Mami Kagura

神楽 真実


May 13th


16 Years Old


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Manga: Chapter 65

Mami Kagura (神楽 真実, Kagura Mami) is a female in Akira's Group. She's a high-schooler who has clairvoyant abilities, being able to predict the events in the near future. She has a shy personality and is one of the few passengers that didn't attend the same school as the rest of the main cast.


Mami is a girl of short stature. She has brown hair with two large bangs extending further than the back of her hair where her hair is cut cleanly across all around. Her hair extends to the middle of her neck and she is seen wearing a pink headband on the top of her head. She has large green eyes and is seen holding her bright pink bag. She wears a school uniform different from everyone else, as she attends a different school. She is seen with a yellow sweater and a dark red bow at her chest area. She seems to be wearing a white shirt with a white collar underneath her sweater. She also wears a small skirt coloured gray with dark red and dark purple lines going across. She looks similar to Aya Tokiwa in the sense that their hairstyles are almost the same and they both wear a sweater.


Mami is a relatively shy, meek girl. She is doubtful in her own abilities and is usually seen hesitant. She doesn't seem to laugh much, but when she does it's a cute giggle. She doesn't seem to have any outgoing personality and is more reserved and extremely embarrassed when brought up in certain situations, especially with guys. Despite her quiet nature, she's also kind to others and does things in the best interest of others.

She has shown to take action when needed and despite worrying over everyone doubting her and thinking of her as a liar, she still tells everyone when she sees a premonition, hoping that they can be saved. She has been shown to be scared of her powers and despite people doing or saying harsh things to her, she doesn't hold any resentment. She is also rather submissive, not defending herself much when being groped by her manager Kyouko Nakayama.


Before the trip, Mami used to attend an all girls school. When she was a child, she was known for having sharp instincts and became famous throughout her neighbourhood. Her abilities seem to have come from her mother, as she had the same abilities as well. When she first started senior high, she could simply guess the answers in a test and have a high 80% chance of getting the answer right. However, during the night she saw a premonition of the shrine being wrapped around 'red tape'. She was curious so she went out and was just in time to stop a huge fire. Her story became famous and soon people began to interview and look for her. She would say whatever was in her head and usually ended up getting it right. However, this didn't happen all the time and the flukes wouldn't keep happening which caused people to doubt her, despite her being famous.

According to Tadahiko Uchimura, Mami's Group originally was close to 30 people from the start. At a swamp area Mami warned her group about the danger, but they simply ignored her premonition. Aside Mami and 5 adults they watched as their friends sunk into a bottomless swamp.


Mami the Clairvoyant arc

Mami was first heard shouting an order at Akira's Group to run toward the river when they are surrounded by Pristichampus. Mami knew Akira's Group were down there because of her premonition. Her group watched as they ran toward the river. After following her orders, she looked down from a cliff at Akira's Group on the river.

She simply stared and watched from the sidelines as her manager, Kyouko began introducing themselves as a group. They exchanged information how they went after the incident. Her group retreated into the forest to discuss whether they join Akira's Group. Akira Sengoku recognised her from her voice and thanked her for her help. Mami turned around and smiled as she makes her way to her group. Along the way Mami listened as her group talked about her.

