Throughout the series, Akira's group has been meeting numerous other groups, where usually, characters from within those other groups attract towards Akira's charisma and join his group because of events that happen within their meeting. Akira's group has suffered numerous casualties and also met new people who joined the group. His group consists largely of remaining members of other groups such as Arita's group, Makoto's group, Takashi's group, Mami's group, Miina's Group as well as the original core members being Akira Sengoku, Shirou Mariya, Rion Akagami and Kanako Oomori.

Throughout the story, the people within the group usually form smaller teams together where people work together.

Exploration Party arc

Within the start of joining up with numerous people from Takashi's group, they had decided to create an exploration team to find other members across the island. He chose the group through drawing straws and the group included:

Argentavis arc

Soon after the exploration party arrived back, they're quickly attacked by a group of Argentavis whom could easily destroy their base. Going by Shirou's plan, people within the group decide to form pairs to fight and look out together for any incoming attacks by the gargantuan birds. These groups went as follow:

After the second attack Miyauchi formed a defense squad to defend the group. It is made of Maya Miyauchi, Tadashi Katou, Yasunori Yamato, Ken Tanaka and Shinji Gotou.

Obelisk arc

During the Obelisk arc the entire group split into smaller group to find Makoto's Group and discover why they had disappeared:

Pyramid arc

During the pyramid arc, after Akira had decided to go to the pyramid because of the pyramid groups leaders tyranical and inhumane attitude, he asked who would go with him. As everyone raised their arms, he decided to choose the group through a similar method he had done for the Exploration Party - drawing straws. He also decided to let the sick people including Kanako and Miina with him for the doctor to check out their condition. In the end, the group included:

  • Kanako Oomori (held prisoner by Takeshi's group before the party entered the pyramid.)
  • Daigo Yashiro (as the guide and he left the party after reaching the pyramid).

During the time Akira's party exploring the Pyramid, Isurugi Miina (Fake) and Kanako Oomori managed to convince Ugen Kokonoe and the trio Heero, Duo and Quatre from Takeshi's group to become their allies before the escape.

However, when Akira's Pyramid Party were about to escape from the Pyramid, only Mami Kagura was later captured and held prisoner by Takeshi's group.

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