Kanako Oomori

大森 夏奈子


August 25th


23 Years Old


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color







Blood type O
Measurements: 95-60-90




Flight Attendant




Father, Mother, Big Brother

Personal Status

Romance novels, Stuffed animals


Her own klutziness

First Appearance

Manga: Chapter 1

Kanako Oomori (大森 夏奈子, Oomori Kanako) (Kodansha: Ohmori Kanako) is one of the flight attendants on the plane on her first flight. She's a rather clumsy flight attendant. She used to go to an all-girls highschool with Towa.


Kanako has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears her hair in a ponytail, with a pink bow. She has rather ample breasts and is pretty tall. Kanako wears the basic flight attendant uniform which consists of a blue long-sleeved shirt with blue buttons. Underneath her top, she wears a white long-sleeved top as well. Near her chest area, she wears a pink ribbon and a blue dress the same colour as her long-sleeved blue shirt. The dress ends at around her knees and also has a cut on each side. She has bright pink shoes and also has a pink scarf which is part of her flight attendant uniform, too.


Kanako is an extremely clumsy character, noticeably failing the flight attendant exam 16 times. She's easily confused by both words and people's actions and has a tendency to tripping over a lot. When it comes to things like love, she seems to be really confused and unsure on what she's doing. Despite being bewildered, she's an affectional, caring person who always tries to look after others. She's been shown not able to argue with others as Kyouko Nakayama displayed after being accused for lying.

Kanako has a similar personality to Akira Sengoku's since she's got a strong, determined side that she hadn't displayed previously before coming to the island. She thinks about others before herself and is considered the nurse of the group. Her kindness makes her rather popular among the students as they regard her highly. Despite her clumsiness, the other students see her in a way that was the complete opposite what she was at home. Kanako's determined side is shown as she risks her own life to save others and help others on numerous occasions, namely Shirou Mariya and Momoka Kirino. She is very humble and has little confidence in herself, except ironically in her breasts' size.


Kanako used to go to an all-girls high school as a freshman and had shared a room with the person she admired, her senior, Towa. The two were extremely close friends to the point Kanako developed some affection towards her. Even when Kanako was younger, she showed her usual clumsy habits and Towa warned her about being so clumsy everywhere. When Towa was Kanako to become a flight attendant, Kanako stated she too will become a flight attendant. Before becoming a flight attendant, she had failed the test 16 times and when she finally passed the test, she met Towa after 3 whole years. Despite the warming reunion between the two, Kanako still retained her usual habits and when she forgot her scarf, which is part of her flight attendant uniform, Towa then kindly offers her one, as she had a spare one.


Wonderful World arc

During the plane flight, Kanako was working as a flight attendant and had clumsily spilt a beverage on Motoko Kurusu, begging for forgiveness. She is later seen rushing off with her equipment, more than likely to tend to the others. After the plane crash, she was separated from the plane with Shirou.

Oomori crying over her situation

Kanako crying over her situation

Upon arriving on the island, she was first seen getting attacked mercilessly by a Diatryma as she was forcefully shaken around and thrown onto its nest. She was screeching as it done so, losing all her energy to even walk. However, after being saved by Akira, she states she can't walk only to be immediately carried by him. They run from the Diatryma only to be blasted to the ground as the Diatryma knocks her, Akira and Shirou over. The three eventually follow Akira's lead and take refuge in a small crevice in a mountain until the Diatryma left them alone. They made their way back to a pond, where she had continued to cry relentlessly. Kanako beings to utter her complaints, saying she failed the employment 16 times and though she finally passed, this incident happened. Akira decided it would be best to have a rest and after they done so, they begin to search for survivors.

Kanako's breakdown

When searching for everyone else the next morning, Kanako noticed how amazing Akira was in being able to do such a smart thing like the Square Search to help others lead to their group. As he said it was Shirou who taught him, she also states how smart Shirou has to have been. Whilst Shirou and Akira went to talk, Kanako began getting extremely scared of a Ptilodus, but as it doesn't harm her and only plays with her, she quickly befriends it. However, the Ptilodus begins to flee at amazing speeds after another Diatryma had arrived at the scene, ready to attack them. They were saved by a Smilodon arriving on the scene as the two beasts charge at each other and engage in battle. When in the intersection between the two beasts, Akira saved both Kanako and Shirou by bringing them to the ground as the two beasts fight it out. Ultimately, the Smilodon slaughtered the Diatryma and sunk its teeth into its neck, before leaving, it leaves with a terrifying stare that the whole scenario causes Kanako to urinate from sheer fear. As the three regroup, Kanako begins to have a slight breakdown, saying they're all going to die. Akira talks to both Shirou and Kanako about what his school live used to be, saying he thought the world never changed, but the entire time, he was wrong. Kanako was sullen as she listened to him, possibly even regretting what she had said.

Oomori saying they should work together.

Kanako saying they should work together.

Kanako woke up early after the nights sleep and went to clean herself, where Akira accidentally saw Kanako naked. Though embarrassed, she apologized for what she said the day before and climbed up on a rock, smiling at him and thanking him for saving her. After this, a Water Bottle splashes into the water from upstream, Kanako quickly informs Akira where they begin to follow the river upstream. As they find the Plane landing was a success, she enters the plane after Akira and with Shirou to find not a single person. She first searches the cockpit and as she arrives at the cockpit, she and Shirou are met by the pilot, Masaru Tsuchiya's dead corpse. After seeing this, Kanako lets out a large shriek in terror and begins to cry for her colleague death and that he had been murdered by someone else.

