Akira Sengoku

仙石 アキラ


Akira Sengoku


November 2nd


14 Years Old
17 Years Old After the Time-Skip


Male Male

Hair Color


Eye Color







Blood type A




3rd Year, Class 4


Volleyball Club




Yuna Sengoku (Mother, Deceased)
Frey Sengoku (Step-Sister)

Personal Status

Fried chicken
watching porn videos
Rion Akagami



First Appearance

Manga: Chapter 1

Akira Sengoku (仙石 アキラ, Sengoku Akira) is the main male protagonist of the Cage of Eden and serves as the leader of a group of survivors on the island. He's considered a determined character who strives for the survival of his friends, often placing his own life on the line.


Akira is considered small in height, having a lean build while being quite slim. He has wild, spiky black hair and has, in coloured illustrations, dark-brown eyes. He is commenly depicted wearing the typical school attire, often shown with an unkempt sense of order. Akira also wears the typical school uniform consisting of a dark blue jacket and pants, althought the jacket Akira wears is usually left unbuttoned. With his school uniform, he wears a white belt and white trainers. Because of the survival on the island Akira's body is covered in bruises and cuts.


Prior to the series, Akira was a perverted, childish rogue-like character that attracted a significant amount of anger and distaste from his female colleagues, often potrayed comically. He has an uplifting spirit and charisma which was the reason behind his ability to attract friends to stay with him, the majority of time. Akira is generally not bright, and scores low grades at schools, often resorting to pulling pranks upon others with his group of friends.

Akira is an unususally brash, daring character who acts before he thinks. He has a resolute and determined personality which always places his friends priority over himself and attempts to to save anyone close to him, regardless of the situation. Due to his compasionate personality, he draws other survivors close to him, despite most initial negative impressions. He has shown taking earnest actions towards saving and helping Rion Akagami and Kouhei Arita respectively, due to their relationship prior into being stranded on the island. Akira has an unusually forgiving attitude, which has been shown through various disputes, such as the jealousy of Shuu Hikime, where despite Shuu attempting to kill Akira, Akira kept the predicament silent and allowed Shuu to remain without any consequences.

Akira's honest with himself, considering he openly admits he relies on Shirou Mariya stating without him, he would have died. He's not afraid to try and save everyone, including people that would consider him as an enemy. Throughout the series, whenever Akira has a plan despite the danger, he would always put himself in the front of the danger.

Akira places a lot of trust in his friends, continuing to believe in them and willing to risk his life for this belief. His attitude usually rubs off on other characters, creating a bond between him and everyone else. Just as Akira trusts everyone, a high majority of his friends trust him, too. Akira unknowingly has gain the affection of many girls on the island, due to his brave and daring personality like Rion, Yuki Sakuma, Maya Miyauchi, Mami Kagura and Aya Tokiwa.

Sengoku as a kid

Akira as a kid

Before the plane incident, Akira was a highly popular person as he attended school. He was known by a lot of people mostly for his mischeviousness. He was considered a trouble-maker among the children and wasn't very smart or good at sports. He did a lot of stupid things with his friends, his mother always made him elaborate bentos and such. He thought that the world would never change, but after arriving on the island, takes back this statement. Akira was always known for being surrounded by friends while on the other hand, many of the girls seemed to have a problem with him because he had times where he peeked on them. Despite this, he had been childhood friends with Rion and was also best friends with Kouhei.


Wonderful World arc

Akira is first introduced rushing towards the plane holding numerous bags of different souvenirs and food he had obtained from Guam. He was running and shouting as he made his way for the plane, considering he was late and under the impression they would leave without him. After the takeoff he started to eat the food he had with
Sengoku running to the plane

Akira running to the plane

him whilst his friends including Makoto Morita and Katsuragi watched. Akira was stuffing his mouth with the food only to gulp down a glass of water and announced that it's time for the Makoto's Video. He and the boys decided to watch the perverted beach films that Makoto had filmed in secret. The boys enjoyed watching the beach scenes until it switched to the scene to a girl with massive breasts where the boys quickly anticipate to see who it was in excitement, only to realize it was Rion, his childhood friend. Akira quickly pulled the camera away and held it away from everyone else, ignoring the glares he was getting only for Rion to jump and grab the camera from his hands. Akira watched in shock as his friends quickly flee from the area and Rion began to lecture him. He was shocked to see Rion worrying about him after the camera incident, only to shout angrily as he realized his mother was the one who asked Rion to look after him. In his fit of rage, he tells Rion to not listen to his mother for no reason only to be ignored as she gets the souvenirs he got for his mother. Hearing Rion say she knew what Akira was doing at the time of buying the souvenir, he blushes as he ponders about the idea of whether Rion liking him was possible, however he quickly writes it off as a coincidence.

Hearing someone approaching, he realizes his best friend Kouhei had arrived. Quickly asking why Kouhei had came here, he seemed confused as Kouhei asks him if he done it. As Kouhei explains how he's talking about having sex with Rion, Akira quickly blushes and rejects the idea and hits Kouhei on the collar. Listening to Kouhei shout at him saying that he would fight for it at Guam, he thinks about the situation he's in. He thinks about how he's not suitable for Rion and not cool like Kouhei stating at how unfair the world is. He quickly thinks he'll always be useless and the world won't change, it'll stay that way. As his friends immediately laugh at him for saying that, he proceeds to begin to step on Kouhei only to be interrupted by Shirou. Looking over the seat, he sees Shirou programming and compliments him for the top student of their school for three years in the row, only to be corrected by Shirou immediately saying how in reality, it is actually nine years. Akira simple stares in disbelief at Shirou's onslaught of statements.

Sengoku and Rion trying to grab hands

Akira and Rion trying to grab hands

As the plane started to shake, Akira wandered what had happened. After it has stopped, Akira was sitting on the hallway floor whilst holding his head. A blackout occured and the plane started to shake even more violently. Akira wasted no time, immediately thinking about Rion and headed out to search for her. He saw her sitting on the hallway floor holding onto a passenger chair. The two reached out for each other slightly relieved to see each other however they're quickly interrupted as a ghostly beak passes through the planes walls and makes a biting action, trapping Rion. The inside of the beak makes a hallucination-like effect, as things begin to blank out with Akira screaming Rion's name. Akira begins to regain his consciousness in the middle of the jungle. A Notharctus awakes him as it pinches his nose. He was quickly alarmed, swinging himself up startling the Notharctus as it runs off. Finding himself in the middle of the jungle, he shakes in fright as he was completely alone. Taking the opportunity, he immediately
Sengoku finds himself in the jungle

Akira finds himself in the jungle

looks for any other survivors of the supposed plane crash. He searched until he was exhausted, shaking in fear at how impossible it would be for him to live in this situation. Seeing a Ptilodus swing from a branch and grab a cricket-like insect, he groans in agony saying how lucky animals are for having so much things to eat. Noticing a Eumegamys walk pass, he follows it anticipating that it'll lead him to a dam or river, as he had assumed it was an oversized beaver. Fortunately finding water, he makes his way into it, drinking a whole lot as he takes a look around in the area. Noticing at how inhabited it was, he sees a Hyracotherium. He notices it's strange appearance, however considers it a small horse. Putting back his shoes on, he grabs out his Cellphone in joy realizing he could ring someone only to be disappointed that there was no signal. He begins to angrily think about him being the only survivor, wandering what happened to his friends. He suddenly hears a voice from nearby, noting it as a humans voice. Shouting with glee as another human survived, he traced the voice to where he assumed it was. He ran as fast as he could to the voice, only to see a Diatryma. He was immediately startled by it's massive size, wandering if the bird was making the noise. Grabbing out his cellphone, he was about to take a picture of it and as he does so, it was extremely blurry. He immediately notices that the bird was attacking him and as it delivers a powerful kick towards Akira, he jumps back dodging the attack however his cellphone was smashed into pieces. He falls to the ground, watching as the bird walks towards its nest. Akira soon after hears a voice calling him - Shirou. Realizing that Shirou was injured, he helps him up only to be told there was another person in the area. Hearing that person scream, he sees Kanako Oomori being swung around by the bird. Dropping Shirou as he said that they should use her as a distraction, he tells Shirou to shut up from his bickering as he dashes towards Kanako who had now been placed on the nest. The Diatryma was immediately alarmed and swings its powerful talons at Akira, only to be evaded as Akira lowers himself and leaps under the kick. He had successfully grabbed Kanako as the Diatryma came in for another
Schermafbeelding 2011-11-04 om 17.23.03

Akira saving Kanako

attack. Seeing this, he ducks as the bird bites into the tree behind them, getting stuck in the process. Ordering Kanako to get up, he shakes and grabs her quickly running from the bird. He made his way back to Shirou as the three run together, the Diatryma quickly caught up to them and rammed into the three, sending them all scattering into the ground. Akira quickly notices a cave in the distance and leads the other two towards the cave, helping Kanako in as he made his way into the small hole last, barely avoiding the Diatryma in time and saving himself from being killed. The Diatryma quickly realized it was unable to capture them not able to fit into the hole, so it eventually left. As it done so, Akira gives a massive sigh of relief considering they were safe.
Sengoku finding out about the island

Akira finding out about the island

Akira and the others made their way back to the river, splashing his face with water as he attempts to cheer up Kanako telling her not to cry, whilst also shouting at Shirou to not play on his Laptop in this type of situation. Seeing the same bird that attacked them on his laptop, Akira was shocked asking if that bird actually existed. As Shirou explains how the bird itself should've been extinct, Akira sweats in disbelief, forcing himself and clicking different animals realizing that he had all seen them before on the island and they were all extinct. He backs away from Shirou as Shirou tells him to do so, he simply listens at Shirou showing him a map. Akira was extremely startled that there was no island located on the map and stands in utter disbelief.

Akira was still displaying signs of shock and utter disbelief as he said that even if it's unmapped, they are on the island. He shouts that it has got to be a mistake, as he grabs the laptop, he clicks only to see the Diatryma on the laptop remarking on how it's an extinct animal like the rest he's seen. As he takes in all these facts, he begins to doubt on what the island truly is. As Kanako begins to cry and breakdown, he tries to encourage her saying how she shouldn't cry although he was confused on what to do with her. After what they had been through, he decided it was best to take a rest for the night.

The next day Akira had took the lead shouting names as they looked for people. He shouted at Kanako and Shirou to shout with him, however when they both complain he decides to take a break. Akira quickly craves an arrow symbol on a tree, signalling where his group will be heading to next. Kanako questions what that is, where he explains that it's an expanding square search. As Kanako cheers him where he blushes at being admired by her, however explains that it was Shirou who is truly the smart one and had taught him how to do it. As Shirou pulls Akira aside, Akira notes that they shouldn't leave Kanako alone for too long. However, as Shirou says how strange it is that they've yet to find anyone, Akira shrugs and says they should search harder only for Shirou to inform him to prepare for the idea everyone else may already be dead. Akira quickly remembers his friends and shouts at Shirou telling him it's not possible and he shouldn't say anymore as they head back to Kanako.

