that the dead bodies look like a W. Akira's Group freaked out of the premonition. They buried Shinji and Tadashi into the ground. Tadahiko Uchimura came to the burial. He recalled the event after the incident. Most of his group died in the bottomless swamp. Tadahiko recommended them to believe Mami's premonition. Masayuki Ikeda and Shouji Mukai came too to the burial and relayed another premonition to them. Akira's Group started to freak out.

Shirou recruited Kazuma and Maya to follow him and Kanako. After the meeting with Kyouko, Kazuma and Maya followed Shirou and Kanako into the forest. Mitsuhiro Muramatsu and Kyouko came out of the bushes. Mitsuhiro took a swing at Shirou and Kanako. Kazuma pushed them away as Maya blocked the attack. Shirou revealed his trap. She took Mitsuhiro down with ease. Kyouko got away after punching Kazuma on the face. They brought Mitsuhiro back to camp. They accused him as the killer of Shinji and Tadashi. Kazuma brought Mami and the rest of her group to camp. Maya and Takashi were very mad at Mami. They blamed her of the deaths of their two friends. Mami told them another death premonition, but Akira's Group didn't believe her. Akira ordered everyone to find Kyouko first if they wanna know if Mami wasn't lying about her premonition. They came across the Pristichampus. Akira's Group defended themselves with sticks against the Pristichampus. Shirou suggested they head toward the river. They came to Mami's rescue. Maya used her legs to repel Pristichampus' attack. Mami revealed she has another death premonition. Akira reorganised his group to protect Mami as they headed to the river. Shirou noticed the Pristichampus' tactic and suggested their legs are their weakness. Maya made a spinning leg sweep and the animal lost its balance. Kazuma made an attempt and failed.

Akira's Group held their defense until they reached the river. Akira will cover their retreat as they jumped into the river. She and the others noticed Akira is in trouble with a Pristichampus. Maya was surprised that Mami helps Akira up. Rion and her suggested they head back, but they were blocked by Takashi. Mami and Akira jumped into the river as the Pristichampus was about to bite them. The whole group was saved again.

They walked along the river for four or five hours. They decided to rest on a sandbank middle in the river. Maya and the girls hung up their laundry on the branches. She noticed they are running out of clean clothes. Mami was curious about their spare clothes. Rion explained they were on their return school's field trip to Japan when the accident happens. She warned Mami about boys being perverts and stealing clothes. Maya agreed that Mami seems the type the boys would go after. Rei came back from the boy's side and explained the boy's contest. They decided they will host their own contest. The votes were counted. The result surprised everyone. Yuki asked Maya if she votes for Takashi. She didn't reply an answer.

Gigantopithecus arc

Akira's Group had stayed at the sandbank for a day and they are ready to leave. They came across a Meganeura Monyi flying over them. Mami and Airi requested Maya to do something about the huge bug. But she is afraid of bugs. Maya freeze and shaking on the ground. The Meganeura Monyi headed toward them and it was hit down by Shuu Hikime. They encounter a weird object ahead of them. Maya immediately recognised the Pile of Rocks left behind by Makoto Morita. More clues led them to a jungle with huge trees. Maya turned to Akira to see what Akira decides to do. They decided to make camp before heading into the jungle.

Maya and the others heard Rion's cry near the camp. Rion told them what happens to Kanako and her. Maya was shocked that Kanako was abducted. Shirou found the footprints of the animal. They were afraid of the size of the animal. Akira led his group into the jungle. Along the footprints they also found Kanako's jacket. They noticed a little blood spot on it. Maya felt relieved when Shirou reassures the group of Kanako's condition. Akira's Group was now heading deep into the jungle. Their supplies of Torch Pine were burning out. They needed to fan out to search for more. When the last torch went out, the unknown animal started its attack. Rion recognised it as Kanako's Attacker. Out of the darkness an Eusmilus came out and faced the unknown animal. Akira's Group hid behind the trees and watched the confrontation between the two animals. Eusmilus attacked the unknown animal and got killed by it. Moonlight shined on the silhouette and Shirou recognised it as a Gigantopithecus. After killing the Eusmilus, the Gigantopithecus left the scene. Akira's Group were now afraid of Kanako's attacker. Even Shirou gave up on Kanako. Kazuma beat him up for that suggestion. Akira stopped Kazuma from beating Shirou to death. After that Maya, Tooru, Rion and Akira checked on Shirou's condition. Kazuma decided to rescue Kanako on its own. Akira volunteered to go with him. She objected the idea, but Akira told everyone the reason why she eventually caved on that. Shuu volunteered to join the rescue also. She noticed some changes on Mami. Maya asked Mami what's wrong.