The three quickly find a video camera, also known as Makoto Morita's ZONY camera. The camera displays the events that unravelled before they entered the plane, a mass panic and how they were also attacked by a group of Andrewsarchus. She wonders where Rion Akagami would've went as Kanako places a towel covering the pilots face as Akira asks her whether there was a place to hide. Kanako states that there is the ceiling nap room, which is used for long flights. As Akira begins banging on the doors, she was surprised at his deduction when trying to find Rion. After entering the room, they find Rion hiding under the blankets. After a warming reunion, everyone begins talking about what was shown on the camera. Rion says being with everyone was frightening, while Kanako concurred, saying she also experienced her emotions taking over and getting frustrated. However, she adds that she was alright because Akira was there for her which causes Rion to be jealous. She also adds at how Akira had peeked on her when she was having a bath.

Oomori checking the medicine

Kanako checking the medicine

As everyone goes to do their own thing, Kanako was checking the plane for medical supplies that would be useful for everyone, displaying her knowledge in medicine. Kanako and Rion later meet up talking about Akira with Kanako slightly teasing her in a friendly manner. After Rion insults Akira, Kanako defends him and then begins to blush saying it was unintentional. Shirou follows by informing them that Akira is missing. After they search the plane for a few hours, night time soon fell and to no avail. The plane soon begins shaking with everyone getting thrown around as they were now getting attacked by a Megatherium Americanum. Kanako was quick to notice the Megatherium's tongue probing through the plane and almost grabbing Rion, however fortunately warned her before anything could happen. Kanako volunteers to go outside considering she's the only adult, however the shaking causes her to slam her head against the ground knocking her unconscious. After regaining consciousness thanks to Rion, she notices Akira had caused a fire to fend off the animals. Kanako suggests they go to the cockpit to obtain a rope so that they could escape the plane considering the Megatherium had knocked down the escape chute.

Shirou and Rion helping Kanako opening the door

Kanako drenches herself in water as do Shirou and Rion and head to the cockpit shrugging off the flames. After arriving at the cockpit, it was completely blocked off because of the previous havoc, Kanako was then unsure what to do blaming herself for suggesting to go there, but remembered there was another exit, the bulk cargo room. When arriving in the bulk cargo room, she explains that it's so hot as they're basically in an oven with a fire above and below them and that there is only a single manual door left, the bulk cargo room door. As Rion was about to touch the burning hot handle, Kanako shouts at her to stop, as she removes her wet jacket and proceeds by throwing her wet jacket on the lever having a burning effect upon contact, she tries to open the door up and after getting help from everyone else, the door opens allowing them to meet Akira who was on the other side of the door.

As they escape the plane, Kanako notices Akira's hands burned, thinking that it wasn't just their power that opened the door, but it was also Akira. They were quickly greeted by an ominous voice, Hades, where he says Akira had destroyed everyone's hope. As Akira bears this burden, she, Rion and Shirou begin to follow him to find a place to sleep.

Raft arc

Kanako is now apart of Akira's Group and they were heading toward the ocean. She couldn't keep up with Akira's pace. At the beach they found Kazuma Saji from Class 3. He was building a Raft with Masakazu Yoshimoto, Masanori Tanaka and Mina Mukouda. Rion whispered to Kanako about Kazuma being a delinquent with nasty thoughts. He's planning to leave The Island with the Raft. Akira's Group was stunned by his plan. Kanako thought it was impossible. Kazuma pointed out somewhere in the ocean. There was another island nearby. She suggested there won't be any weird animals on that island. Akira glared one look at the group before agreeing to help Kazuma out with his Raft. Before shaking hand with Akira, Kazuma flipped the skirts of Kanako and Rion up. Masakazu, Masanori and Mina returned from gathering materials for the Raft. They traded stories about the first two nights on the island. Masakazu pointed out that the Andrewsarchus won't come near the beach, because of its nature. When they were running short of materials again Kazuma suggested he will go out with Rion and Kanako, but Akira put a stop to that. After a while Akira, Rion and Kazuma returned in a hurry. Kazuma hit Masakazu for his comment about the Andrewsarchus. Kanako heard the Andrewsarchus' attack from Rion. Kanako continued her work on the Raft while the rest were discussing about dealing with the Andrewsarchus. Kanako suddenly raise her hand, suggestion about diving into the water. Masakazu thought it was a good idea.

Kanako heard screams from the jungle. Masakazu, Masanori and Mina had been away for a while. Shirou, Rion and Kanako headed toward the ocean while Akira and Kazuma will check it out. Akira soon returned with the rest of the group with the Andrewsarchus on their back. Shirou, Rion and Kanako were in the ocean, calling their friends to run toward the sea. An Ambulocetus jumped out from the water and tripped Rion. Kanako and Shirou were back at the beach while Rion was thrown into the water by the animal. The Andrewsarchus was coming closer to them. Kazuma and Akira defended the group and they were pushing the Raft into the ocean. Andrewsarchus broke through the defense and ate Masanori up. The Andrewsarchus was in pain. Akira ordered the group to leave with the Raft. They climbed onboard leaving Akira behind. Mina immediately bit Kanako on her hand and Masakazu hit Kazuma on his head. They pushed Kanako and Kazuma off the Raft. The helpless Shirou was the last one to get off. Kanako and Kazuma were back on the beach. She saw Shirou drowning in the water. Kazuma didn't want to go back to the ocean because of the Ambulocetus. Kanako didn't want anyone else to die. So stripped off her clothes and dived into the ocean. Kazuma followed after her. Both of them dragged Shirou back to the beach only after they saw the Raft destroyed by the Basilosaurus. Back on the beach Shirou, Kanako and Kazuma were walking along the shore when they saw Akira and Rion being alive. The next morning they leave to find a suitable place for Rion to heal.