After going back to Kanako, he recognizes a certian voice only to be too late as another Diatryma makes its way to them. Realizing that the Diatryma was acting differently, he thinks that it's probably a different one. Grabbing nearby rocks, he throws it at Diatryma's head to give Kanako and Shirou a chance to escape. Realizing that they're not escaping, he turns back and shouts at them only to drop his rocks in shock as a Smilodon appears. Akira begins to shake as the Smilodon moves forward towards them. Realizing that it's a sabre-tooth tiger, he grabs Kanako and Shirou and swings himself and the others to the ground - avoiding the Smilodon. As Akira looks up, ignoring the dirt blasted around from the two, he notices that the Diatryma and Smilodon are engaging in battle with the Smilodon ultimately killing the Diatryma. He was startled as the Smilodon began walking towards them, but as it turns around, he begins to loosen up in relief, only to jump in fright as the Smilodon quickly looks back with an intense stare before leaving completely. Akira was confused and shaken, asking why it left as Shirou explains that it's because he found a worthier meal than what they would be. Feeling something wet touch his hand, he realizes Kanako had peeded herself from the torture of the situation.
Sengoku Reminiscing

Akira talking to Kanako and Shirou about his past

At night Akira started to think back home, friends and school. As everyone was resting on the bed of leaves, Akira explains how people hated him, how he was a small fry and was never a person of importance. Yet, he continues and says how the world never changes, at least that is what he thought as he explains that he was wrong - the world does change and the everyday life he always had was gone. As he finished, Shirou tells him to go to sleep where Akira was alarmed at him still being awake.

Waking up the next morning, he notices Kanako was missing. Yawning, he wonders where she went until he realized what she had said the previous night about how they're going to die anyway. Realizing that Kanako could've suicided, he dashes off looking for her. As he runs to the pond, he notices her in the middle naked. Realizing she was washing herself, he blushes immensely, crawling behind a large rock telling her that her state of mind yesterday was odd. As Kanako tells him to work hard together, Akira looks up at her shocked only as she begins to bathe herself once again. As she stops making noises, he goes to check on her only to see that she had found a water bottle.

Sengoku finding the crash site

Akira finding the crash site

Meeting back with Shirou, they followed the path upstream where Akira announces that their crash landing was a success as the three make their way to the plane. Akira shakes in excitement and anticipation, glad that his friends would all be alright. He quickly takes note of the empty cans of food left by the other survivors as he shouts at the plane only to get no reponse. Quickly climbing up the escape chute he is the first to see the plane empty and in ruin. Shouting his friends names, he heard Kanako scream from the cockpit of the plane. Running after her, he sees Masaru Tsuchiya's dead body. Akira speculates whether something stabbed him in the crash before whilst holding his nose, only for Shirou to correct him and state that he was definitely stabbed by someone. Akira was shocked at a murderer on the island, only to notice the pilot holding something in his hand. His heart began to bump faster as he realizes it's Rion's ribbon. Shirou found Makoto's ZONY Video Camera inside the cabin, where Akira grabs it and notes that since it's Makoto who's a camera freak - there would definitely be something to tell them what had happened on the plane. Akira, Kanako and Shirou viewed the unnamed film. The trio were immediately surprised at it being a film about the first night on the island. Akira and the rest observe the video in an attempt to find out what happened. Quickly
Sengoku Saving Rion

Akira breaking the door to the ceiling nap room

seeing Rion in the video, he was relieved to see her safe. He was also alarmed at the idea of everyone escaping the island without him. Especially at the Andrewsarchus appearing in the film. As the film blanks out, Akira quickly shakes and hits it, only to see a massive fight break out in the plane where Akira displayed signs of utter disbelief and disgust. He was confused at where Rion had went to, why Arita wouldn't stop the fighting and what everyone was doing at the time. Seeing Kouichi Yarai in the film, he also seemed freightened of him at the film ends. Thinking about Rion's whereabouts, he also remembers the last action the pilot done before the film ended, where he quickly begins to open up the flooring in the cockpit. Asking Kanako whether there was a safe place to hide in the plane, she informs him that there's the ceiling map room where he quickly makes his way too, slamming himself against the locked door. Explaining what he noticed and how it must have been Rion who was filming half way through, he slams the door open and hangs his head when he couldn't see one, stating Rion's name.

As he hears Rion reply, he is startled. As he turns to see her, he is quickly tackled to the ground by her in the reunion. He was laying on the floor on his back as he stares at Rion, relieved to see her fine. Although their warming reunion is quickly stopped from the embarrassment that both Shirou and Kanako were watching. They later build a grave for Masaru's corpse and they rest outside to listen to what Rion had been through. He sympathizes with Rion, understanding that people do seem to breakdown in this situation as a similar thing happened to Oomori. When he gets a jealous stare from Rion when Kanako stated Akira was there to help her, he stares at her only to defend himself as Kanako told Rion he peeked on her. Later when Rion explained that an earthquake was the cause for everyone disappearing, he looked at her strangely saying there was no such thing. Akira soon orders everyone to head off into the plane and rest up together.

He first stays with Rion in the first class cooking room. He was helping Rion by handing her peaches whilst
Sengoku stealing fruit

Akira stealing fruit

stuffing some in his mouth. As Rion noticed this, he makes his way out scurrying across the ground running from Rion's anger. He later meets Shirou on the planes left wing where he sees Shirou making a map with java. Offering to help, he gets asked if he can use java were Akira makes a joke out of the word asking if he can jab and following through by punching the air as a joke only to be told he's a nuisance. Akira's mood sullens as he makes his way into the plane hall recognizing he's an idiot but soon realizes that there's a bigger idiot on the plane. He made his way to Kanako, amazed that she could handle the medicine and how she actually had certain important knowledge. He became even more depressed as he couldn't even read the labels on the bottles, despite him offering to help. He finally makes his way onto a chair and grabs a game console and plays a game where he begins creating a game version of all his friends realizing there's nothing he could be and how in this type of world, he's useless. Throwing the game console on the floor, he sees it land on a perverted magazine. He blushes as he picks this up, skipping with glee as he hides it in his shirt only to realize Shirou had saw him where he drops it immediately saying he'll return it later. As Shirou explains how on the island, no help has been spotted, there are numerous people on the island and
Hades attacking Akira

Akira getting attacked

there aren't any rules in the area that people will act like they've just been released from a cage. Akira shrugs doubting anyone would act like that, although Shirou later states on this island there is something only Akira can do. Although Akira was still doubtful and confused over Shirou's words so headed outside where he proceeded to take a piss, complaining about how there's nothing on the island. Hearing a rustle in the nearby bushes he wonders if there was an animal coming from the bushes only for him to be knocked across the back of his head by Hades by a rock. Blood easily pours from the back of Akira's head where he eventually falls into unconsciousness. After the attack Akira had regained consciousness whilst hanging from a tree branch with a piece of ivy. His arms were also tied up and restrained. As he struggled, he quickly noticed the ripping sound the ivy and branch made. Akira attempts to demand an explanation despite his position, swearing and shouting at Hades who simply introduced himself. He was confused at Hades who began breaking up some stone in front of Akira as Akira tries to find out his identity. Akira once again demands to be left down, however
Akira dodging Hades

Akira avoiding his death

Hades retorts saying he won't learn his lesson if he done that however Akira tells him that they've worked so hard to live and how Hades is just causing trouble. Listening to Hades say everyone will die on the island, Akira says that'll never happen nervously as Hades said that it can very well happen without fail. As a lot of Alectroenas Nitidissima began flocking together in the air, Akira shouts at Hades wondering what is happening and what will attack the plane according to Hades. However, he completed his axe and moved towards Akira who was nervously telling him to stop, however Hades swung at Akira without remorse. Hades however missed Akira who dodged it and stumbled falling off the cliff. Hades however grabbed Akira's legs and saved himself from falling. Akira tells him he's going to do something to save them, however the two argue and as Hades climbs on top of Akira about to break the ivy so he falls, Akira only watches as Hades loses his grip and ultimately falls to the ground from the cliff assuming he's dead. Akira shouts taunts at Hades in anger as he swings himself on the ivy rope and lands on the cliff successfully as the ivy rope breaks sending him flying forward onto the cliff. Akira trembles at Hades, a human being doing such awful acts. Seeing the Alectroenas Nitidissimas still flying away from the area of the plane, Akira wonders what is truly there as he begins to head that way. Following the path of where the Alectroenas Nitidissimas were leaving, he sees the tail of the plane. Noticing the plane is safe, he shouts with joy only to see his path being blocked by a Megatherium Americanum. Quickly noticing a group of Megatherium Americanum were tearing the plane apart,
Sengoku ready to fend off the Megatherium

Akira ready to fend off the Megatherium

Akira realizes how hopeless the situation is yet still takes off his shirt and ignites it on fire, creating a torch of fire to obtain the animals attention where they begin attacking Akira. Avoiding all the different attacks and heading towards the plane, he realizes how in his club activities, they were always surrounded by huge guys and so out of desperation he threw his torch at the fuel tank and the fire flares up and explodes. The explosion caused the Megatherium Americanum to flee the scene where Akira was panting and relieved to see the monstourous animals leave. He sees Rion standing at the door and informs her to get everyone out of the plane. As everyone escapes, Akira thought they were taking awfully long, so he went looking for them and made his way to the bulk cargo door where he was standing on the other side of the door using his bare hands to help the others open the door, despite the intense heat coming from the handle. He and the others began resting w
Sengoku Determined

Akira's resolve

here Akira was blowing his burnt hands in an attempt to keep them cool. He also had put on a spare shirt he had from his own luggage that Rion brought out.

From a safe distance they see the plane burning, as Hades laughter interrupts them where Akira quickly notices who it was. Hades informs Akira that what he done was truly a horrible thing. Akira was confused at first, growling at Hades to explain things clearly. As Hades explains what he done, Akira was easily broken. Slumping down, he realizes he just destroyed everyones hopes and dreams of the future of leaving the island with the plane. However, Shirou quickly begins to encourage him telling him to not regret about his descision and instead support it. Akira gets up, grabbing his bag and informs everyone to get going and find their next campsite for the night with Akira being extremely determined in what he had done.

Raft arc

Akira and his new formed group went trekking through the jungle, heading toward the ocean. At the beach Akira immediately recognised Kazuma Saji from Class 3, who was building a Raft with Yoshimoto Masakazu, Masanori Tanaka and Mina Mukouda. They were planning to leave the island with the raft, which stunned Akira's Group. At first Akira thought it was a bad idea, but Kazuma however pointed out in the ocean, showing there was another island nearby, which Shirou calculated to exist only 5 km away from their current location. This lead Akira thinking that they and other possible survivors could flee the island to another one, which might be safer than the current one, after which Akira agreed to help Kazuma out with his Raft. Masakazu, Masanori and Mina returned from gathering materials for the raft and then Masakazu told the newcomers that the Andrewsarchus won't come near the beach, causing Akira to feel relieved. When they were running again short of materials Akira, Rion and Kazuma headed out to look for new materials. Not long after that Kazuma smelled something familiar and they hid inside the trees. Akira saw a Meiolania getting attacked by an Andrewsarchus. They hurried back to the beach to inform the Andrewsarchus' attack and upon return Kazuma hit Masakazu for his mistake and left. Akira also left to bring Kazuma back and Kazuma told Akira about his history with Yoshimoto. After that Akira and Kazuma walked back to the group.