Upon arriving at a spacious area, Mami was seen sitting on a rock, holding her hangs together in a prayer as she channels for a prediction. She seemed to be listening to the rest of the members in her group as they talk about her where she opens her eyes. As time passed, she had told the group what she had "saw" in her prediction about seeing a "bloody W". Her group was a bit nervous since this premonition is pretty disturbing and much more vague than usual. They suggested that this premonition involve Akira's Group since they didn't fit the description. Mami listened as her group discuss what the best action to take would be. Suddenly they heard a noise in a bush. They found Akira behind the bushes. He claimed he was worried about them, so he came to check on them. Akira walked past the group and headed toward Mami. She was shocked at Akira knowing her identity and simply looks at him nervously; likely thinking he would judge her abilities like what had happened in her past. As he states it's incredible, Mami was shocked to hear him say that and blush even further as he calls her cute. Her face immediately turned bright red where she backs away waving her hands frantically saying it's not true how she's cute and such. She quickly fell onto her back in a blushing frenzy as she was called cute. Masayuki Ikeda and Shouji Mukai came to the rescue and blocked Akira from going near her. Akira asked Mami if she has a premonition lately. As Akira soon grabs her shoulders, she begins to mumble unsurely when he begs her to ask her what she saw. Before she could say anything, she was interrupted by Kyouko who explains what she had seen. Kyouko hinted about a blood stained W. Mami's Group is inside Akira's camp. Akira's Group discussed about the letter W. Kazuma Saji walked to her and asked her to sign on his shirt. As she bended down, Shouji and Masayuki stared at her underwear.

The next day after the death of Tadashi Katou and Shinji Gotou were discovered by Akira's group and her prediction seemingly came true, Mami was seen staring at the incident from behind a tree from afar. Soon enough, she relayed another prediction of a "couple in uniforms lying on a red carpet" where Akira's group is informed by down, Shouji and Masayuki.

Mami and Kyouko were alone in the forest. Kyouko recalled how Akira's Group are crying about Mami's premonition. Mami confronted her manager asking nervously if it is fine to trick people like that about her predictions. She stated that something terrible had happened to the two students and asked if it really was a coincidence only to be shouted at by her manager and soon apologizing for calling her manager despite the pair supposed to be keeping their relationship secret. Kyouko blatantly stated she never had such abilities. Mami recalled how it all started. She was scouted by Kyouko after her first premonition about arson attempt. She prevented the fire and soon Mami appeared a various of newspapers and magazines. As Kyouko asked if she's listening, Mami stopped thinking about her past where Kyouko cross examines her asking if it's because Akira had called her cute where she mumbles that is not the case. Soon enough, Kyouko embraced her and quickly grabbed her breast where Mami's eyes widen as she sees a vision of her manager getting mauled by the Pristichampuses. Eyes widening and mouth opening, Mami begins to shake and mumbles wondering what she had just saw. After her vision, she panicky questioned what she saw and warned Kyouko to be careful when alone. However as her manager laughed at her, Mami wandered why she is laughing, mumbling as she walks off writing it off as her own imagination.

Mami took a bath within a small stream where she makes some rustling noises by the giant plants. Akira came around the corner and saw her naked. She let out a huge scream and turned around immediately. Letting out cries of shock, she heard a splash from behind her realizing Akira had hidden under water. Seeing him not come back up, she stared intently as he ashores and begins to apologize frantically. Mami giggled at Akira's apology, as well as being attacked by a miniature crab. As Akira started to leave, Mami stated his name. Gulping, she asked in if he believes in premonitions. Realizing what she asked, she apologized and ran off back to her clothes. Putting on her clothes, Mami remarked that he'd just laugh at her like her manager and that no one would believe her. After putting on her shirt, she also realized Akira has saw her naked. Her face turned bright red and she waved her arms frantically. Shouji and Masayuki found her and warned her about Akira. She listened as Shouji and Masayuki promised they will protect her. When Shouji touched her shoulder, Mami saw a serie of premonitions. It involves Shouji and Masayuki getting mauled by Pristichampuses. Tadahiko Uchimura and Mitsuhiro Muramatsu are next. Takashi Yamaguchi, Maya Miyauchi, Kazuma and Yuki Sakuma are attacked by the Pristichampuses. Shouji wondered what's wrong with her. Her eyes widen as she saw her own death with a Pristichampus snapping at her neck.