Epidemic arc

Kanako had been treated Rion's wound for the last three days. She wondered if Rion would show her scar to Akira. Rion got mad for that comment. Kanako quickly apologised for that. Akira, Shirou and Kazuma accompanied Kanako to the lake to do her laundry. Shirou noticed something at the water and warned Akira. An Arsinoitherium raise from the water and headed toward them. Kanako had her foot stuck on a crevice and Akira bravely stood in front of her. The Arsinoitherium just ran passed them and started to eat the Berries.

Akira's Group were eating the fruits from the nearby trees. Kanako had cooked the Shellfishes. Shirou explained that the cave is the ideal refuge to settle. Everyone agreed to that argument. The next morning Kanako, Shirou and Kazuma heard a scream near the cave. Motoko Kurusu was surrounded by a group of Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis. The rest of Kouichi's Group came out from the bush. They ransacked the cave. Before the boys can do any more damage, Kouichi sent his boys out for food.

Akira's Group heard some noise in the jungle, so Akira went in to investigate. The next morning she and the rest of Akira's Group heard what happened in the jungle last night. Akira explained what happened and he thought Kouichi wasn't a bad person. Kanako thought Kouichi was very cool. Motoko wanted everyone to leave this island together. Before she said anything else, they found her lying on the ground. Everyone was stunned by her fever. Kanako went to the lake to fetch a wet towel. They carried her back to the cave. She noticed Motoko's eyes were red. Her medicine had failed to cure Motoko. Akira's Group was forced to leave the cave because Kouichi said so. Akira explained to everyone Kouichi did that on purpose. Kanako returned to the cave after Shirou became infected. She first saw Ono to die first. She was shocked when Akira returned with red eyes after burying Ono. Kanako tried to calm Kazuma down after he became infected also with the disease. The next day she collapsed near the entrance. She had become infected. Akira and Rion put her next to the others. Kouichi, Akira and Rion had left the cave, only in return with a cure. She heard Kouichi and Motoko had left together. One by one Akira´s Group started to get better.

Adult Camp arc

Akira's Group had been wandering through the jungle for two days looking for other people. Kanako knews there were more than 300 passengers on the plane. Shirou thought they've probably mostly died off. Akira noticed a sand cloud is approaching them. A herd of Entelodon was running past them. Without looking Akira grabbed Kanako's hand and ran away from the Entelodon. Once they were safe in the bush and the Enteldon ran past them, Akira turned to see Kanako. They both shouted to call their friends. Without warning Kanako was grabbed by Marume and [[Nishi]. They started touching Kanako's breasts. Fujiki attacked Akira from behind and told them to stop touching. They dragged Akira and Kanako back to camp.

Upon arrival at the camp, she carried Akira to their boss' tent. Akira got hit because he was too near Miina Isurugi (Fake). Kanako shielded Akira's body to prevent more beating from the thugs. She ordered her boys to rape Kanako. Akira jumped between the boys and prevented Kanako from being rape. They were sent to a nearby tent. Akira heard a noise outside. They saw a group of men standing outside. Shinzou Karino explained to the newcomers the situation at the camp. Kanako recalled Miina being in the VIP section. Back at the tent Kanako asked Akira if they would leave and find their friends. He agreed to that.

Akira covered Kanako's mouth because he heard another noise outside the tent. He couldn't find anybody outside. Kanako smelled something in the air. They tracked it down on the leg of a tree. Kanako recognised the scarf. They bought it to Shinzou. He explained Towa went missing after a while. Kanako told her history to Akira. Towa was her first love. She met her when she was a freshman in high school. Towa was two grades higher than her and was her roommate. She wanted to become a CA just like her. They were reunited at the airport. On her first flight she forgot her scarf and Towa loaned her scarf to Kanako.

Akira noticed blood on the scarf. She was afraid something has happened to Towa, Akira felt something is wrong about the people here. They needed to figure it out. Akira suspected Miina's gang being involved Towa's disappearing. They were called to Miina's tent. Miina apologised to them for their mistreating yesterday. Without warning Miina kissed Akira on the lip. Kanako put a stop to the kissing. Miina ordered Kanako to wear a school uniform. She declined it since she's 23 years old. When they were close to each other, Akira whispered to Kanako about Miina's perfume is the same as Towa. Miina sat on Kanako's back and played horsey, After a while she asked Miina if she was with her parents on the plane. After Miina told her sad story, Kanako hugged her. Miina left the tent leaving Kanako alone. Kanako saw Miina's Container and opened it. She found a piece of paper revealing a map. She gave Akira the map and return to Miina's tent. Miina caught Kanako redhanded looking through her stuff and meeting up with Akira afterward. Miina revealed her boys' histories to Kanako. Kanako had to tell Miina what Akira and she were talking about in the jungle. Miina gave Kanako's clothes back and warned her about the beasts.

Oomori and Miina hiding

Kanako and Miina hiding

Kanako and Miina climbed up a tree and heard Shinzou's whistle. Miina revealed the men killed Towa. After watching Akira surrendered himself and joined his friends.
Akira's group confronting Karino's

Akira's group confronting Shinzou's

Kanako also came out of her hiding place and joined them as well. Akira's Group were surrounded by the adult men. Akira and Kazuma planned to make an opening for Shirou, Rion and Kanako. Shirou pointed out a sand cloud in the jungle. A herd of Entelodon was heading toward them. The Entelodons caused chaos among the men. Akira's Group saw an opening to escape. Only to find Kanako was being held by Shinzou. She was calling to them to run away. A herd of Hyaenodon arrived into the scene and started to eat the men. Kanako scratched arm and Shinzou hit her for that. A Hyaenodon headed to Akira's Group. Akira hit it with his Axe. Akira's Group escape the scene and met up with Miina. Kanako introduced Miina to the group. She revealed her secret about being a boy. Everyone was stunned by the news. She asked for his real name, only to be called an actor. Miina thought Kanako wouldn't believe her if Akira and she found Towa's dead body first. Kanakoe tried to calm Rion down after Miina revealed Akira kissed Miina.