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Soon Akira heard screams from the jungle and noticed Masakazu, Masanori and Mina had been away for a while. Akira and Kazuma tracked the screams down and saw Andrewsarchus attacking Masakazu. They saved him by holding Andrewsarchus, but soon it broke free of Kazuma's hold and they tried to escape it to the beach. As they were dealing with Andrewsarchus, an Ambulocetus jumped out from the water and grabbed Rion. However, as the rest were about to leave with the raft, Akira was left with either escaping with them or saving Rion. Kazuma and Akira defended themselves with wooden sticks while the rest was pushing the raft into the ocean. It however broke through the defense and ate Masanori
Schermafbeelding 2011-10-09 om 21.51.44
up. Soon they noticed that the Andrewsarchus was in pain. Akira ordered the group to leave with the Raft and instead of climbing up the Raft, he ran into the ocean to search for Rion. At the bottom he found Rion with the Ambulocetus. As it noticed Akira and tried to attack him, Akira defended himself by pulling Ambulocetus' whiskers.

Akira pulled Rion out of the water and dragged her back to the beach, where he noticed Rion was wounded. As she wasn't breathing, Akira was left with a choice to give her CPR. The next morning they leave to find a suitable place for Rion to heal.

Epidemic arc

Akira and Kazuma stood guard outside the cave for three days. Kazuma confessed to him, he liked Kanako. Akira might even have a shot at Rion in this world. Akira, Shirou and Kazuma accompanied Kanako to the lake. Akira caught shellfish, while Kanako was doing laundry. Shirou noticed something at the water and warned Akira. An Arsinoitherium raise from the water and headed toward them. Kanako had her foot stuck on a crevice and Akira bravely stood in front of her. The Arsinoitherium just ran passed them and started to eat the Berries.

Akira's Group were eating the fruits from the nearby trees. Shirou informed Akira that the cave is the ideal refuge to settle. The next morning Akira caught Rion standing in front of the lake. She was thinking about their missing friends. Akira reassured her that they will someday see them. Rion's lip reminded him the last time he gave CPR to her. Rion confessed the Ambulocetus' bite will probably leave a scar. Before Akira could answer that they heard a scream near the cave. Motoko Kurusu was surrounded by a group of Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis. She was relieved to see Akira and Rion. The rest of Kouichi's Group came out from the bush. Akira extends his hand to welcome their leader Kouichi Yarai. Kouichi and his boys just walked past him. They ransacked the cave. Akira stopped Ono from searching Rion's bag. Akira got slammed to the wall for that. Before the boys can do any more damage, Kouichi sent his boys out for food.

Near the lake Akira saw Shirou's still researching his work on the Arsinoitherium. He was talking in technobabble that Akira couldn't understand any words. Kouichi came from behind and explained it simply for Akira. Rion came out the cave and informed Akira that Kanako was looking for him. Kouichi overheard Rion's wound and torn her uniform off. Akira hit Kouichi's face for that. Before leaving Kouichi informed Akira that Rion shouldn't move her arm for 2-3 days. Motoko told Akira that Kouichi isn't a bad kid. Akira's Group heard some noise in the jungle, so Akira went in to investigate. He saw Ono, Itou and Mikoshiba were toying with a baby Megaladapis Edwardsi. Above them a group of adult Megaladapis Edwardsi were ready to attack. Kouichi came from behind Akira and ran toward his boys. The adults attacked the boys. Kouichi freed the baby and the adults left the scene except one. A Megaladapis Edwardsi was still attacking Akira. It left after it heard Kouichi's laughing.

The next morning the rest of Akira's Group heard what happened in the jungle last night. Motoko was impressed that Akira is the leader of his group. She wanted everyone to leave this island together. Before she said anything else, Akira found her lying on the ground. Everyone was stunned by her fever. They carried her back to the cave. Akira´s Group was forced to leave the cave because Kouichi said so. Akira thinks Kouichi did that on purpose. Only his group was infected. Not before long Shirou was infected. Akira carried Shirou back to the cave. Akira first saw Ono to die first. He helped Kouichi buried Ono down. Kouichi predicted they will be wiped out by this disease. He started to follow Kouichi back to the cave. Suddenly his vision started to blurry. His eyes had turned red. Akira woke up the next morning hearing Mariya´s saying about the Arsinoitherium. Rion informed Akira that Kouichi had left the cave. Akira wanted Rion to run away from here. Rion was the only one uninfected. They saw the docile Arsinoitherium woke up and was drowning in the lake. Akira started to make sense of the disease and found the source of it. Using Mariya´s Laptop Akira and Rion needed to find a Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis. The capture of the animal led them to a herd of Arsinoitherium. They were eating the Berries also and a bush of White Flowers. They think it was the cure. An Arsinoitherium was about to run them over. Luckily Kouichi saved Akira and Rion from the animal. Akira had fallen unconscious by the disease hence
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Rion giving Akira the white Flowers

Rion was forced to chew the White Flower and give CPR to him. Immediately Akira started to wake up and they hurried back to the cave. Itou and Mikoshiba had died during their absence. Everyone was giving the cure and the next morning everyone was started to get better. Akira wanted Kouichi to become their new leader. Kouichi didn´t want to become a leader in the first place. Kouichi and Motoko left together. One by one Akira´s Group started to get better. Akira knews one day they will meet Kouichi again.

Adult Camp arc

Akira's Group had been wandering through the jungle for two days. Akira wondered why they haven't find any more people from the plane. Shirou thought they've probably mostly died off. Kazuma tried to ask Akira to help him with some time alone with Kanako and vice versa. Akira's mind raced through the time with Rion on the island. He can't make his mind up involving Rion. Akira noticed a sand cloud is approaching them. A herd of Entelodon was running past them. An Entelodon saw Akira and Rion. Without looking Akira grabbed a hand and ran away from the Entelodon. Once they were safe in the bush and the Enteldon ran past them, Akira turned to see Kanako instead Rion. They both shouted to call their friends. Akira heard a noise and turned to see Kanako being held by Marume and Nishi. Fujiki creeped from behind and attacked Akira. They dragged Akira and Kanako back to camp. While he was blindfolded, he was thinking the attackers was probably apart of the ordinary passengers.

Upon arrival at the camp, he took a good view around the camp. Nishi and Marume escorted Akira and Kanako to their boss' tent. Akira was stunned by their leader Miina Isurugi (Fake). Akira got hit because he was too near the kid. Kanako shielded Akira's body to prevent more beating from the thugs. In return Akira prevented Kanako from being rape from the thugs. Marume and Nishi continued beating Akira until Miina called it off. Kanako and Akira were sent to a nearby tent. Akira heard a noise outside. He saw a group of men standing outside. Before Akira throw a rock at someone, Shinzou Karino put a stop to that. He explained to the newcomers the situation at the camp. Akira was stunned by Miina's high status. He can't believe a group of men would be afraid by Miina and her bodyguards. Shinzou and his men wouldn't fight back. Back at the tent Kanako asked Akira if they would leave and find their friends. He agreed to that.

Akira heard another noise outside the tent. He couldn't find anybody outside. Kanako smelled something in the air. They tracked it down on the leg of a tree. Kanako recognised the scarf. They bought it to Shinzou . He explained Towa went missing after a while. Kanako told her history about Towa to Akira. Akira noticed blood on the scarf. He felt something is wrong about the people here. They needed to figure it out. Akira suspected Miina's gang being involved Towa's disappearing. They were called to Miina's tent. Miina apologised to them for their mistreating yesterday. Without warning Miina kissed Akira on the lip. Kanako put a stop to the kissing. When they were close to each other, Akira whispered to Kanako about Miina's perfume is the same as Towa.

Akira was scouting the area when Kanako came from behind. She found a map from Miina's Container. Akira used the map to guide him to the x spot. Kanako warned him to watch out for Fujiki and his hoodlums. Akira got lost a couple of times before he retraced the steps as a child. He saw a cave and found nothing. Outside the cave Shinzou revealed he was following him for a while. He was a cop back home. Akira told him about the Miina's map and Towa's disappearing. Shinzou will aid his quest. Akira told Shinzou about his missing friends. After wandering around Akira found the tree from the map. Using that as a landmark he found another cave. Inside he found Towa's dead body. After the discovering Akira immediately was chocked by Shinzou. From the scar of his hand revealed to be the murderer of Towa. He broke free of the chocking and hid inside the bush. Shinzou
Akira's group confronting Karino's

Akira's group confronting Shinzou's

whistled the other men into action. He returned to camp to find the men were looking for Kanako and Miina. Shinzou called out Akira. The adult men had captured Shirou, Rion and Kazuma. Hiding in the bush Akira called out why he killed Towa. Shinzou explained the event toward Towa's death. The adult men advanced toward Akira's bush and hit nothing. Akira had crawled to another bush. Shinzou forced Akira's hand by threated to kill Rion. Akira held up his hand and surrendered himself. Shirou, Kazuma and Rion broke free from the men and joined Akira's side. Kanako came out from her hiding place and joined the group. Akira wasn't afraid to die, because his friend are right by his side. Akira's Group were surrounded by the adult men. Akira and Kazuma planned to make a opening for Shirou, Rion and Oomori. Shirou pointed out a sand cloud in the jungle.
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A herd of Entelodon was heading toward them. The Entelodons caused chaos among the men. Akira's Group saw an opening to escape. Only to find Kanako was being held by Shinzou. She was calling to them to run away. Akira must obey Shinzou demands by staying in front of him. A herd of Hyaenodon arrived into the scene and started to eat the men. A Hyaenodon headed to Akira's Group. Akira hit it with his Axe. He continued hit it until the Hyaenodon left to eat an adult man. Shirou explained the Hyaenodon's behaviour about blood's smell. Akira's Group escape the scene and met up with Miina, when she revealed her secret about being a boy. Akira passed out because the kiss with Miina. Rion started to interrogate Akira about being a pervert.

Brain Loss arc

Akira’s Group arrived at the river. They decided to rest and take a separate bath. Akira pulled Miina from Kanako and Rion side. He didn't forgot Miina is a boy. Akira watched when Miina took off his underwear. He got mad because Miina dressed and behave like a girl. For that he told Kazuma to watch over Miina. Shirou informed Akira that Miina is rather useful as a kid. He got the adults twisted around his finger. They discussed what to do next since no help has arrived. A Moeritherium came out from the water. Shirou started to tell the story how an animal become extinct.

Kanako and Rion returned from bath with an unconscious Yuki Sakuma. Akira recognised her as a classmate of Shirou and him. Yuki woke up and immediately requested Akira to save Kouhei. Yuki informed Akira’s Group about a demonic murderer killing her group. Akira’s Group and Yuki headed upstream the river. Akira asked more information about the demonic murderer from Yuki. She told the event that led them to a Limestone Cavern. Kouhei was hurted inside and more people were killed. She luckly escaped from the killer and ended up finding them. Kanako asked Akira what kind of person is Kouhei. Akira told the story how they met for the first time. He was curious about Kouhei's hair. The other kids didn't like Kouhei's hair until Akira found it cool. Akira’s Group followed upstream until they hit a dead end. They took a detour around and suddenly they fell through a sinkhole. After landing underground Miina saw something behind Akira. He turned and saw rockface on a wall. As they explored the area they find Gerrothoraxes, Kannemeyerias and Lystrosauruses. They saw something else. They found Tamura's dead body. Shirou informed Akira they need to find Kouhei's Group and fast. They found three passages ahead of them. Akira became confused because everyone picked a different passage. Shirou explained his choice of the tunnel and Akira accepted it. When asking Yuki if she recognised the tunnel, her answer was weak. Akira slapped her butts for that. He knew her from school and she always was more energetic as usual. Together Rion and Yuki slapped Akira's face. Akira was trying to cheer Yuki up, instead he got slapped by two girls. He noticed some changes on Rion. It was the first time Rion talked to another female classmate. Akira saw something odd ahead of them. They found themselves a dead end ahead. Akira climbed through cliff edges to the other side and tied up a rope for others to crossover.