Mami returned to Kyouko and explained her premonition to her. Kyouko didn't believe her since the Pristichampus couldn't climb up the plateau where they are. Mami returned to camp after Kyouko walks away from her. Kazuma came to camp and escort her group to his camp. Akira's Group looked very mad at Mami. Maya and Takashi blamed her of the deaths of their two friends. Mami recognised Maya from her premonition. Mami told them another death premonition, but Akira's Group didn't believe her. Akira protected her and ordered everyone to find Kyouko first if they wanna know if Mami wasn't lying about her premonition. They came across the Pristichampus. From the chaos Kyouko sneaked from behind and freed Mitsuhiro from his binding. Kyouko told Mami to come with them and dragged her by her arm. The rest of Mami's Group saw that and they wished to follow Mami. They ran toward a thick bushes and rested for a while. Kyouko suddenly fell down after stumbling against something hard. Mami watched in horror as Nakayama is mauled by the Pristichampus like her premonition. Shouji and Masayuki dragged her away as her group flee from the Pristichampus. She cried as her premonition comes true and soon the rest of it. After running aimlessly away and they found the area less dangerous. Mitsuhiro suggested they hid inside the bush while he and Tadahiko scout the area ahead of them. Mami tried to stop them because of her premonition, but they reassured her about their abilities against the Pristichampus. Shouji and Masayuki reminded Mami about them protecting her.

They waited inside the bushes for Mitsuhiro and Tadahiko to return. After a while Masayuki realised they have abandoned them and escape on their own. Shouji and Masayuki started to freak out. Shouji couldn't hold himself anymore. He held Mami down on the ground. Since he was gonna to die soon, Shouji wanted to do with Mami first. So did Masayuki too. Mami escaped Shouji's gripes and started to run away. But Masayuki held her leg down and Mami fell down again. They heard some rustle noise behind them. The Pristichampuses came through the bushes and bit Shouji and Masayuki. Mami watched them getting mauled like her premonition. She realised the fate of Mitsuhiro and Tadahiko is the same. Mami hadn't moved a bit after her friends were mauled. She wondered if Akira and his group are still alive after hers is dead. A Pristichampus noticed her presence and ran toward her. Mami closed her eyes since she already knows her death is the next premonition will comes true. Suddenly someone pulled her away from the Pristichampus. She opened her eyes and saw Akira saves her. Akira recalled their encounter by the river. He knew she will need his help. Mami confessed she will die next and soon the whole Akira's Group. Akira pulled her up and promised his group will save her again. His group agreed it too. Mami wondered if her premonition isn't over yet. Mami revealed she has another death premonition. Akira reorganised his group to protect Mami as they headed to the river. Mami wondered if they could defend themselves with a group mostly full of girls. Rion Akagami and Yuki pushed her back as a Pristichampus was about to attack her. They double blocked it with their sticks. She was amazed how the girls defended themselves, even the small Miina Isurugi (Fake) went to the front. Miina wondered if they didn't believe her premonition. Akira explained they don't believe that this is their fate to die on the island.

Akira's Group held their defence until they reached the river. Akira will cover their retreat as they jumped into the river. A Pristichampus attacked Akira and he fell down. Mami hadn't jumped into the river. She helped Akira up and together they ran toward the river. As they ran away from the Pristichampus, she recalled how scared she is this whole time. After she started seeing things, she became an even bigger coward. They jumped into the river as the Pristichampus was about to bite them. The whole group was saved again. Akira asked her what's wrong. Mami finally understood why Akira does incredible things. Mami was kinda jealous of his friendship with his group. Before they left, Akira thanked Mami for saving him. After that Mami had another premonition (about Kouichi Yarai, Ch 132). Akira noticed a weird look on her eyes. When it was over, she didn't talk about it.

They walked along the river for four or five hours. They decided to rest on a sandbank middle in the river. Mami and the girls hung up their laundry on the branches. Mami was curious about their spare clothes. Rion explained they were on their return school's field trip to Japan when the accident happens. She warned Mami about boys being perverts and stealing clothes. Rei Ooguro came back from the boy's side and explained the boy's contest. They decided they will host their own contest. The votes were counted. The result surprised everyone.