Brain Loss arc

Akira's Group arrived at the river. They decided to rest and take a separate bath. Miina started to argue with the boys. Rion told Kanako the group has been livelier since Miina joins the group. Kanako was thinking about Towa. They were able to give her a safe burial and all. She wondered if Akira is important for Rion. She didn't deny it, but Rion knew who is important for Akira. Rion finished her bath and Kanako told her that boys being pervert are healthy. Kanako got hit by a piece of driftwood. Rion saw someone upstream. They found Yuki Sakuma holding on a driftwood. They took her to the rest of the group. Akira immediately recognised her. Yuki woke up and requested them to save Kouhei Arita. Yuki informed Akira's Group about a demonic murderer killing her group. Akira's Group and Yuki headed upstream. Yuki told the event that led them to a Limestone Cavern and ended up finding them. Kanako asked Akira what kind of person is Kouhei. Akira told the story how he met Kouhei for the first time. Akira's Group followed upstream until they hit a dead end. They took a detour around and suddenly they fell through a sinkhole.

After landing underground Kanako saw a rockface on a wall. As they explored the area they find Gerrothoraxes, Kannemeyerias and Lystrosauruses. They saw something else. They found Tamura's dead body. Miina slipped and fell down from moss. While Shirou explained about the moss, she and Miina touched the wall. They found three passages ahead of them. She suggested they should go with tunnel three. In the end Akira listened to Shirou's choice of tunnel. They found themselves a dead end. Akira's Group watched as Akira climbed through cliff edges to the other side and tied up a rope for them to crossover. They found themselves back at the place where they first landed there. Shirou admitted this was his mistake. They headed now to another tunnel.
Oomori getting stabbed

Kanako getting stabbed

Rion and Yuki left the group to pee. After a while Akira's Group heard a scream. Akira, Shirou, Miina, Kazuma and Kanako were shouting for Rion and Yuki. From out of nowhere Kanako was grabbed by Kouhei's Group. They carried her deep inside the cave. She bit Ueno's hand and ran away from her attackers. She felt relieved her attackers weren't able to find her. At the next corner she stumbled against Kouhei. She recognised him from Rion's description. She followed Kouhei to a cave. Along the way she explained her group was searching for him. Upon arrival she wondered why he brought her here. Kouhei revealed due to his wound he was freed to do anything he wants. Feeling confused she was stabbed by Kouhei.
Oomori getting aid

Kanako getting aid

Lying on the ground, she wasn't afraid of her wound. She started to talk about Akira worrying about Kouhei. Kouhei was about to stab her again when Akira intervened. Kazuma, Miina and Shirou came to Kanako's aid. She watched as Akira attacked the unknown killer. She stood up and revealed the name of the killer to Akira. Everyone was stunned by Kouhei's name. Miina and Kazuma watched as Shirou looked at Kanako's wound. Miina will suture the wound while Shirou and Kazuma had other tasks to do. A swarm of Cyclotosaurus surrounded Akira's Group and Kouhei. The boys defended themselves while Miina sutures Kanako's wound. After it was done, Akira and Kouhei will carry Kanako to safetly. They escaped safety into the tunnel only to find the remaining members of Kouhei's Group. Kouhei stopped his group from attacking Akira's Group. He led his group away. Akira heard a yell and rushed to Kouhei's aid. Kazuma stayed behind to watch over Kanako while Miina and Shirou followed after him. After a while Akira and his group came back to Kazuma and Kanako's side. They started to head back where they came from. Yuki and Motoko lowered a rope down from the sinkhole for them to climb up. Kouichi volunteered to carry Kanako and Miina up the rope. Miina, Kanako, Kouichi, Yuki and Motoko were above the ground when the flash flood hit the cave. They watched the others fleeing into the tunnel. Later on they saw Akira and his friends came out on the riverside. They rested at a nearby forest.

School arc

Miina sat by her side while she is recovering from her stabwound. Akira's Group heard a yell not far from them. Kazuma was running toward them. Someone else was approaching behind him. A Smilodon and Macrauchenia were fighting with each other. Akira jumped behind the rock next to Miina and Kanako. They watched as the Smilodon left with its prey. Kazuma informed Akira's Group that he found a flag in the middle of the forest. He led them to the School Camp of Takashi's Group. Takashi Yamaguchi was on top of the tallest tree to greet them. Inside the School Camp they encountered students from various classes. Takashi requested her group to help them building a country. Takashi saw her wound and called Sanae Kashiwagi to help Kanako to the resting area. At night she slept next to Miina in a tent.

The next morning she informed her group that Miina was missing. Akira's Group found Miina and put him in Kanako's tent. Shirou examined Miina and told the group that Miina might have some aftereffects. Akira took the first watch. She overheard the conversation between Akira and Miina. She suggested to Akira to take them head on. Before Akira could say anything, he told her he could see her underwear. Before the night was over Miina had more to say about his attackers. They found out Miina's culprits and they left the School. Akira's Group packed up their belongings. Akira told his group about his dream a couple days ago. He was afraid Takashi will kick them out. Takashi's Group decided to join Akira's Group.

Exploration Party arc

She was one of those who wanted to join Exploration Party #1, but didn't get picked.

Two days later when the Exploration Party #1 returned with a wounded Akira, Kanako tended Akira's head wound and soon he woke up. Kanako turned to Rion as she asked was she relieved and saw Rion crying.