Maya and the group were on their way back to the outside. Maya revealed Kazuma's past to the group. It happened five years ago. She went to his house for a dinner once. Maya noticed none of his family paid attention to him at all. Later she found out about Kazuma's family background. Kazuma considered them as family. Maya accussed Shirou for not understand these feeling. The group decided they will rescue Kanako also. Along the way back she asked Shirou why the change of heart. Shirou revealed he doesn't have a mother when growing up. They came to a stop at a cliff. At the bottom Rion saw Kazuma alone. He was trapped between three Gigantopithecuses. She watched in horror as her friend is surrounded by the Gigantopithecuses. Shirou quickly slid down the cliff to join Kazuma. Takashi, Rion and Maya shouted Shirou's name as he landed on the bottom of the cliff. While Takashi guided the group to find another way down, Maya noticed Mami standing at the edge of the cliff. Mami stepped her right leg off the edge. Luckly Maya caught her in time. She didn't think Mami wouldn't be able to get down there. Mami wanted to go to Kazuma. Maya asked her what could she do down there. Mami revealed Kazuma will die down there. The group overheard it also. Maya slid down to relay that message. She told Tooru to look after Mami. While sliding down the cliff, her face got messed up.

Maya was able to track her friends down and hid inside a bush. Maya pulled Kazuma in the bushes when the Gigantopithecus smashes the spot where Kazuma used to be. Shirou dove into the bushes and found Kazuma and Maya. Maya came down to deliver a message to Kazuma. She told Kazuma to be careful. The Gigantopithecuses were on top of them. They left the scene. Maya noticed that Kazuma was lagging behind. In response Kazuma complimented Maya for having good asses. Kazuma knew they will get out of this since they have Shirou with them. They came across an area of dead Meganeura Monyis. Maya couldn't move a bit because of her phobia. Shirou figured out the solution of their problem. They started a fire on a nearby bushes. But the fire spreaded out so fast that they couldn't escape from the smoke.

Akira found Shirou, Maya and Kazuma were lying on the ground. They breathed too much smoke and they couldn't move their bodies. Akira carried the trio on his back. Maya promised to give Akira a kiss if they make it back. But they will keep it a secret from Rion. Akira led them away from the fire before his knee gave up. Akira's Group came back for them. Tooru helped Maya up. They headed to the edge of the jungle and found a old footprints trail. Miina found Shuu in the bush. . After walking along the cliff Akira turned to talk to Kazuma, but he wasn't behind the group any more. Everyone else noticed the Kazuma's absense. Kazuma's blood led down the cliff. They couldn't find Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff.

The group encountered a black fog in the jungle. Animals were fleeing away from the smoke. They found Akira, Kanako and Momoka Kirino near a nest. Rei and Takashi helped them up. Akira left the group to search for Shirou, Maya and Kazuma. The group followed after Akira. They found Akira and the rest lying on the ground. They headed to the edge of the jungle and found a old footprints trail. Miina found Shuu in the bush. After walking on the trail, they noticed Kazuma wasn't behind them anymore. The blood trail led down the cliff. They couldn't Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff. The next morning they found more Morita's Pile of Rocks along their path. They had walked for a whole day, Akira ordered the group to rest. The girls went to a valley to clean themselves up. The girls discussed Kazuma's absence. Kanako suffered the loss worse than everyone else. Maya was the only one who can cheer Kanako up by using Kazuma's quotes. In the end Kanako hugged Rion for thanking everyone for their encouragment words.

Obelisk arc

The group had rested well from the pitstop. Mami sat next to Maya packing up their bags. They were waiting for Akira and Yuki to come back. The group was all fired up to find Makoto's Group when they return.