Gigantopithecus arc

Akira's Group had stayed at the sandbank for a day and they are ready to leave. They came across a Meganeura Monyi flying over them. Mami and Airi Narumi requested Maya to do something about the huge bug. But she is afraid of bugs. The Meganeura Monyi headed toward them and it was hit down by Shuu Hikime. They found Pile of Rocks left behind by Makoto Morita. More clues led them to a jungle with huge trees. They decided to make camp before heading into the jungle.

Mami and the others heard Rion's cry near the camp. Rion told them what happens to Kanako Oomori and her. Shirou Mariya found the footprints of the animal. They were afraid of the size of the animal. Akira led his group into the jungle. Along the footprints they also found Kanako's jacket. They noticed a little blood spot on it. Akira's Group was now heading deep into the jungle. Their supplies of Torch Pine were burning out. They needed to fan out to search for more. When the last torch went out, the unknown animal started its attack. Rion recognised it as Kanako's Attacker. Out of the darkness an Eusmilus came out and faced the unknown animal. Akira's Group hid behind the trees and watched the confrontation between the two animals. Eusmilus attacked the unknown animal and got killed by it. Moonlight shined on the silhouette and Shirou recognised it as a Gigantopithecus. After killing the Eusmilus, the Gigantopithecus left the scene. Akira's Group were now afraid of Kanako's attacker. Even Shirou gave up on Kanako. Akira couldn't believe Shirou said that. Kazuma beat him up for that suggestion. Akira stopped Kazuma from beating Mariya to death. Imazono Miki and Mami were stunned when Kazuma decides to save Kanako on its own. Akira volunteered to go with him. He told everyone why the reason and everyone agreed to it. Shuu volunteered to join the rescue also. Kazuma touched Mami's shoulder before leaving. Mami had a premonition about Kazuma's death. She was unsure whether the premonition is true or not.

Mami and the group were on their way back to the outside. Maya revealed Kazuma's past to the group. Kazuma considered them as family. Mami hadn't decided whether she tells anyone about Kazuma's death. They didn't believe in her premonition. The group decided they will rescue Oomori also. They came to a stop at a cliff. At the bottom Rion saw Kazuma alone. He was trapped between three Gigantopithecuses. Shirou quickly slid down the cliff to join Kazuma. While Takashi guided the group to find another way down, Mami stood at the edge of the cliff looking down. She stepped her right leg off the edge. Luckly Maya caught her in time. She didn't think Mami wouldn't be able to get down there. Mami wanted to go to Kazuma. Maya asked her what could she do down there. Mami revealed Kazuma will die down there. The group overheard it also. Maya slid down to relay that message. Before she left, she told Tooru Rinzai to look after Mami.

The group encountered a black fog in the jungle. Animals were fleeing away from the smoke. They found Akira, Kanako and Momoka Kirino near a nest. Rei and Takashi helped them up. Akira left the group to search for Shirou, Maya and Kazuma. The group followed after Akira. They found Akira and the rest lying on the ground. Mami helped Kazuma up. They headed to the edge of the jungle and found an old footprints trail. Miina found Shuu in the bush. After walking on the trail, they noticed Kazuma isn't behind them anymore. The blood trail led down the cliff. They couldn't Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff. The next morning they found more Makoto's Pile of Rocks along their path. They had walked for a whole day, Akira ordered the group to rest. The girls went to a valley to clean themselves up. The girls discussed Kazuma's absence. Mami wished she has told something sooner. Kanako suffered the loss worse than everyone else. Maya was the only one who can cheer Kanako up by using Kazuma's quotes. In the end Kanako hugged Rion for thanking everyone for their encouragment words.

Obelisk arc

The group had rested well from the pitstop. Mami sat next to Maya packing up their bags. They were waiting for Akira and Yuki to come back. The group was all fired up to find Makoto's Group when they return. Maya wanted everyone to stay alive.