They found themselves back at the place where they first landed there. They headed now to another tunnel. Rion and Yuki left the group to pee. After a while Akira’s Group heard a scream. Akira ran toward the scream. Akira, Shirou, Miina, Kazuma and Kanako were shouting for Rion and Yuki. Suddenly Kanako went missing from behind. Shirou started to believe the murderers had kidnapped Kanako. Akira didn't believe it at first, but he won't let his friends die here. Together they sent out to find their missing friends. Akira heard something ahead of them. He saw the murderer was about to stab Kanako. He made a dash for her and speared Kouhei without looking at his face. The others came to Kanako's aid.
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Akira finding out Kouhei is the attacker

Akira still can't see the attacker's face. He stopped the attacker from running away. Kanako called Akira to stop attacking his best friend. When they were closed to each other, Akira saw his best friend Kouhei beneath him. Kouhei kicked him to break free. Akira was stunned by the revealing of the murderer. He asked Kouhei why he did such horrible things. While Shirou and Kazuma prevented Kouhei from leaving, Akira was still stunned of Kouhei's action. His group called out for him to do something. Akira stood up and hit Kouhei. Kouhei revealed his action to Akira’s Group. A swarm of Cyclotosaurus surrounded Akira’s Group and Kouhei. The others didn't believe Kouhei would help, but Akira did. Akira and Kouhei carried the wounded Kanako to safetly. They escaped safetly into the tunnel only to find the remaining members of Kouhei's Group. Kouhei stopped his group from attacking Akira’s Group. He led his group away. Akira heard a yell and rushed to Kouhei's aid. He held Kouhei's hand from falling. Miina and Shirou arrived the scene and Shirou explained Kouhei's weird behaviour. Akira helped him up despite his recent action. Miina lost his balance and fell down. Luckly Kouichi was in time to grab him. He brought Rion with him. She was relieved to see Akira again.

The group headed back where they left Kazuma and Kanako behind. They heard a rumbling sound headed their way. The water level started to rise up. They started to head back where they came from. They found out that Motoko and Yuki are above ground. They lowered a rope for them to climb up. Akira noticed the water level dropped. Shirou warned him about the flash flood was about to hit them. Akira, Kazuma, Shirou, Rion and Kouhei ran back to the tunnel. He saw a fork road ahead of them and Kouhei advised them to head down and despite others doubting his intentions, Akira decided to listen to him. However, they found themselves at a dead end, when Kouhei revealed that the place was the exactly same where he attacked Yuki and so the river was connected to the outside. Shirou quickly figured out that they could use their pants as Instant Buoy and escape safely. With just Kouhei, Akira and Rion left, Kouhei encouraged Akira and teased Akira and Rion by asking whether or not they had had sex yet. Without warning Kouhei pushed Rion and Akira into the river and that was the last time Akira saw Kouhei. They found the others waiting for them. They rested at a nearby forest. Akira recalled Kouichi wanted to talk about something. Kouichi asked him if he wanted to build a country. They needed to build a country in order to survive in this world. If Akira’s Group grew any bigger, they needed to create a safe place for everyone to live. Akira might be able to save everyone on the island. Kouichi laughed because Akira's thinking becoming a king. Motoko and Kouichi left the scene for Akira to think about his country.

School arc

Akira was lying on his back when Rion and Yuki walk by. His mind wandered into making a harem country. They informed him that Kanako is recovering well from her fever. He asked the girls he's looking for Shirou. Shirou heard his name and walked to Akira. Akira wanna asked him how to make a country. Shirou explained various forms of countries. Akira heard a yell not far from them. Kazuma was running toward them. Someone else was approaching behind him. A Smilodon and Macrauchenia were fighting with each other. Akira called his group to hide. He ran toward Kanako and Miina's hiding place. They watched as the Smilodon left with its prey. After watching the kill Akira need to do something for his group. Kazuma informed Akira’s Group that he found a flag in the middle of the forest. He led them to the School Camp of Takashi’s Group. Takashi Yamaguchi was on top of the tallest tree to greet them. Inside the School Camp they encounter students from various classes. Takashi requested Akira and his group to help them building a country. He was shocked when Takashi has the same idea as his. Takashi planned to build a school country here. Akira asked him how. Together with the teacher Kawai and Fujimoto, Takashi explained to Akira’s Group the event after the incident until they reached here. Akira’s Group watched as Takashi pulled up a new flag symbolising their new country. As the new flag hanged above their heads, Akira started to believe the School country. Tadashi Katou and Shinji Gotou were working on the fence when Akira arrives. He decided he wanted to lend a hand with the heavy lifting. They thought Akira is crazy working for this job. Akira thought the work is nothing compare to surviving out there. The civil group decided to vote Akira as their leader.

While on top of the fence Akira saw a pack of Canis Dirus is observing them. Shinji told him the pack has been watching them for a while. He heard something behind him and saw a crowd standing in front of the flag's tree. Takashi had pushed Miina. Akira stood in front of Miina and asked what he had done. Takashi showed him their new flag was scribbled by Miina. Takashi's Group condemned Miina's action. Akira tried to make Miina apologied for his action. He confessed he will destroy this entire place. Akira hit Miina's head and dragged him away from the crowd. At night he was thinking about Miina and his previous group. In his dream he dreamed about his friends all together and happy as usually. The next morning Akira’s Group couldn't find Miina anywhere. Takashi's Group was glad that he left. Shirou didn't believe Miina would leave on his own. Akira’s Group continued to search for Miina. He requested Ryouichi Suzuki and his girlfriend Sanae Kashiwagi to help them. They weren't very helpful. Takashi was relieved that he left. The teachers held Akira down before he starts to fight with Takashi. Kazuma told him he found Miina on the outside. Akira, Rion and Kazuma saw the Canis Diruses were approaching Miina's position. Akira and Kazuma climbed down the fence and headed toward Miina. They found Miina tied down on his hand and his face was bloody. Kazuma warned Akira that the Canis Diruses are about to attack them. Luckly the Alpha Wolf Ernest called off the attack and the pack returned to their leader. Akira saw Ernest with its scar on his nose. They carried Miina back to their tent. Shirou examined Miina and told the group that Miina might have some aftereffects. Akira would take the first watch and told Rion to rest. He blamed himself for not noticed Miina's recent action. Miina started to wake up and recalled his last memory. He told his history about school. He didn't like it. Behind him Kanako woke up and told him to do what is right. Before Akira could say anymore, he told her he could see her underwear. Before the night was over Miina had more to say about his attackers.

The morning came and Akira started to destroy the School. Everyone was confused why he does it. Takashi came and stopped Akira. Akira dared everyone if they would try to stop him from destroying the School. Takashi tried to reason with him. But Akira accused him to why Miina was punished for his action. Everyone started to believe Takashi did something to Miina. The teachers came to Takashi's aid. But Akira didn't want their help. Because he thinks the real culprit was the teachers. They had the motive and gain from the School country. Before Akira started to hit them and he accused them being a pervert. The teachers revealed that Miina is a boy. Nobody outside Akira’s Group knew Miina is a boy. They were caught redhanded by their acts. The Takashi's Group couldn't believe their teachers' action. In return the teachers started to hit Akira and revealed their true intention about the School country. After everyone heard the revealing they hit the teachers back. Feeling they had lost the group Kawai and Fujimoto left the School. Akira knew no matter where they run, they will never be able to escape the rules of this world. After the crisis had settled down, Akira’s Group packed up their belongings. Akira told his group about his dream a couple days ago. After he talked to Miina, he staged an act to catch the real culprits. On the other side of the School, Akira saw Takashi's talking to his group. He was afraid they will kick them out. Rion believed he did the right thing. Takashi's Group approached them. Takashi found his speech enlightening and so they decided to join his group. They would try to build a country on his image. Shirou on his side recalled his criterias about country is people, which Akira happily accepted.

Exploration Party arc

Akira was checking out on Miina. He teased Akira on checking his injuries personally. Shinji came in and called Akira to come with him. Together with Tadashi, they spied on the girls' bath. Rion came from behind and dragged him back to camp. Takashi had gathered a group of people for his Exploration Party #1. He planned to explore the area around the camp. Everyone wanted to join the first group. He saw small branches on the ground. Everyone picked one. In the end Takashi, Rion, Ryouichi and Kazuma joined him in the party. They waved goodbye to everyone. They mapped out the surrounding jungle until they reached the edge.

They came across a rocky cliff area. Akira saw someone deep inside the rocky area. He called his group to investigate. Behind the big rock he encountered a bandage man called Tooru Rinzai. Rei Ooguro and Kotomi Kawana were pleased to meet them. They requested the Exploration Party to help them. Their belongings got stolen by a wild dog. Along the way Rei explained Tooru's injury to him. They tracked down their belongings. Akira suggested they approach the bags by hiding behind the rocks. When they were close, Akira took a peek at the wild dog. He recognised it as a Canis Dirus. Soon they discovered they enter a trap made by the dire wolves. Akira recognised the alpha wolf Ernest. He covered Rion down when the wolves are about to attack. After noticing nothing happened, he looked up and saw an Arctodus Simus. Both Rei and Takashi recognised the Arctodus Simus as their previous attacker. Rion warned Akira that an Artodus Simus is about attack him from behind. He turned and blocked the attack. Tooru saved him from the second attack. The Exploration Party and their friends were surrounded by two animals. Rion suggested they hide inside a crevice. Akira is carrying Kotomi when he was been chased by the ancient bear. At the last second Akira with Kotomi and Rei jumped into the crevice before the Artodus Simus get to them.

After a while Akira, Kazuma and Takashi took a peek on the outside. The animals were on a standoff. Rei showed her boob as a reward for saving her and Kotomi. Kotomi came and cleaned Akira's face up as his reward. Rion and Kotomi started to argue over Akira. Takashi broke the fight and warned them about the danger from outside. He suggested they should leave while it is raining. They headed out and watched out for other crevices and the animals. He heard Rion's scream from behind and saw a trio of Artodus Simus. He ran back and called Rion out. Ryouichi told him he has found Rion. She didn't want to see him right now. He left Rion in Ryouichi's care. Kazuma saved him from the bear's attack while he was thinking about Rion. They couldn't outrun the

Akira declaring Rion is "his woman".

bears. The wolves came and attacked the bears. He thought they enter the wolves' territory. The wolves were no match against the bears. Akira saw Ernest and a pregnant wolf on the side. Akira hurried back to Rion's side. He prevented Ryouichi from taking Rion's underwear off. He declared to Ryouichi that Rion is his woman. The others came into the crevice and they decided they will not give up on the fight. Rion woke up and Akira apologised for their fight. Takashi suggested to split into two group to escape, but Akira prefered they went out together or die. He felt wet when he was climbing out. An Artodus Simus was waiting for them. It pulled Akira out of the crevice. He was at the mercy of the bear. He took a rock and hit the bear's nose. The wolves started to hit the bears' noses. He heard the howl of Ernest. Rion came to Akira's aid. They climbed back to the crevice to rest. Rei explained to the group of Kotomi's past. The group named the Alpha wolf Ernest after hearing Takashi's story. Rei and Tooru came back empty-handed from their trip. The wolves won't give up their belongings. He tried to cheer Tooru up by pushing Rei into him. He had some idea what kind of country they will become. Akira made a big mistake by calling Rion an important friend, leading her to stare stingingly at Akira.