Akira's Group found another Pile of Rocks ahead of them. Maya wondered why they haven't caught up with them. They discovered recent campfire from Makoto's Group. The pace become harder until Akira ordered a break. Everyone was spread out to rest. Suddenly they heard Ryouichi's yell. They found Ryouichi behind a big rock. He was pointing at something. They looked up and saw a manmade object sticking out in the jungle. Everyone praised Ryouichi for his finding even Maya. The group quickly moved their pace until they reached the object. Nearby they found a craved wing rock object lying on the ground. Rion discovered bags from Makoto's Group. Akira ordered his group to scout the area. Maya, Yuki and Airi searched the nearby forest. They came back with empty hands. The sun was down. They had no choice but to resume the search until next morning. At night the group discussed their missing friends. Kairi told stories about missing people. Maya seemed scare of the stories. She wondered how can people vanish like smoke. The group seemed to believe the disappearing people stories.

The group splited into smaller group and expanded their search. Maya. Mami, Airi and a boy headed a direction. She suggested they try looking in the forest. Suddenly they were recalled to Akira's position. Kanako's group were the last people to have seen Rion's Group before they disappeared. Maya's Group went into the forest, but they didn't see Rion's Group. The group seemed afraid of the disappearing events. Akira and Yuki headed toward the forest to search the forest further. Her group left again to search the area. It started to rain. They came back to find the group had stayed under the trees from the rain. Hers was the last group to return and they didn't find Rion's Group either. Asuka Takahashi suggested they have been eaten by some part of the island. The group was not amused by the suggestion. Akira stepped up and calmed the group down including Maya.

The next day Maya left with her group of Mami, Miki Imazono, and Kako Tsuji. They were searching near the wing statue when they accidentally triggers the trapdoor. After falling into the trapdoor, they discovered they have found Rion's group and along Makoto's Group. Still in the dark they waited for help to come. Suddenly the trapdoor moved again and this time it got stuck. Akira called out Rion's name and she replied it back. Makoto Morita climbed up the rope to check if it is safe. He gave okay for others to climb out. They safely came out of the hole. She and the others girls went to a nearby pond to clean themselves up. Back in camp the two groups met with each other. Maya and Mami rejoiced while eating some food. Maya and the girls were helping out with the excavation and gathering materials for the fence. Seigou Komiyama was filming them using Makoto's Video Camera. They quickly built the base a lot faster, thanks to Makoto's Group. Kanako's group found a weird object during excavation. They moved it next to the wing object. Yuki recognised it as a statue from the Olmec Civilization. Akira's Group started to believe they are still somewhere in their world.

Animal Battle arc

Maya heard that Rei Ooguro is yelling at Seigou and Rinzai Tooru. She wondered what she is doing.

The Propleopuses jumped over the fence and attacked Mami, Seigou, some girl and her. Maya came to Mami's rescue and blocked the animal's attack on Mami. Two more extinct animals came to the base. Akira's Group was surrounded by three kinds of animals. Maya used her karate moves to defend herself against the Propleopus. But the Propleopus used both its legs and kicked Maya away. She landed close to Mami and Takashi. Mami came to her aid as Takashi tried to defend her against the Propleopus. A smoke emerged inside the base. Mami, Maya and Takashi were coughing from the smoke. Akira had set a hut on fire. He recalled everyone to gather around him. Mami carried Maya to Akira's position. While everyone was coughing from the smoke, the animals left the base. All the huts were burned down, so they had to sleep on the ground. Maya noticed Akira left the sleeping ground. She followed after him till she reached the fence. Akira and Seigou stood ready to defend themselves against the Propleopuses. She joined them to try to hold them back. The Proplepuses attacked them. Maya warned Akira about Proplepus' attack from behind, but she was too late. Akira was knocked out by the kick. The Smilodons and Titanis Walleris came along. They started fighting over them. Maya, Akira and Seigou escaped the scene and headed back to camp. A group of people were waiting for them halfway near the camp. The group was surrounded by three different predators. Shirou pointed out they needed supplies in order to survive. Shuu and Takahashi headed toward the river for supplies. Only Asuka came back..

The Titanis Walleris came back and observing them. She listened as Kazunari Murayama retold the story about Shuu's death. Kanako fainted from a fever. The Titanis Walleris came closer and closer to them. Kazunari suggested someone let them be eaten. Akira punched him for that suggestion. She was with Yuki and Mami when she hears Asuka's singing. Everyone spirits were lifted up by her song. Akira planned to fight against the animals. They needed to do something before they ran out of supplies. Everyone pitched in their suggestions, but it won't work. Akira asked the real Miina about her descriptions about the animals. Miina Isurugi revealed the weaknesses of the Proplepus, Smilodon and Titanis Walleri. Akira asked Shirou to check it on his Laptop. Shirou couldn't find the weaknesses anywhere. Akira thought they will be able to defeat the animals at the same time. Kazunari was missing from the group. Akira and Aya Tokiwa went after him.