Argentavis arc

Oomori walking around the camp

Kanako walking around the camp

Kanako was walking around the Camp. Everyone wanted to talk to her. Together with Yuki, Koyomi Kanna and Shizuka Hatsuse they cook some foods over the fire. They greeted Akira, Shirou and Rion as they walked by them. She heard an Argentavis has attacked Suzuki. Akira's Group discussed the new threat. Shirou explained the basic of Argentavis to the group. He suggested they make pairs. One will look into the sky while the other does something. Takashi helped Kazuma pairing up with Kanako. Other people wanna stay close to Kanako as well. Someone cried out that the Argentavis has returned. The Argentavis swoop down and caused chaos inside the Camp.
Saji protecting Oomori

Kazuma protecting Kanako

Kazuma tried to protect Kanako, but an Argentavis pushed her away from him. The Argentavis advanced toward Kanako. Kazuma intervened and protected her of the hit from the bird. He grabbed Kanako's hand and they flee the scene.

She heard Akira's whistle outside the fence and called the Argentavis to feast on him. The group started to fight back and drove the Argentavis off the Camp. At night Kanako made a sling for Kazuma. The next morning they found the deaths of Matsushita, Ken Tanaka Murata and Takao Sugimasa. The group lived in fear of the unknown disease. Shirou found the cause and called everyone to head toward the river. He told everyone to wash their bodies thoroughly and not to touch the ticks. Shirou called them poisonous ticks. Akira figured it out how the ticks enter their camp. Someone yelled out. It appeared the Argentavis has returned again. They made a dive attack above the river. She listened as Shirou figured out the weakness of the Argentavis. Maya Miyauchi killed an Argentavis. The others flee after seeing a death of their own. They had won a battle against an extinct animal. Akira believed that they need to leave before night falls. Akira's Group packed up their stuff and met Akira on the outside. They watched as the camp sat into fire. Shirou suggested they head toward the mountain.

Akira's Group was tracking through the jungle. At night they made small campfires. A group of students gathered near her at campfire. They were amazed how multi-talent Kanako is. Kanako denied everything they were saying about her except her beast size is bigger than Rion's.

Cursed Mountain arc

Akira's Group were on their second day heading to the mountain. She listened as they talked about the image of the island. They reached the base of the mountain. Everyone was ready for the climb. Kanako noticed something is rolling down the mountain. It landed next to a bush. Akira, Maya, Kazuma and Takashi investigated the object and warned the group not to look at the dead body. Akira's Group started to freak out of the situation. On their way to the top they discussed what happened to the person and why. The climbing got quite a steep. The group changed its line according to Tooru Rinzai's advise. They encountered some wind as they further climbed up. A slide trail was found and a student id on the ground. It belonged to Noriaki Matsuki.
Resting on top of the mountain

Resting on top of the mountain

They suspected he wasn't alone on the mountain. The mist is getting thicker. They found Nagatsuka from Class 1. He recalled Matsuki came back to life and chased after them. They couldn't climb any further without any tools. Kanako and Rion watched as Akira cimbed up a cliff with his bare feets. On the top Akira lowered the ropes for everyone to climb up. After walking for a whole day they decided to rest behind huge rocks.

As the sun raise on top of the mountain, Kanako couldn't move her body. Later on she crawled away to find Akira. She informed him that the group is in trouble. Almost everyone was having a hallucination. Akira told the group about his hallucination. She noticed Akira's hallucination is a lot different than the group. Shirou preferred they solved the hallucination before it kills them. She watched as Rion and the others are getting worse. As the mist cleared out from the view, they saw the top is near them. Akira ordered everyone to climb up. Kanako thought nobody in their condition could climb up any further. The group followed Akira's order. She carried Shirou to the top. The image of the island astounished them. The land went beyond the horizon. Kanako discovered something and called Akira to it. They found a Pile of Rocks with a shirt stuck inside. It had a message for them. Akira recognised Morita Makoto's shirt. He seemed a bit loss of their discovery until Maya reminded him as their leader. They headed down the mountain a bit to recover. During the descent to the base of the mountain everyone seemed to recover very well. She heard Akira found Kouichi's Coin at the base. She wondered how Kouichi is doing right now.

Mami the Clairvoyant arc

Akira's Group were surrounded by a pack of Pristichampus. They were on their backs against the wall. Someone on top of the cliff yelled at them to run to the river. They jumped into the river and the Pristichampuses stood at the riverside. Kanako and the girls changed their clothes while Tooru and Akira meet with their saviors. Akira and Tooru came back from their talk with Mami's Group. Kazuma seemed to know Mami from somewhere. She wondered if Mami is her type. Kazuma quickly denied it. Kazuma finally recognised Mami as Mami the Clairvoyant. The rest of the group seemed to hear of her too. She thought premonition is fake like on tv. Yuki thought otherwise. She explained the subject about parapsychology. Kanako was amazed by her speech. Kanako started to hang out with Yuki and discussed the topic. Mami's Group and Akira came back to her camp. Kyouko Nakayama told the group about Mami Kagura's premonition. Akira's Group discussed about the letter W. Akira didn't believe it. Together Kanako and Yuki explained the whole parapsychology to Akira again. Shinji Gotou left after overhearing the whole conversation. She listened as Tadashi Katou told Akira about Shinji's past with premonition. She felt sorry and needed to apologise to him.