The next morning Akira stood watch, when Kotomi asked him to come with her to the cliff. There she took off her clothing and tried to pressure Akira into having sex with her. When he however rejected her, she got furious and tried to strangle him, leading them fall down the cliff, causing Akira to be hurt and killing Kotomi. He was however saved by Ernest, who lead others to them, saving Akira. After burying Kotomi, the Exploration Party carried Akira back to camp.

Argentavis arc

Akira was lying peacefully on his bed when Kazuma made some noise. Kazuma was angry that everyone was trying to befriend with Kanako. He made a mistake of telling Kazuma that Kanako isn't into him. They made a small fight until Maya Miyauchi arrived in his tent. She ordered Kazuma to leave on a patrol. He recognised her as the delinquent girl from class 3. They headed out for a walk. Akira asked her how Kazuma would listen to her. Maya demonstrated her karate move on the wood above Akira's head. She explained that Akira's full of openings. That is why he got injured like that. Rion called his name and Shirou was right beside Rion. They will accompany him while he toured around the Camp. Everyone greeted him and wished him well. He asked for Rei. Tadashi and Kazunari Murayama was merely laughing when they told Rei was with Miina in the shower. Akira heard a scream from the shower area. Rei came out with only a towel on her body. Akira and the boys were stunned by the display. Other people started to laugh about Rei and Miina. He believed his group will make it here.

Akira’s Group heard a scream from outside the fence. Sanae pointed above the cause of her scream. An Argentavis landed on top of Ryouichi. They were stunned by the new huge animal. The Argentavis flew toward them and they ducked to avoid the hit. Luckly the bird flew away. Akira’s Group discussed the new threat. Akira asked Shirou for advise. Shirou suggested they make pairs. One will look into the sky while the other does something. Akira got pair with Maya because of his injuries. Everyone paired up whether they like it or not. He noticed a weird look from Maya, but before she could explain it completely the Argentavis has returned. The Argentavis swoop down and caused chaos inside the Camp. Akira saw his group disarray, but Maya stood cool. She planned to fight it back. Maya recognised the same chaos like the second night on the island. Everyone ran with or without their partner. Akira heard a scream, but he couldn't recognise the voice.

He headed toward that voice. He arrived at the scene where Yasunori Yamato was arguing with Matsushita. Next to them lies the dead body of Shimazu. He tried to calm them down, but they flee when the Argentavis destroyed a hut. An Argentavis was about to attack Akira from behind. Luckly Maya saved him from the bird. She explained him that at crucial moments, humans can only care about themselves.
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His group is doomed. He won't believe it and he ran toward the outside of the fence and started to whistle. The Argentavis were drawn to the sound. For his last act as leader he called the Argentavis to feast on him, leading everyone to be stunned by his sacrifice. From his act his group started to fight back and drove the Argentavis off the Camp. At night Rion tended Akira's bruises, while everyone was worried about him. He left Maya and her group to defend the group. The next morning he heard from Takashi about the deaths of Matsushita, Ken Tanaka and Murata. They couldn't find the cause of death. Takao Sugimasa was the next to die. The group lived in fear of the unknown disease. Rion prevented Akira from standing up. Rion came back again to tell him to run toward the river. Shirou told everyone wash their bodies thoroughly. As Akira washed his body, he noticed small ticks on the water. Shirou warned him not to touch the Ancient Ticks. He called them poisonous ticks. Akira figured the Argentavis brought the ticks into their camp. Someone yelled out. It appeared the Argentavis has returned again. They made a dive attack above the river. Akira turned and saw Miyaychi attacking Argentavis head on. Miina was running away from the bird. Akira intercepted and saved Miina. He left Miina in Rion's care. Akira suddenly pushed Rion away from Argentavis' attack. After witnessing an attack from Maya, Shirou suggested to Akira to pierce through the Argentavis' chest. He picked up a stone and hit the Argentavis' chest. The bird was hurt by the stone. Maya followed his example and killed an Argentavis. The others flee after seeing a death of their own. They had won a battle against an extinct animal. Rion wondered what to do next. Akira believed he has an idea. They need to leave before night falls. Akira’s Group packed up their stuff and met Akira on the outside. He planned to burn the School Camp with the ticks inside. He wanted to prevent more victims fallen into the tick's poison. They watched as the camp sat into fire. Akira thought they hadn't travelled some places yet. Shirou suggested they head toward the mountain.

Akira’s Group was tracking through the jungle. He asked Shirou why they need to travel to the top of the mountain. Shirou recalled the event at the ocean. They need to see if they could find a coastline somewhere on top. And also on top they could see other survivors. At night while everyone was chitchatting, Akira was asleep, when Rion found him and kissed him on the cheeks.

Cursed Mountain arc

Akira’s Group were on their second day heading to the mountain. Shinji relieved Rion's duy of carrying Akira. They decided to rest for a while and talked about the image of the island. Akira noticed Shirou's face when they all pumped up to reach top of the mountain. He told Shinji, Kazuma and Takashi about his dream last night, when he dreamt about girls were approaching him leading every boy to dream about their dream girl. However, Rion heard everything and decided to put a stop of his story. At night he excised and wandered into the jungle to find Shirou alone. Shirou was charging his Laptop using his Foot Pump Charger. Akira helped out as part of his rehab. They discussed what Shirou was thinking about in the afternoon. Shirou took a huge leap that something will change when they reach the top. Akira believed nothing will change if they don't find anything there. Shirou looked up on Akira, because his leadership saves him on the island. Akira trusted Shirou no matter what. After charging done, he gave back the charger back to Shirou and took the watch of the lookout.

They reached the base of the mountain. Everyone was ready for the climb. Kanako noticed something is rolling down the mountain. It landed next to a bush. Akira, Maya, Kazuma and Takashi investigated the object and found a dead body. Akira warned the group not to look at the dead body. Its clothes belonged to their school. Akira’s Group started to freak out of the situation. Akira still determined to head to the top with his group. Along the way they discussed what happened to the person and why. Akira wanted to climb up to find the cause of the dead body and find other survivors. He hoped they find a way to get off the island. The climbing got quite a steep. Tooru offered some advice to Akira. He had some climbing experience before. Akira regrouped his group according to Tooru's advice. They encountered some wind as they further climbed up. Shirou slipped and Akira caught him. They found a slide trail next to Shirou and found a Student Handbook on the ground. It belonged to Noriaki Matsuki. Both Airi Narumi and Kairi Narumi recognised him from their class. They suspected he wasn't alone on the mountain. They wondered why nobody came down to find their friend. The mist is getting thicker. They heard a noise nearby. They investigated and found Nagatsuka from Class 1. Nagatsuka barely alive, told the event how he fell down. He recalled Noriaki came back to life and chased after them. He warned them not to climb up any further. Before he died, he called that the mountain is cursed. As he listened to Nagautsuka's last words, he started to feel dizzy. Kairi told an ancient story about Mt. Fuji being gateway from the dead. Yuki came from the frontline and told Akira that Tooru is looking for him. They couldn't climb any further without any tools. Akira volunteered to climb up with his bare feet. On the top Akira lowered the ropes for everyone to climb up. After walking for a whole day they decided to rest behind huge rocks. He tried to talk to Shirou, but like everyone else he quickly fell asleep. As he started to sleep he let his mind wonder about a dead friend he wants to meet again.

As the sun raise on top of the mountain, Akira felt he couldn't move his body. He tried to call for help, but nobody was moving around. He turned and saw a person coming out of the mist. As the person came closer to him, he recognised the silhouette. It's his friend Kouhei. As he looked up again, he couldn't find

Akira being strangled by Kouhei

Kouhei. He stood up and wandered around to find him. Akira slipped a foot and fell down. When he opened his eyes, Kouhei was standing above him. They talked for a while until Kouhei revealed the mountain is cursed. Kouhei came from behind and choked Akira. He escaped his grips and when he turned back, he couldn't see Kouhei again. Kouhei emerged from the mist and started to chock Akira again. He escaped his grips again and Kouhei picked up a rock. Akira too picked up a rock also. He took a swing and passed through Kouhei's body. He started to think Kouhei's already dead. Kouhei advanced Akira's position. As Kouhei was about to swing at Akira, Akira hit his head on a rock. The image of Kouhei started to faint out. He figured out the cursed mountain mystery. Kanako called out for him. She managed to track him down. She requested him to head back to the group. Everyone is in trouble. Akira couldn't do anything as Rion cried out from her nightmare. He told everyone was having a hallucination. Tooru recognised it as acute mountain sickness. Shirou suggested they need a solution and fast. Rion cried out even more from her nightmare. Akira wondered how the hallucination affect them in the first place. Shirou suggested stress as a factor. As the mist cleared out from the view, they saw the top is near them. Akira ordered everyone to climb up and Tooru agreed it also. Yuki fell down and Akira picked her up and Rion on his back. Akira reached the peak first. He stood up and watched the view of the island. The image of the island astounished him.
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The land went beyond the horizon. Kanako discovered something and called Akira to it. They found a Pile of Rocks with a shirt stuck inside. It had a message for them. Akira recognised Motoko's shirt. He seemed a bit loss of their discovery until Maya reminded him as their leader. They headed down the mountain to recover. Shirou suggested food could be a factor of their hallucination. On the ground Akira found Kouichi's Coin. He seemed glad that everyone made it safely out. Shirou suggested they head to the river near the mountain first. He held Kouichi's Coin wondering what Kouichi's doing right now.

Mami the Clairvoyant arc

Akira’s Group were surrounded by a pack of Pristichampus. They were on their backs against the wall. Someone on top of the cliff yelled at them to run to the river. Akira and his group had no other choice but to listen to the unknown girl's voice. They jumped into the river and the Pristichampuses stood at the riverside. He looked up and saw their saviors. Mami's Group introduced themselves to Akira and Tooru. They wanna joined Akira's Group if Tooru would be their leader. Tooru explained that Akira is their leader of the group. They were stunned by the little kid and returned into the jungle to discuss something. Akira saw Mami Kagura and gave thanks to her good advise. Tooru and Akira returned to their camp. He saw Shirou’s reseaching on his Laptop about the Pristichampus. Kazuma recognised Mami as Mami the Clairvoyant. The rest of the group seemed to hear of her. He stopped Yuki from overdosing them with prediction theories. Akira believed Mami wasn't lying about her predictions. He wanna knows more about her.

Akira sneaked into Mami's camp. Nakayama Kyouko heard him hiding in the bush. Masayuki Ikeda, Shouji Mukai and Mitsuhiro Muramatsu found him. He pretended he was checking on them. Akira walked past them and headed toward Mami. He asked her about her ability and famous status. Lastly he found her cute. Masayuki and Shouji blocked Akira from going near her. Akira asked Mami if she has a premonition lately. Kyouko hinted about a blood stained W. Mami's Group is inside Akira's camp. Akira’s Group discussed about the letter W. He can't believed it that Kanako believes in premonition. Shinji overheard the whole conversation and walked angerily away. As his best friend Tadashi, he told Akira about Shinji's past with premonition. Kyouko decided to set up camp nearby.

