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Manga: Chapter 21

Fujiki (藤木, Fujiki) was a smart and tactical criminal who was hired by the fake Miina Isurugi (Fake) to protect him. He acted as the leader of the hired three delinquents.


He has short black hair and some facial hair. He is somewhere in this 30's.



Fujiki had caused many 'incidents' resulting in injuries time after time.


Adult Camp arc

Fujiki, Marume and Nishi found Akira Sengoku and Kanako Oomori shouting for their friends in the jungle. Fujiki crept behind Akira while Marume and Nishi grabbed Kanako from behind. Akira saw that's happening in front of him. Fujiki hit him first on the head and then kicked him on the stomach. Marume and Nishi were each feeling a cup on Kanako's breasts. Fujiki had it enough and warned them about their boss' wrath. Marume and Nishi quickly let go and wondered about what to do with Akira. Someone suggested he can probably do some hard labor at least. They blindfolded and gagged Akira and Kanako on their way home.

Back on the camp they dropped Akira and Oomori hard on the ground. Marume kicked Akira to force him to get up. Fujiki, Marume and Nishi escorted their new guests to their boss. Marume annouced they are bringing them in. It turned out their boss is a girl named Miina Isurugi (Fake). Akira tried to touch Miina, but Marume hit him not to touch her. Marume and Nishi continued kicking Akira on the ground until Kanako covered Akira with her body. Fujiki asked Miina what to do with them. Miina suggested they do what they want with Kanako. Marume and Nishi liked that idea. Marume held Kanako's hands up and Nishi had his hands on Kanako's skirt. Akira jumped in and took Kanako away from them. Fujiki watched as Marume and Nishi kicked Akira the crap out of him. Miina had it enough and told them to stop. Marume and Nishi were displeased about that order. Miina ordered them to place Akira and Kanako to a tent next to hers. The Yakuza warned Akira and Kanako not to run away, because there is someone watching over them.

The next day Marume and Nishi brought Akira and Kanako to Miina's tent. Fujiki was standing behind Miina the whole time. Miina apologised for their behaviours last night. The Yakuza left the tent after Miina wanna played horsing with Kanako.

Fujiki, Marume and Nishi were playing cards when Shinzou Karino's men came inside their tent. Without any warning they bashed Marume with a Axe. Nishi yelled what the hell? They killed him next. Fujiki was the last yakuza to die.

Animal Battle arc

His image was briefly seen when Mariya mentions the people who have died on the island already.




  • Out of the three Yakuza in Mina's group, he was the most professional in doing his job as Yakuza.