Takashi came running into camp. She followed the group as they found Shinji and Tadashi dead near the cliff. Rion pointed Akira out that the dead bodies look like a W. Akira's Group freaked out of the premonition. Kanako and the group watched Shinji and Tadashi being buried into the ground. Tadahiko Uchimura came to the burial. He recalled the event after the incident. Most of the group died in the bottomless swamp. Tadahiko recommended them to believe in Mami's premonition. Masayuki Ikeda and Shouji Mukai came and relayed another premonition to them. Akira's Group started to freak out. She warned Kazuma to stay away from her.
Oomori and Mariya trying to unmask Nakayama

Kanako and Shirou trying to unmask Kyouko

After a while Shirou came to her and asked for her help. They met Kyouko at the cliff. Kanako asked her about the premonition and the deaths of Gotou and Katou position. She wondered if someone did that on purpose. Kyouko simply replied the dead bodies' position was merely a coincidence. She became afraid when Kyouko felt she was being accussed of the crime. She apologised for that. Shirou and Kanako headed back to camp. Kanako apologised for being so useless. Shirou revealed that was also part of his plan. They wanted to become the next victims of the premonition. They heard something behind them. Mitsuhiro Muramatsu and Kyouko came out of the bushes. Mitsuhiro took a swing at them and missed. Kazuma pushed them away as Maya blocked the attack. Shirou finally revealed his master plan. Kanako didn't know a bit of it. Kyouko got away after punching Kazuma on the face. She felt Kazuma being weak. Kanako, Shirou and Maya returned to camp with Mitsuhiro. They accused him as the killer of Shinji and Tadashi. Kazuma brought Mami and the rest of her group to camp. Mami had another death premonition, but Akira's Group didn't believe her. Akira ordered everyone to find Kyouko first if they wanna know if Mami wasn't lying about her premonition. They came across the Pristichampus. Akira's Group defended themselves with sticks against the Pristichampus. They came to Mami's rescue. Mami revealed she has another death premonition. Akira reorganised his group to protect Mami as they headed to the river. Akira will cover their back as her group went into the river. Mami and Akira jumped into the river as the Pristichampus was about to bite them. The whole group was saved again. They walked along the river for four or five hours. They decided to rest on a sandbank middle in the river. Kanako and the girls hang up their laundry on the branches. She saw Miina floating on a swimming ring. Miina found it
Zaji comforting Oomori after being rejected

Kazuma comforting Kanako after being rejected

from Akira's luggage. At night Kazuma and Kanako decided to walk somewhere. Kazuma held her when she wanna returned to camp. Kanako recalled the event when she saw him for the first time. She thought Kazuma being irreplaceable person in the group. She preferred reliable guy when Kazuma asked her what kinda guy she likes. In return Kazuma described the girl he likes. All the qualities she quickly thought about Yuki the girl Kazuma likes. She thought Kazuma wanted her out here as being a cupid to them. Kazuma accidently said Yuki likes Akira. Being stubborn she didn't listen the last comment. At last Kazuma confessed his love to her. She bowed to him as she couldn't return his love. She cried as someone would love her.

Gigantopithecus arc

A shadow attacking Oomori and Rion

A shadow attacking Kanako and Rion

Akira's Group had stayed at the sandbank for a day and they are ready to leave. They found Pile of Rocks left behind by Makoto. It led them to a jungle with huge trees. They decided to make camp before heading into the jungle. Kanako and Rion gathered some woods for campfire. Kanako wanna talk to Rion so they went inside the jungle. Kanako told Rion that Kazuma confesses to her. It had never happened before with her. Rion believed that Kazuma will not give up on Kanako. After a deep talk they decided to head back. A dark shadow creeped behind them. It grabbed Kanako and went back into the jungle.

Kanako woke up and found herself jacketless. A pair of eyes gazed upon her. Momoka Kirino told her to be quiet. A baby Gigantopithecus is asleep nearby. Momoka recalled the event that led her here. There were stuck in a big hole under the ground. She adviced Kanako they need to leave here quickly, so they ended up like Touko. Momoka pointed to her dead girlfriend. Kanako watched in horror as she saw Touko's twisted body. Momoka believed they were brought here to use as hunting materials for the baby. Kanako calmed her down by saying her friends will save them. Suddenly the baby woke up and the girls were stunned. Kanako grabbed Momoka and led them away from the baby. The baby chased after them and hit them. The girls landed hard on the ground. They were only hurt, but no killed. Momoka believed the baby was merely playing until it got bored with them. Kanako gave Momoka hope by focusing her survival on love. By their new found strengths they flee away from the baby. Their clothes were torn down each time they escape from the baby's cluthes. Kanako listened as Momoka describes her love one to her. Kanako pushed Momoka away as the baby strike her. Kanako's nose started to bleed from the last attack. She saw Akira on the other side and cried for his help. Akira came and attacked the baby Gigantopithecus. The baby counterattacked until it stopped by an unknown cause. Akira took that chance to grab Kanako to flee the scene. During their escape they saw the jungle was covered in black fog. Akira, Kanako and Momoka headed to the escape root. The baby came to its senses and chased after them. Akira tried to save Momoka from the baby. Something struck on the baby's head. The baby left them alone and jumped out of the nest. Akira pushed Kanako up the root, but she couldn't reach the top. On top Akira's Group was ready to lend a hand out. Akira left the group to search for Shirou, Maya and Kazuma. The group followed after Akira. They found Akira and the rest lying on the ground. They headed to the edge of the jungle and found an old footprints trail. Kanako thanked Kazuma for saving his life. Kazuma volunteered to guard the rear. After walking on the trail, they noticed Kazuma wasn't behind them anymore. The blood trail led down the cliff. They couldn't Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff.

The next morning they found more Makoto's Pile of Rocks along their path. They had walked a whole day, Akira ordered the group to rest. The girls went to a valley to clean themselves up. Kanako felt sad about Kazuma's death. Miina came along and tried to snap Kanako out of her mind. The other girls tried to cheer Kanako up, but failed. Maya was the only one who can cheer Kanako up by using Kazuma's quotes. In the end Kanako hugged Rion for thanking everyone for their encouragement words.