Takashi woke Akira up from his sleep the next morning. They found Shinji and Tadashi dead near the cliff. Akira wondered why they were doing out here. Rion pointed Akira out that the dead bodies look like a W. Akira’s Group freaked out of the premonition. They buried Shinji and Tadashi in the ground. Akira started to believe Mami's premonition. Tadahiko Uchimura came to the burial. He recalled the event after the incident. Most of the group died in the bottomless swamp. Tadahiko recommended them to believe Mami's premonition. Akira turned and saw Masayuki and Shouji heading to the group. They relayed another premonition to them. Akira’s Group started to freak out. Akira was powerless as he watched his group in dissary. Shirou asked him to walk with him into the jungle. They were back at the Shinji and Tadashi death scene. They recreated it and found it odd. Shirou found footprints on top of the cliff and concluded they were murdered to make the prediction to come true. He had a idea to catch the culprits.

He went to Mami's camp, but he was blocked by Masayuki and Shouji again. They pushed him into a mud pool. Afterward he went to the river to wash his clothes. He heard a noise around the corner. Akira turned and saw Mami naked. He dove into the water for peeping her. As he was about to walk away, Mami asked him if he believes in premonition. Before Akira had an absolute answer from her, she ran away. He headed back to camp and asked for Mariya. Rion told him that Shirou and Kanako were away. Oomori, Shirou and Maya returned to camp with Mitsuhiro. They accused him as the killer of Shinji and Tadashi. Kazuma brought Mami and the rest of her group to camp. Mami had another death premonition, but Akira’s Group didn't believe her. Akira protected Mami from his group. He ordered everyone to find Kyouko first if they wanna know if Mami wasn't lying about her premonition. Akira paired up with Shirou on the search for Kyouko. They came across Yasunori and Asuka Takahashi. They were running away from the Pristichampuses. Akira’s Group defended themselves with sticks against the Pristichampuses. Akira pushed Rion away as the Pristichampus was about to hit her. He got hit hard by the tail of the animal. Kazunari Murayama came and told Akira that Mami and her group went missing. Shirou suggested they head into the river.

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Akira saw Mami in danger. He ran and caught Mami from bitten by the Pristichampus. Akira recalled the event by the river. She knew she will die, but Akira will save her with his group. Akira’s Group came to Mami's rescue. Mami revealed she has another death premonition. Akira reorganised his group to protect Mami as they headed to the river.
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Akira telling Mami that they could not believe that this is their destiny

He didn't believe in fate and death. Akira will cover their back as his group went into the river. Rion warned Akira about Pristichampus' attack. He stuck his stick into its mouth. The Pristichampus made a death roll. He had to let go of his stick. Mami helped Akira up and they started to head into the river. The Pristichampuses chased after them. They jumped into the river as the Pristichampus was about to bite them. Mami was kinda jealous of his friendship with his group. Before they left, Akira thanked Mami for saving him. He noticed a weird look on her eyes. When it was over, he didn't talk about it.

They walked along the river for four or five hours. They decided to rest on a sandbank middle in the river. Akira noticed Shirou was talking with Yuki recently. Shirou didn't say much of it. They returned to the boy's side of the sandbank. Kazuma told them they will host the first "Queen of the night contest". Each boy will get one vote. In his mind he was thinking about Rion. In the end he saw Rion got three votes. He suspected Ryouichi as Rion's voter. But he couldn't suspect the third voter. Rei came along and found the contest out. At night he couldn't sleep, so he decided to take a walk. He met Yuki during his walk. She walked back to a tree and a caterpillar fell down on her shoulder. She hugged Akira on the ground. Yuki let Akira go and yelled at him. They heard some noise nearby and decided to investigate. They caught Ryouichi and Sanae doing ecchi stuff. They quickly ran away from the scene and Yuki revealed the girl's contest to Akira. Akira revealed Yuki got two votes from the boys. His vote was naturally Rion. They ran into Kazuma and Kanako and hid into the bush. Akira and Yuki overheard the whole conversation. Kazuma accidently revealed that Yuki likes Akira. They heard Kazuma confesses his love for Oomori.

Gigantopithecus arc

Akira’s Group had stayed at the sandbank for a day and they are ready to leave. Akira turned and noticed saw some people's eyes were red. They came across a Meganeura Monyi flying over them. Some girls requested Maya to do something about the huge bug. But she is afraid of bugs. The Meganeura Monyi headed toward Akira and it was hit down by Shuu Hikime. Akira thanked him for that. They found Pile of Rocks left behind by Motoko. Akira recognised it immediately. More clues led them to a jungle.with huge trees. They decided to make camp before heading into the jungle.

Akira and the others heard Rion's cry near the camp. Rion told them what happens to Kanako and her. She described the attacker to Akira. Shirou found the footprints of the animal. They were afraid of the size of the animal. Akira will heard none of it, he decided to go after her. Akira called Rion not to run far ahead of the group. Along the footprints they also found Kanako's jacket. They noticed a little blood spot on it. Akira suggested they need to find her quickly. Akira’s Group was now heading deep into the jungle. Their supplies of Torch Pine were burning out. They need to fan out to search for more. When the last torch went out, the unknown animal started its attack. Akira saw a dark silhouette in front of him and Rion recognised it as Kanako's Attacker. Out of the darkness an Eusmilus came out and faced the unknown animal. Akira’s Group hid behind the trees and watched the confrontation between the two animals. Eusmilus attacked the unknown animal and got killed by it. Moonlight shined on the silhouette and Shirou recognised it as a Gigantopithecus. After killing the Eusmilus, the Gigantopithecus left the scene. Akira’s Group were now afraid of Kanako's attacker. Even Shirou gave up on Kanako. Akira couldn't believe Shirou said that. Kazuma beat him up for that suggestion. Akira stopped Kazuma from beating Shirou to death. After the beating down Akira and Kazuma will rescue Kanako on their own. Shuu volunteered to join the rescue. They followed the footprints' trail. Kazuma revealed to Akira that he confesses to Kanako last night. He got rejected by her. They came across three Gigantopithecuses. Kazuma suggested he will create a diversion for Akira and Shuu to find Kanako. Kazuma created a diversion and the three Gigantopithecuses chased after him. Shuu and Akira searched the surrounding area and found a nest. They saw inside the nest Kanako and Momoka Kirino were fleeing away from a baby Gigantopithecus. Akira will distract the baby while Shuu helps the girls up. As Akira turned his head to thank Shuu, he got struck by Shuu's kendo stick.

Akira wondered why Shuu hit him on the head. Shuu will take care of Rion when Akira is dead. Akira heard Kanako calling for him. He turned and ran toward Kanako. Akira grabbed a rock and took a swing at the baby Gigantopithecus. The baby threw him down with ease. It was heading toward the girls when it was hit by the head from Akira. Akira took a few more hits by the baby before it stopped by an unknown cause. Akira took that chance to grab Kanako to flee the scene. During their escape they saw the jungle was covered in black fog. Akira, Kanako and Momoka headed to the escape root. The baby came to its senses and chased after them. Akira tried to save Momoka from the baby. Something struck on the baby's head. The baby left them alone and jumped out of the nest. Akira pushed Kanako up the root, but she couldn't reach the top. On top Akira’s Group was ready to lend a hand out. Rion quickly hugged Akira for seeing him again. Tooru suggested they didn't breath into the smoke. He thinks the smoke could be poisonous. He suggested someone did something to drive the Gigantopithecus away. Akira immediately thought about Shirou. He suggested they head out the jungle while he searches for Shirou and the rest. On his path he encountered the three Gigantopithecuses again. They were chocking from the smoke. Later he found the cause of the poisonous smoke. He encountered a bush was set on fire. Shirou, Maya and Kazuma were lying on the ground. Akira carried the trio on his back. He led them away from the fire before his knee gave up. Akira was about to pass out when he heard someone calls out his name. Rion and the rest came back for them. They headed to the edge of the jungle and found a old footprints trail. Akira led his group along the cliff. Momoka revealed Shuu saved them from the baby. She told Akira about Shuu's past. Miina found Shuu in the bush. Akira lied about Shuu's action to the group. He sucker punched him for his previous action. After walking along the cliff Akira turned to talk to Kazuma, but he wasn't behind the group any more. Everyone else noticed the Kazuma's absense. Kazuma's blood led down the cliff. They couldn't find Kazuma's body at the bottom of the cliff.

The next morning they found more Motoko's Pile of Rocks along their path. Tooru came to him and suggested they need a break. Akira forgot the group's need and ordered a rest. He rested alone while the girls clean themselves out. Shirou came back with a bag of fruits. They talked about Kazuma's death and Mami's premonition. Shirou believed that Mami can predict the future.

Obelisk arc

The group had rested well from the pitstop and Akira ordered his group to move out. Shizuka Hatsuse recalled Yuki hasn't returned from her walk and soon he found Yuki not far from the campsite and they headed back. Akira noticed Yuki seemed kinda down recently. She awkwardly asked whether Akira likes Rion. At first, Akira didn't response to that as he recalled Kazuma saying Yuki likes Akira. Finally he confessed that he likes Rion even though Yuki already knew that. Akira still said that he thinks doesn't have a shot on Rion since everyone idolizes her but adding that until they leave this island, he will do whatever he can. He still said he didn't mind if Rion confesses to him first, which resulted Yuki slapping him on his shoulder and adding that she will keep her eyes on him. They returned to the group where Rion was worried about him. The group was all fired up to find Motoko's Group.

They found another Pile of Rocks ahead of them. Akira thinks they are heading the right way. They discovered recent campfire from Motoko's Group. The pace became harder until Shirou hinted Akita to take a break. Everyone was spread out to rest. Suddenly they heard Ryouichi's yell. They found Ryouichi behind a big rock. He was pointing at something. They looked up and saw a manmade object sticking out in the jungle. Everyone praised Ryouichi for his finding. The group quickly moved their pace until they reached the object. Shirou suggested to Akira that the object is some kind of a monument. Nearby they found a craved wing rock object lying on the ground. Rion called to Akira. She discovered bags from Motoko's Group. Akira ordered his group to scout the area. They came back with empty hands. Hidden on the ground Akira found Miina's Sketch Book. He called his Miina to him. Akira showed Miina's Sketch Book to Shirou and Rion. They now knew the real Miina is with Motoko's Group. Akira opened the Sketch Book and found drawings from previous extinct animals they encounter throughout the island. He wondered why the real Miina would draw these animals. Miina explained the real Miina's behaviour and her lifestyle to them. The sun was down. They had no choice but to resume the search until next morning. At night the group discussed their missing friends. Kairi told stories about missing people. Akira refused to believe they wouldn't find their friends. Rion was lying next to him. She didn't believe it either.