Akira's Group found another Pile of Rocks ahead of them. They discovered recent campfire from Makoto's Group. The pace become harder until Akira ordered a break. Everyone was spread out to rest. Suddenly they heard Ryouichi Suzuki's yell. They found Ryouichi behind a big rock. He was pointing at something. They looked up and saw a manmade object sticking out in the jungle. Everyone praised Ryouichi for his finding. The group quickly moved their pace until they reached the object. Nearby they found a craved wing rock object lying on the ground. Rion discovered bags from Makoto's Group. Akira ordered his group to scout the area. They came back with empty hands. The sun was down. They had no choice but to resume the search until next morning. At night the group discussed their missing friends. Kairi Narumi told stories about missing people. Mami seemed scare of the stories. The group seemed to believe the disappearing people stories.

The group splited into smaller group and expanded their search. Maya, Mami and two other people headed a direction. She suggested they try looking in the forest. Suddenly they were recalled to Akira's position. Kanako's group were the last people to have seen Rion's Group before they disappeared. Maya's Group went into the forest, but they didn't see Rion's Group. The group seemed afraid of the disappearing events. Akira and Yuki headed toward the forest to search the forest further. Maya's group left again to search the area. It started to rain. They came back to find the group had stayed under the trees from the rain. Hers was the last group to return and they didn't find Rion's Group either. Asuka Takahashi suggested they have been eaten by some part of the island. The group was not amused by the suggestion. Akira stepped up and calmed the group down including Mami.

The next day Maya left with her group of Mami, Miki Imazono, and Kako Tsuji. They were searching near the wing statue when they accidentally triggers the trapdoor. After falling into the trapdoor, they discovered they have found Rion's group and along Makoto's Group. Still in the dark they waited for help to come. Suddenly the trapdoor moved again and this time it got stuck. Akira called out Rion's name and she replied it back. Makoto Moritaclimbed up the rope to check if it is safe. He gave okay for others to climb out. They safely came out of the hole. She and the others girls went to a nearby pond to clean themselves up. Back in camp the two groups met with each other. Maya and Mami rejoiced while eating some food. Mami and the girls were helping out with the excavation and gathering materials for the fence. Seigou Komiyama was filming them using Makoto's Video Camera. They quickly built the base a lot faster, thanks to Makoto's Group. Kanako's group found a weird object during excavation. They moved it next to the wing object. Sakuma recognised it as a statue from the Olmec Civilization. Akira's Group started to believe they are still somewhere in their world.

Animal Battle arc

Mami was serving water at the Water Barrel when Hideo Igarashi asks Shirou to get him some water. Even Rei went on rampage at Hideo and Tooru, she remained calm and did her job.

The Propleopuses jumped over the fence and attacked Maya, Seigou, some girl and her. She fell down after being attacked. Luckly Maya came to her rescue and blocked the animal's attack. Two more extinct animals came to the base. Akira's Group was surrounded by three kind of animals. She and Yasunori Yamato watched as Maya used her karate moves against the Propleopus. But the Propleopus used both its legs and kicked Maya away. She landed close to Mami and Yasunori. Mami came to Maya's aid as Yasunori tried to defend her against the Propleopus. A smoke emerged inside the base. Mami, Maya and Yasunori were coughing from the smoke. Akira had set a hut on fire. He recalled everyone to gather around him. Mami carried Maya to Akira's position. While everyone was coughing from the smoke, the animals left the base. All the huts were burned down, so they had to sleep on the ground. Shirou pointed out they needed supplies in order to survive. Shuu and Asuka headed toward the river for supplies. Only Asuka came back.

The Titanis Walleris came back and observing them. Kazunari Murayama retold the story about Shuu's death. She seemed a bit of scared of that thought. Kanako fainted from a fever. The Titanis Walleris came closer and closer to them. Kazunari suggested someone let them be eaten. Akira punched him for that suggestion. She was with Maya and Yuki when she hears Asuka's singing. Everyone spirits were lifted up by her song. Akira planned to fight against the animals. They needed to do something before they ran out of supplies. Everyone pitched in their suggestions, but it won't work. Akira asked the real Miina about her descriptions about the animals. Miina revealed the weaknesses of the Proplepus, Smilodon and Titanis Walleri. Akira asked Shirou to check it on his Laptop. Shirou couldn't find the weaknesses anywhere. Akira thought they will be able to defeat the animals at the same time. Kazunari was missing from the group. Akira and Aya decided to search for him.