Obelisk arc

The group had rested well from the pitstop. The group was all fired up to find Makoto's Group. They found another Pile of Rocks ahead of them. The pace became harder until they needed another break. Everyone was spread out to rest. Suddenly they heard Ryouichi Suzuki's yell. Ryouichi was pointing at a manmade object sticking out in the jungle. Everyone praised Ryouichi for his finding. The group quickly moved their pace until they reached the object. Rion found bags from Makoto's Group. Akira ordered his group to scout the area. They came back with empty hands. The sun was down. They had no choice but to resume the search until next morning. At night the group discussed their missing friends. Kairi Narumi told stories about missing people.

The group splited into smaller group and expanded their search. Kanako's Group (consists of Kanako, Shuu Hikime and Miina) returned to camp when they heard Rion's Group went missing. They were the last ones to see them. They searched the forest thoroughly but they couldn't find Rion's Group. The group stayed under the trees from the rain. Asuka Takahashi suggested they have been eaten by some part of the island. The group was not amused by the suggestion. Akira stepped up and calmed the group down.

Kanako's Group resumed their search on the next day. Their search was stopped when Shirou discovers something important. Suddenly Shirou ordered everyone to freeze. Everyone stood still while Shirou and Akira crawled around looking for something. Akira drew a rectangle shape on the ground. One by one Koyomi, Yuki and Kazunari Murayama walked out the rectangle. When the danger was over, Shirou revealed his plan to save the others. The group gathered materials for the rescue. Kanako and the girls dropped sand into the rectangle until it moves. It appears the rectangle object was a revolving trapdoor. They lowered some ropes down. Rion and the others climbed out. Kanako smiled when Rion is angry at Akira as usually. Back in camp the two groups met with each other.

Kanako and Rei were gathering some materials when Seigou Komiyama filmed her. Kanako found something hard on the ground. The group washed it off with water and revealed a statue's head. Shizuka carried it back to the wing rock object and suggested they are apart of a whole statue. Yuki recognised it as a statue from the Olmec Civilization. The group felt relieved since the statue came from their world.

Animal Battle arc

Rei asked Kanako's aid to seduce Seigou and she started to bark like a dog. Rei scold her for her attempt. While they were making a scene, Makoto was there filming them.

Kanako's excavation group found something during the dig and she reported to Akira. They found another part of the statue. It revealed to be a hand part. Yuki moved the parts till they saw a statue. Rion recognised it as an angel.

The excavation group heard something outside the fence. Titanis Walleris were chasing after Ryouichi and Yasunori Yamato. They defended themselves against the Titanis. Along came the Propleopus and a pair of Smilodons.
Oomori protecting fake and real Miina

Kanako protecting fake and real Miina

Kanako stood in front of both Miina's as the Smilodon growls in front of them. Suddenly smoke emerged inside the base. Akira set a hut on fire. He recalled everyone to gather around him. While everyone was coughing from the smoke, the animals left the base. All the huts were burned down, so they had to sleep on the ground. She tended Yasunori's and Ryouichi's wound on their bed.

Shuu and Asuka left the base to find supplies at the river. After a while Asuka came back alone. Kanako and the group sat down as Asuka recalled the event at the river. Momoka wished Asuka's death instead of Shuu's. Kanako held Momoka as she started to cry. During the night Kanako continued to stay at Momoka's side to comfort her loss. The next morning she came to Asuka's side to cheer her up and suddenly Kanako collapsed on the ground. Akira noticed Kanako has a fever. She didn't have anything to eat for the past few days. Asuka came and apologised to Kanako. She blamed herself for not bringing any water back. Kanako asked for her unique trait and requested Asuka to sing for her. Asuka sang in front of the group. She thought it was a good song.

Kanako and the group ran for their lives when the Proplepuses came and attacked the base. Rion found Kanako unconscious on the ground. She called Rei for help. They both carried Kanako on their shoulder. Rion accidently tripped and Kanako's breasts fell out her uniform. Rei and Rion used their hand to cover it up. A Proplepuses eventually found them and kicked them to the ground. The base is overrun by the animals. Akira ordered everyone to follow after him. Outside the fence he ordered the group lie down as the Propleopuses jumped and headed toward Akira's position. They landed on the spot where the trapdoor was hidden. The trapdoor turned and they were inside. The group celebrated the victory. Kanako came to when they starts pulling Akira out of the hole. Kazunari and Yasunori recalled the event when they saw Kanako's breasts. Kanako came by and visited them. They found a new relic at the Tower. The relic revealed to be a plate with Miina Isurugi's name craved on it. They were stunned by the revealing. The group demanded answer from her, but she had none. Kanako wondered if she could read the second line on it. It felt like she has seen it before. Akira ordered everyone to gather around at the Tower. They are trying to gather all the pieces of information together since they arrive on the island. Each person told their version of their perspective on the plane. Kanako had an image of the passenger's sitting in her mind. Everyone but Makoto's Group knew they were on an unknown island. Shirou pointed out that the extinct animals came from various eras. Everyone was stunned by that fact. The group talked about the man-made structures like the Tower and the rockstone faces inside the Limestone Cavern. Rion told everyone the odd that they survive from a plane crash, is strange. Kanako knew the pilot Masaru was famed for his skill. It reminded Seigou about his private chat with the pilot. It had nothing to do with the pilot's skill that they survive. Makoto suggested during the landing the pilot saw the entire island and thought they need to leave before it was too late. Ryouichi freaked out. Akira tried to calm him down until they heard Kanako's stomach noise. Apparantly she was hungry. Since it had been a long day. They set out and found fishes by the river. Kanako and Rei were cooking a fish by the fire. The group listened as Rion gave a speech how they have changed since they have been on the island. Everyone gave themselves a goal if they ever returned to Japan. Kanako and Rei called out to the group that the fish is done.