The group splited into smaller group and expanded their search. Akira found Yuki and Shirou standing in front of the monument. They explained their theories about the "Obelisk" monument to Akira. This location can have a special meaning. Takashi came back in a hurry. He explained that Rion's group is missing. The remaining search groups were recalled to Akira's position. Kanako's group were the last people to have seen Rion's Group before they disappeared. The group seemed afraid of the disappearing events, Akira stormed out and headed Rion's last known position in the forest. Yuki followed after him. She calmed Akira down before he does something foolish. He told Yuki an old promise story about Rion and him. Rion ran away from home and he found her. They hid in an old car and stay the night over. The next day they were scold by their parents. Young Rion asked young Akira if she could be her bride. Only if he could find her. It started to rain, Akira and Yuki had no choice but to return to camp. The group had stayed under the trees from the rain. Maya's Group was the last group to return and they didn't find Rion's Group either. Asuka suggested they have been eaten by some part of the island. The group was not amused by the suggestion. Akira stepped up and calmed the group down.

Akira's search group consist of Shirou and Yuki and him, headed out on their search. He overheard Airi saying his twin brother is still alive. Shirou was suggesting they head to the forest to the west when they heard Kazunari's yell. Akira came to Kazunari's aid. They told Akira that Maya's Group went missing in less than a minute. Koyomi Kanna hinted a shadow attacked them. Akira looked up and saw nothing. The others arrived at the scene. Suddenly Shirou ordered everyone to freeze. Everyone was stunned by his demand. He confirmed Asuka's story. He asked Akira to walk slowly toward him. Shirou told Akira about his plan. Everyone stood still while Shirou and Akira crawled around looking for something. Akira crawled and found something. Akira used a rock to draw the object. It had the shape of a rectangle. One by one Koyomi, Yuki and Kazunari walked out the rectangle. When the danger was over. Shirou revealed his plan to save the others. The group gathered materials for the rescue. Shirou and Akira oversaw the gathering. Akira asked the boys to come with him. Each boy held a log and stand by on Akira's order. The girls dropped sand into the rectangle until it moves. Akira ordered the boys to shove in. It appears the rectangle object was a revolving trapdoor. Shirou solved the mystery about the disappearing. Akira crawled between the rocks and called out Rion. He felt relieved when he hears Rion and the others inside the trapdoor. They lowered some ropes down. Akira recognised Motoko's voice when he climbed out first. He was happy to see his friend. Everyone was climbing out one by one. He didn't see Rion yet, so he climbed down through the second rope. Halfway the first rope snapped, Akira grabbed Seigou Komiyama's hand at the last second saving him and Rion. Rion suddenly hugged Akira for saving her life. Akira looked at Rion and he saw Rion's face was covered in dirt. Back in camp the two group met with each other. Motoko apologised to Akira for his weird group behaviours. Akira's just thankful that everyone's alive. Shirou came and revealed The Tower has many trapdoors beneath the ground. But he thinks most of the trapdoors became inactive by flooding. The trapdoors were protecting something buried under the ground. Akira wanted to find out what.

Akira hit Seigou's back for slacking on his work. Seigou left the video camera behind and left. Motoko recalled the event at the giant jungle and told Seigou's past to Akira. Motoko questioned Akira's plan to build a base here. Akira recalled the event with the first base camp. Shirou helped out and calculated the amount of people left from the plane. They needed to create a safe haven or they will completely wipe out. Akira suggested they leave the trapdoor intact for future use. Shirou had no objection to it. Kanako's excavation group found something on the ground. They washed it off with water and revealed a statue's head. Shizuka carried it back to the wing rock object and suggested they are apart of a whole statue. Yuki recognised it as a statue from the Olmec Civilization. The group felt relieved since the statue came from their world.

Animal Battle arc

Akira, Shirou and Rion were eating when they were interrupted by Rei's yelling at Seigou. He watched as Rei went on a rampage on everyone. He felt they will be able to make their own country this time.

They quickly built the base a lot faster, thanks to Motoko's Group. Akira calculated they will finish it within a few more days. Akira noticed they haven't seen any animals since they arrived here. Shirou pointed out the area was flooded once. The animals won't come here unless there's food nearby. Kanako came and told them they found another part of the statue, revealing to be a hand part. Yuki moved the parts till they saw a statue. Rion recognised it as an angel. Akira was sure there's something here. Akira's excavation group heard something outside the fence. Titanis Walleris were chasing after Ryouichi and Yasunori. He noticed the birds were making human's sounds. Shirou suggested they remember it from their victims. A Titanis Walleri attacked Akira, but he barely defended himself. Akira found it odd that they suddenly appear here. Someone called Akira's help. He turned and saw another animal attacking his group. The Propleopuses jumped over the fence with ease. Shirou revealed the animals found food here and it's them. Akira heard a growl behind him, to find a pair of Smilodons came along. Akira heard Rion's cry and kept hitting the Titanis until it let go of Rion. He came to Rion's aid after the bird left. Akira watched the battlefield and he sensed they are losing the battle. He left his position and left Rion, Yuki and Shirou behind. A smoke emerged inside the base. Akira set a hut on fire. He recalled everyone to gather around him. While everyone was coughing from the smoke, the animals left the base. All the huts were burned down, so they had to sleep on the ground. Akira sat near Rion's bed. Everyone's injured by the attack. He got up and did a perimeter sweep. Akira questioned the discovery of the Tower and the weird statue. He definitely knew that something was there. Near the burned huts he saw Seigou. Seigou also went on a patrol around the fence. He complimented Akira for his fast thinking about burning the huts. But they won't be able to use the same trick. Akira wouldn't give up. He recalled Kazuma's deed against the giant apes. Seigou saw the Proplepuses were heading toward them. Theý didn't have time to warn the rest and stood their ground. Maya came from behind and joined them. The Proplepuses attacked them. Maya warned Akira about Proplepus' attack from behind, but she was too late. Akira was knocked out by the kick. The Smilodons and Titanis Walleris came along. They started fighting over them. Maya, Akira and Seigou escaped the scene and headed back to camp.

When he woke up, he found out Shuu and Asuka left the base. Rion made him lie down while he's recovering from his injury. Motoko found it weird that Rion has him under her thumb. They talked about the real Miina and her Sketch Book. They gathered near the fence while waiting for Shuu and Asuka to return. On the horizon they only saw Asuka. She recalled the event at the river. They retraced her steps to the river and found a pool of blood. From the belonings they knew it's Shuu. Akira ordered his group to head back. At night Asuka revealed Shuu's last moment to them. Momoka wished Asuka's death instead of Shuu's. Shirou warned Akira about an unseen enemy within. Kanako felt ill and Akira noticed she has a fever. The Titanis Walleris came closer and closer to them. Shirou thought they are running out of time. Kazunari suggested someone let them be eaten. Akira punched him for that suggestion. He was near Rion's bed when he hears Asuka's singing. Everyone spirits were lifted up by her song. Akira asked Shirou if they could beat the trio animals. They needed to do something before they ran out of supplies. Everyone pitched in their suggestions, but it won't work. He asked the real Miina about her descriptions about the animals. Miina revealed the weaknesses of the Proplepus, Smilodon and Titanis Walleri. Akira asked Shirou to check it on his Laptop. Shirou couldn't find the weaknesses anywhere. Akira thinks they will be able to defeat the animals at the same time. Yuki and Rion didn't believe in Miina's descriptions, but Akira did. He told everyone to stay put and he noticed Kazunari's absence. Nobody had seen him for a while. Yasunori recalled Kazunari's last words to Akira. He knew what Kazunari is planning.. He was stopped by Rion. She didn't want him to leave without her ribbon. Aya Tokiwa volunteered to come with him.

They retraced Kazunari's path back to the river. Aya warned Akira about the Titanis Walleris and the Smilodons nearby. On the ground Akira found Kazunari's jacket. He didn't want anymore death on his group. They devised a plan and headed toward the Titanis Walleris first. Akira used Miina's advice and attacked the bird. He managed to make a cut on its leg, wounding the bird. Akira saw Aya already taken out two birds. The fourth Titanis attacked Akira from behind. Aya came to Akira's rescue. She jumped when the Titanis attacked with its peak. Aya landed behind and attacked its leg. The Smilodons arrived at the scene and bit the defenseless Titanis Walleris. It was all part of Akira's plan. Akira and Aya swung their axes at Smilodon's teeths. It howled from the loss. The wounded and the other Smilodon retreated from their view. Akira was impressed of Aya's skill. Suddenly they heard a noise inside a bush. Kazunari emerged bloodly on his face. The trio headed back to camp to tell about the good news. They talked about a plan against the Proplepus. Akira seemed to believe in Miina's talk. They could see the base from far away and yet rather noisy, that Aya had a bad feeling about this. The base was overrun by the Proplepuses. Akira was shocked by the attack. He quickly saw the two Miina's in trouble. Akira jumped in and saved them from the Proplepus. He told them he has taken care of the other animals, but he didn't have a plan for the Proplepuses. His base is overrun by the animals. Akira still had one chance to get ride of them. He ordered everyone to follow after him. Along the way he gave Takashi one end of the rope while he took the rest. He took them to the far side of the fence. At the last second he ordered everyone to lie down. The Proplepuses jumped past them and headed toward Akira. Upon landing near Akira the ground suddenly shook. The whole ground started to turn and shallow Akira and the Proplepuses into the abyss. Akira held his rope tight till his friend opened the trapdoor. Below him he could still hear the noise of the Proplepuses. His friends pulled him up.

Akira and the group resumed their excavation duty. Akira told Rion to take break since her shoulder hasn't fully healed yet. She thanked him for that, but Rion prefers to work a bit longer. They had been digging for a week and they hadn't found something yet. Akira knew there's got to be something here. If they found it, then they might know where they are and even a way home. Akira, Shirou and Rion noticed the two Miinas running around. Shirou talked about the real Miina's amnesia and her knowledge of the extinct animals. Akira saw her nothing more than a normal girl. They both came to Akira's side and started chasing around him. Akira asked them to bother Kanako instead of him. They accused him being a lolicon. Akira hit Miina for that comment. Near the Tower Akira heard some noise. Yuki came and told them her group found something at the Tower. Yuki's group uncovered a plate at the base of the Tower. Akira and the others came to see it. They washed it off with water and saw the name of Miina Isurugi craved on the plate. They were stunned by the revealing. The group demanded answer from her, but she had none. Akira ordered everyone to gather around at the Tower. With the help of their new friends from other groups, Akira was trying to gather all the pieces of information together since they arrive on the island. Each person told their version of their perspective on the plane. Everyone but Motoko's Group knew they were on an unknown island. Shirou pointed out that the extinct animals came from various eras. Akira was stunned by that fact. Akira asked Motoko about what he saw from the top of the 'Cursed' Mountain. Motoko saw nothing other than the Tower. Akira still wanted to know what the purpose of the Tower is. Miina recalled he saw another man-made structure in the Limestone Cavern. Rion told everyone the odd that they survive from a plane crash, is strange. It reminded Seigou about his private chat with the pilot. It had nothing to do with the pilot's skill that they survive. Motoko suggested during the landing the pilot saw the entire island and thought they need to leave before it was too late. Ryouichi freaked out. Akira tried to calm him down until they heard Kanako's stomach noise. Apparantly she was hungry. Since it had been a long day. They set out and found fishes by the river. Yuki wondered if the fishes are edible. Akira took one from her and ate a roast Crassigyrinus. The group listened as Rion gave a speech how they have changed since they have been on the island. Everyone gave themselves a goal if they ever returned to Japan.