Maya and the group ran for their lives when the Proplepuses came and attacked the base. A Propleopus kicked her on her stomach. She didn't have the strength to fight back. Akira ordered everyone to follow after him. Outside the fence he ordered the group lie down as the Propleopuses jumped and headed toward Akira's position. They landed on the spot where the trapdoor was hidden. The trapdoor turned and they were inside. The group celebrated the victory. They pulled Akira out of the hole.

Maya and the group resumed their excavation duty. Her excavation group found something at the base of the Tower. Yuki left and came back with Akira, Shirou and Rion. She showed Akira a plate at the base. They washed the plate off with water and saw the name of Miina Isurugi craved on the rock. They were stunned by the revealing. Maya demanded answer from her, but she had none. Takashi and Shirou managed to calm the group down. Maya still wondered why her name is on the plate. Akira asked his group to share their encounters, knowledge and information to piece together for a way out of here. They recalled the event before the incident to various events at the island. Seigou recalled having a private chat with the pilot after they landed on the island. Maya pointed out the pilot's word about hurrying up on leaving or they will be too late. Kanako's stomach made a noise. Apparently she was hungry. Since it had been a long day. They set out and found fishes by the river. The group listened as Rion gave a speech how they have changed since they have been on the island. Everyone gave themselves a goal if they ever returned to Japan. Maya wanted to take over the high school if she came back.

Pyramid arc

She stayed behind the exploration party at the camp, and helped to dig The Tower, and when Akira returned, she was one of the people who hugged the group.

Failed Experiment arc

Showdown arc

Operation arc

Tower of Death arc

While bathing with the other girls in preparation to depart for the fourth tower, Maya answers Rion's question of what they intend to do when they return to Japan by replying that she would return to karate and test her strength against her sensei. When the girls become nostalgic for their families, Maya poses the question of what to do if they could not return home, saying that they would have to settle down and have children, and that Akira would make a good husband, much to Rion's annoyance.

When they travel at the fourth tower, Maya urges the others on, reminiscing about her struggles on the island. When they find the tower is surrounded by bones, Maya asks Akira if he thinks they should pull back, and volunteers to join Akira's group to explore the interior of the building, vowing to do what Kazuma couldn't.


Maya grew up in a dojo, and trained vigorously in karate, eventually becoming a second dan. She is a skilled and confident warrior, able to smash various targets to pieces with her kicks, and has such control she could lash out a leg toward someone's head and stop abruptly before making contact. Maya's fighting skills make her a valuable member of her group, as she is not afraid to fight even ferocious beasts. She is really powerful and skillful, as she is able to defeat a wrestler who can compete in the nationals in mere seconds. Despite her skills, she does have a hard time against animals, especially when they can shrug off her attacks.

Maya's fighting talents aren't only in her skill and power, but she is also agile, as she has been seen being able to avoid attacks from both sides by two different Argentavis. She also has a tolerance for damage and despite bleeding it doesn't slow her down from fighting at all.


  • (To Akira Sengoku ) "Heh-heh. There've been sensei who've taken down waterbuffalo n' bear. But I bet I'm the first karate practicioner to take down such a giganto bird!"
  • (To Tooru Rinzai and Shirou Mariya ) "What're you talking about...!? Ryouichi and I will get everyone down."
  • (To Kyouko Nakayama ) "Don't underestimate me. I'm Maya Miyauchi, a second Dan in Karate!"
  • (To Shirou Mariya ) "What I'm saying is...! Although Zaji may seem like a carefree guy, friends and comrades are an irreplaceable thing for him...! ...Well... someone as smart as you might not understand these feelings."
  • (To Kanako Oomori ) "I mean, he was an idiot, careless and completely useless, but he was always laughing... I wonder if he enjoyed it... being able to hang around everyone... Kanako-san, you need to continue smiling... ...That Zaji was always telling me... Kanako-san is the best when she smiles..."
  • (To Akira Sengoku and Seigou Komiyama) "It's nothing to worry about! Three is better than two, right?"


  • Chapter 51 has shown Maya having entomophobia, the fear of bugs.
  • Along with Tokiwa Aya is one of the best fighters in the series. With the difference that Maya fights using her fists and feet. While Tokiwa uses her wooden knives.

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