Mami and the group ran for their lives when the Proplepuses came and attacked the base. The Propleopuses had surrounded the group and they had no way out. Akira ordered everyone to follow after him. She and Kazunari saw Akira led the group to somewhere. Outside the fence he ordered the group lie down as the Propleopuses jumped and headed toward Akira's position. They landed on the spot where the trapdoor was hidden. The trapdoor turned and they were inside. The group celebrated the victory. They pulled Akira out of the hole.

Mami and the group resumed their excavation duty. Her excavation group found something at the base of the Tower. Yuki left and came back with Akira, Shirou and Rion. Maya showed Akira a plate at the base. They washed the plate off with water and saw the name of Miina Isurugi craved on the rock. They were stunned by the revealing. The group demanded answer from her, but she had none. Takashi and Shirou managed to calm the group down. Akira asked his group to share their encounters, knowledge and information to piece together for a way out of here. Mami was at the back of the plane. They recalled the event before the incident to various events at the island. Seigou recalled having a private chat with the pilot after they landed on the island. Maya pointed out the pilot's word about hurrying up on leaving or they will be too late. Kanako's stomach made a noise. Apparently she was hungry. Since it had been a long day. They set out and found fishes by the river. The group listened as Rion gave a speech how they have changed since they have been on the island. Everyone gave themselves a goal if they ever returned to Japan. Mami didn't have a mother anymore, but she wanted to return to help her father.

Pyramid arc

Mami was chosen to be a member of Akira's Pyramid Party to take a closer look at Pyramid and Takashi Nishikiori.

In the pyramid, due falling debris, Mami injured her leg and had troubles to keep up with others and so couldn't climb down to laboratories. When Akira's Pyramid Party escaped from the Pyramid, Mami was the only one who got caught. Later, she saw Kouichi's Group reaching the Pyramid and has a premonition about Kouichi Yarai. After she saw Kouichi give a lecture to Takashi about bullying others, she had a premonition about Kouichi fighting against Akira which made her worried.

Failed Experiment arc

Showdown arc

Operation arc

Tower of Death arc


Mami has clairvoyant abilities, which allows her to predict future events that have yet to happen. Her abilities to their full extent are unknown, but it seems her mother also had the same abilities as her. Her accuracy isn't 100%, causing people to question her abilities and the outcome of her predictions can be altered depending on actions taken by the others. She can also predict events that have yet to happen for numerous weeks, as seen when she predicted Akira having a scary face.


  • (To Akira's Group) "Everyone! Li-listen to me please!! We're all going to be in big trouble!! You're all going to face a terrible danger... and many will die...! I... I saw it..."
  • (To Akira's Group, before joining the group) "It's impossible... either way, we won't be able to escape... my manager and the other people... they're all dead... just as I predicted... and's my turn to die...! The crocodile snaps at my neck... lots of blood spurts everywhere... If you stay with me, I might put all of you in danger too... So... just leave me...! It... It's no use anymore. It's my fate to die here..."
  • (Thinking) "I was scared this whole time... which is why I couldn't defy anyone... ever since I started seeing weird things, I became an even bigger coward... but that's not right...! I can't give up! I don't want to just stand around crying... I'll fight too... because I don't want to lose to fate...!!"
  • (To Akira Sengoku) "...I think I'm starting to understand why you can all do such incredible things... I bet all of you have overcome countless dangerous situations, right? With everyone working together..."


  • At first, during the Magazine release, Mami had not seen any prediction at the end of her introduction arc leaving Shirou speculating whether her predictions are true. However, this is later changed during the Volume release where it is shown her having a prediction of Akira having a scary face.
  • Her skirt has changed during her time on the island.

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