At night Akira and Seigou went on a patrol around the fence. Seigou asked Akira about his goal. Akira's goal was for everyone safely. Seigou noticed some changes on Akira's behaviour. He believed they will leave the island from the people like Akira. Akira is like a 'Semui' in saving people. Seigou believed they are in a worse situation than he initially thinks and it might be that they reached a dead end. Akira believed there is a connection between all the weirdnesses on the island. Seigou's talk reminded Akira in Kouichi's theory about the island.

Pyramid arc

Rion was putting some spices on a cooked Cheirolepis. Akira and the group didn't dare to eat the fish. Not far from him, Akira saw Shirou sitting on a rock with his Laptop. Shirou found something interesting using Moria's Video Camera. He explorated the landscapes at the Cursed Mountains' video and his own map. Together he mapped out the whole island. Shirou is sure that the Tower has a special meaning around here. Rion came and told Akira and Shirou that the dinner is ready.

At night the girls decided to take a bath. When they came back, they brought Junichi Mutou and Daigo Yashiro with them. Akira wanted answers from them, but they weren't talking. He bond them with rope and set them inside a tent. During the night Junichi and Daigo freed themselves and walked toward the Tower. Akira and the group caught them standing near the Tower. They held Miina hostage and left the base. They were brought back again in the base by Rei. Daigo finally revealed where they came from. He recalled the event his group after the incident that led them to the Pyramid. He told them about Takashi Nishikiori and his evil deeds. Akira asked his group who will join his party to the Pyramid. Everyone showed their hands up. While everyone was sleeping, Akira drew everyone names on the ground. Seigou came by and they talked about who will be apart of his party. He needed a selected people to complete the mission. The next day he chose his members by random straws again. Akira was back at his tent packing up his stuff. Shirou came and they talked about the Tower and the Pyramid and lastly the base. Before they left, Akira appointed Shirou to be the acting leader of the group. The remaining members waved Akira's Pyramid Party goodbye when they leave the base.

Trekking through the jungle Daigo revealed Ugen Kokonoe is in his group. Akira hated that guy. At night Akira stood watch while everyone was sleeping. Kanako and Miina couldn't sleep so they joined him at his watch. Kanako showed Akira her stab wound from Kouhei. Miina creeps behind her and lifted her shirt up to exposed her boobs to Akira. Rion saw that and dragged Akira away from them. She didn't want to leave out, so she wanna showed her boobs to him. Akira wanted to hers, but he was too shy. At morning they reached a cliff and saw the tip of the Pyramid. Before they reached the Pyramid, Daigo left the group. Akira and Ryouichi will investigate the Nishikiori's Group first while Rion and the rest stay behind. Upon arrival at the Pyramid Nishikiori's Group was stunned to see the two boys. On top of the Pyramid Akira recognised the blocked entrance when Daigo told him about it. Later he noticed a second entrance at the bottom of the Pyramid. Before he can ask someone about it, Katsuragi called out his name. Akira immediately recognised his best friend at school. Katsuragi quickly walked away after seeing Takashi approaching Akira. Takashi seemed very clean compared to other people at the Pyramid. They talked about something. Takashi gave Akira and Ryouichi a tour around the Pyramid and ended at the bottom entrance. He even showed Akira a sabletooth head relic and ordered Akira and Ryouichi to find him another inside the Pyramid. When Akira refused that order, Takashi used his pen inflict pain on Akira's nerves. He did the same thing to Ryouichi and he revealed the numbers of their party. They came in the camp with their hands up. Takashi forced Akira and the group to head inside the Pyramid to find the object. Immediately they found three dead bodies at a cave-in.

Akira's Pyramid Party headed deeper inside the Pyramid. They came across a hall and found a room. Rion stopped Akira from falling down the shaft. It revealed the room is actually a liftshaft. They were stunned by the discovery. Kairi told a story about a building with underground bunker. They couldn't slide down, so they went down through the stairs. They found a weird symbol by the stair and they discussed it. The stair broke down and Mami was hurt. Akira was forced to carry Mami on his back. Rion found an open door. Inside the room they found a large machine that belongs to Yotsubishi. Suddenly they heard Mami's cryout for help. They found Kawase Kunuhiro's dead body. As they searched the room for clues, the room suddenly shook up. A piece of the stairs had fallen down. Akira climbed down a pipe and it broke. He fell down into the darkness. Rion called out his name. Akira came too and informed the group he found a garden. The party used the cables to climb down. They found weird objects at the garden. Shizuka told facts about gardening. Rion tried to stop Akira from eating a fruit. He still ate it. Akira and Rion came across a familiar Berries and stopped Kairi from eating it. They recognised it from the time that killed most of Kouichi's Group members. Kairi suggested that this might be the Garden of Eden. At the edge of the room they found the entrance was blocked. Akira found a garbage chute near the entrance. Rion won the the rock-paper-scissor contest. She will climb the chute first.

Akira and Mami were watching Rion as she descended down. Akira recalled the event on the island that he never left Rion's side. He heard Rion's scream for help. Akira tears his jacket into two and quickly slid down the chute. He landed on a pile of garbage. He called out for Rion. Rion was hiding behind a pillar. She pointed out the Diatryma was standing near them. Akira protected her and noticed something is weird about the Diatryma. As he came closer to it, he found the Diatryma is actually a statue. The others came down as well. They opened a door and came into a corridor. In front of them they found the broken lift. They heard Ryouichi found som ething

Akira comforting mentally broken Rion.

important, a sealed door with radioactive symbol. Rion and some others didn't want to enter the room. Together they opened the rusted door. To their horror they found some dead bodies. In the next room they found lockers with radioactive protected suits and a cleaning room. Beyond that they found a display of all extinct animals they encounter on the island so far. Akira recognised the Ptilodus when he first landed on the islands. So did the others. They headed to another corridor. It led them to the Cultivation Room. They saw a numbers of huge broken tubes. Akira and Rion found the object that Takashi requests it. Before they left, Ryouichi suggested they looked around first. Akira and the others found themselves in a huge vault of DNA samples. Shizuka thought the people here might resurrected the extinct animals on purpose. Rion was crying about something. With the weird object on hand they left the room. They returned to the room where they fell down. Up the chute they climbed up and rested on the garden.

Nishikiori's Group was surprised that Akira's Pyramid Party make it back to the surface with the weird object. Akira handed it over to Takashi. He tried to stop Akira's Pyramid Party from leaving by holding them prisoners. They had to witness the stake burning of Kanako and Ugen. An exploison happened near the burning. Everyone was confused by the smoke. Rion suggested to Akira that they need to find the rest. Akira heard Kanako's voice. Kanako hugged Akira by sticking his head between her breasts. Akira's Pyramid Party used the stairs to flee away from the Pyramid.

When they were safe from Nishikiori's Group, Kairi revealed Mami has been captured by Takashi. Akira tried to think up about a plan, but they had none. Daigo came out of the bush and found the group again. He explained he led Kouichi's Group into the Pyramid. Everyone was surprised that he is still alive. Akira suggested that Kouichi will take care of Mami and they will head back to camp. Ryouichi pointed out that Kouichi hasn't met Mami before. Akira will leave a Note to deliver to Kouichi via Heero, Duo and Quatre. The men agreed after Miina has seduced them. Akira wrote the letter and gave it to them. He thanked them, but they didn't want his thanks. They only did it, because of Miina. The others were curious about the content of the Note, but he'll tell them later. Ryouichi was curious if the others will be shocked by their discovery. Akira was sure that Shirou will have solved the Tower's secret by the time they return. The girls suggested they might find a way out of there?

After trekking through the jungle for a couple of days Akira's Pyramid Party finally saw the Tower from afar. They dashed toward it. Halfway down the road they encountered a welcome party. They greeted each other with hugs. Seigou welcomed him back. He noticed Mami's absence, but Akira told him that Mami's staying at the Pyramid. Amidst the crowd Akira managed to locate Shirou. He asked about the Pyramid. Akira has news for him. But Shirou and the others also had great news.

Failed Experiment arc

A chimera with three saber tooth tiger heads grotesquely merged together side by wide with two pupils merged together in each eye has awoken from one of the traps under ground and is out to get everyone.

Showdown arc

Operation arc

Tower of Death arc


Akira Sengoku at the start of the series, was average, something he bemoaned. But he quickly revealed to have talents that made special. He first showed an amazing resistance to pain, willing to endure hot metal burning his hands to free his friends, and even after freeing his friends, he showed little reaction to his burns other than blowing on them. He later showed his adaptability, allowing him to quickly think and decide the best course of action to survive. As shown when he rescued Kanako from a Diatryma, he quickly decided to carry her after she told him, she could not walk. And after the Diatryma outran him, he quickly decided to escape to a hole, which ending up saving their lives. Despite doing poorly in school Akira is very perceptive, able to see through minor details allowing him to realize things that not even Shirou could. Similarly he is able to create complex plans that allowed him to overcome many obstacles.

He is a capable leader, many times due to his leadership his group is able to survive with minor losses. As time on the island progress, his fighting skills have progress to the point that he could fight evenly with Kouhei. Even able to dodge Kouichi’s blows. Due to his competence, his group is able to muster up courage and feel calm. Which Seigou stated this ability as the 'Bestowal of Fearlessness'. His charisma and leadership abilities have also made him the romantic target of Rion Akagami, Maya Miyauchi, Tokiwa Aya, Yuki Sakuma, Kagura Mami, Kanako Oomori, Rei Ooguro, and Kashiwagi Sanae, who considering him to be an ideal husband should they be unable to leave the island.


  • (To Rion Akagami and Kouhei Arita prior to plane crash) "No matter how you roll the dice, it doesn't change the fact that I'm a loser ... unless this world were to somehow change ..."
  • (About Rion Akagami) "You're always by my side ... and always... laughing... right... Rion...!?! Come back..! please .. ! Dont't die!!"
  • (To Shinzou Karino) "Shut up. I told you these are my precious friends!!"
  • (To the Hyaendon) "No way! I'm not gonna let you kill my friends!!"
  • (About the murderers) "But if someting's happened to my friends... I'll slaughter this manicac!!"
  • (To Kouhei Arita) "You're mentaly impaired? Well maybe I am too! Cause I'm not gonna let go of my best friend's hand even if I die!"
  • (To the school) "Take what you want with your own hands! Protect who you care about with your own hands! In this world those are the rules right?!"
  • (To Kawai and Fujimoto) "I thought about it too... whether it was possible to build something like a "country" for everyone to survive in a place like this... but it wouldn't benefit only one person... it would be for everyone!! Even if times were tough, everyone would laugh... Even if it hurts, everyone would try their hardest... a place where everyone would want to live in..."
  • (To Ryouichi Suzuki) "She's my girl! You got a problem with that?!"
  • (To Maya Miyauchi) "I believe in my friends... I'm never gonna give up on them... Watch me. Maya!!"
  • (Regaining his composure) "Wh-What's with you guys!? It's 100 years too early for you to be cheering me up!!"
  • (To Mami Kagura) "That's why we'll save you no matter what it takes!! We'll protect you right to the end! Right everyone...!!?"
  • (To Yuki Sakuma) "Anyway, for now I'm just doing whatever I can!"
  • (About Rion Akagami) "Who do you think I'm doing all this for!? All my efforts are just to make me into a good man for you! A man who can protect you! If you're not around, then there's no meaning to it!!"


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