Pyramid arc

Rion told Akira and Shirou that the dinner is ready. Kanako and the girls were waiting for them to eat. During the girls' bath time, Maya and Aya Tokiwa captured Junichi Mutou and Daigo Yashiro and brought them to the group. Tooru and Kanako introduced themselves them. Akira decided to hold them inside a tent till next morning. Junichi and Daigo freed themselves and walked toward the Tower. Kanako and the group caught them standing near the relic. They held Miina hostage and left the base. They were brought back again in the base by Rei. Daigo finally revealed where they came from. He recalled the event his group after the incident that led them to the Pyramid. He told them about Takashi Nishikiori and his evil deeds. Akira asked his group who will join his party to the Pyramid. Everyone showed their hands up. The next day she was chosen to be apart of Akira's Pyramid Party. Before they left, Akira appointed Shirou to be the acting leader of the group. The remaining members waved Akira's Pyramid Party goodbye when they leave the base.

Trekking through the jungle Daigo revealed Ugen Kokonoe is in his group. At night Kanako showed Akira her stabwound from Kouhei. Miina creeped behind her and lifted her shirt up to expose her boobs to Akira. She quickly covered it up and scold Miina. Rion saw that and dragged Akira away from them. At morning they reached a cliff and saw the tip of the Pyramid. Before they reached the Pyramid, Daigo left the group. Akira and Ryouichi will investigate the Nishikiori's Group first while Kanako and the rest stay behind. After a while they decided to surrender themselves. They came in the camp with their hands up. Takashi held Kanako hostage and force Akira and the group to go into the Pyramid searching for a object.

They brought Kanako to the holding cell. She tried to free herself, but no avail. Kanako noticed she wasn't alone in the cell. She found Ugen lying on the ground. He didn't want to help out, so they put him in the holding cell. Kanako helped him lighting his cigarette.

Takashi came by and asked her about something. At night Kanako seduced the guard and Ugen pushed the guard away. Miina's goons knocked the guard totally out. Heero, Duo and Quatre had come to set them free. Ugen and Kanako were digging for a package on the ground. She found it first. Inside the package Ugen pulled out a Bullet and he had a plan. Kanako and Ugen were back inside their holding cell. He told the three goons to set up his plan. Takashi ordered Kanako and Ugen to burn on a stake. Akira's Pyramid Party was there to witness it. As the fire was burning around them, Kanako started to feel the warmth of the fire. Something beneath them exploded and caused a big smoke explosion. Ugen revealed his plan. Miina dropped by and bit the rope off with his teeths. He led them out of there. Kanako saw Akira and the rest. She quickly hugged Akira and his head landed on her chest. Akira's Pyramid Party used the stairs to flee away from the Pyramid.

When they were safe from Nishikiori's Group, Kairi revealed Mami has been captured by Takashi. Akira tried to think up about a plan, but they had none. Daigo came out of the bush and found the group again. He explained he led Kouichi's Group into the Pyramid. Everyone was surprised that he is still alive. Akira suggested that Kouichi will take care of Mami and they will head back to camp. Kanako knew that he's gentlemanly and handsome. Ryouichi pointed out that Kouichi hasn't met Mami before. Akira will leave a Note to deliver to Kouichi via the trio men. They agreed after Miina has seduced them. The others were curious about the content of the Note, but Akira will tell them later. Ryouichi was curious if the others will be shocked by their discovery. Akira was sure that Shirou will have solved the Tower's secret by the time they return. The girls suggested they might find a way out of there?

After trekking through the jungle for a couple of days Akira's Pyramid Party finally saw the Tower from afar. They dashed toward it. Halfway down the road they encountered a welcome party. They greeted each other with hugs. Akira's Pyramid Party had great news about the Pyramid. Shirou had them prepared for their own discovery.

Failed Experiment arc

She screamed out in terror when Miina was eaten by the Chimera.

Showdown arc

Operation arc

Tower of Death arc

Kanako was bathing with the other girls when Maya posed the question of what to do if they couldn't return to Japan, saying the girls should consider picking out potential husbands and that Akira would make a good choice. Kanako said nothing out loud, but thought to herself that Akira could be seduced with her large breasts.


As Kanako has knowledge on medicines and how to apply them, as well as basic first aid, her most important role in the group is being a nurse and people are seen usually going to her for treatment. She also has shown to have a strong determination on helping others and trying to save them despite not necessarily being strong. Not only has she displayed skill in physically treating wounds, but she also has been shown to excell in treating people mentally, stopping other characters from having a breakdown or feeling depressed numerous times.


  • (To Akira Sengoku) "Thank you, Akira-kun! Let's do our best again today,"
  • (To Kazuma Saji) "Even so... Akira-kun still went. I don't want anyone else to die."
  • (To Miina Isurugi (Fake) )" Miina-chan, it's only been a little over two weeks since we ended up here but... we've already been through a lot together. That's why I can't just sit back and watch. "
  • (To Kouhei Arita) "Akira-kun... has been worried about you all this time..."
  • (To Momoka Kirino) "A girl I know said to me, for us girls, love is always the most important thing. If there's someone you like you have to keep trying! Because you can see him again if you live through this...!"
  • (Thinking) "I'm sorry Kazuma-kun... But I'll definitely smile tomorrow... so just now, let me..."


  • Kanako originally wore a yellow ribbon to tie up her hair, but after finding Towa's flight attendant scarf, she
    Oomori's character design

    Kanako's beta design

    began to use that to tie up her hair.
  • Kanako was originally intended to have black hair.
  • Though Kanako has been shown to have spare clothing, she doesn't have spare stockings despite that also being apart of her flight attendant uniform.
  • Kanako is constantly seen tripping over throughout the series.
  • She was the first character to have been close to an animal, Ptilodus.
  • Kanako's first love was Towa, her senior in high school, although she says now, she is attracted to men like normal.

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